Comfort. Technology. Expertise

Straight Teeth Suite provides premium, personalised services using the latest technology and the help of a highly-skilled team.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most comfortable and up-to-date facilities to be found anywhere in the UK. We’ve designed a fully digitised experience to put you at ease and present all the information you’ll ever need about your straightening treatment.

You’ll love our flatscreen TV, DVD goggles and music system, available to play your favourite film, series or relaxing music. It’s our way of putting you at ease and helping you feel like you’ve never left your living room. For anxious patients, we also offer gentle sedation to take the edge of treatment.

Our commitment to cutting edge techniques doesn’t end with patient comfort. Straight Teeth Suite is equipped with the latest in dental technology to help plan cases and ensure a 100% predictable outcome every single time. To help us achieve this, we use a digital X-ray
machine and CT Scanner in combination with a specially designed HD camera.

Finally, you’ll find Straight Teeth Suite staffed by some of the UK’s most dedicated dentists and orthodontists. Our team is experienced using the full range of straightening treatments to achieve the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.