If you’re living in the Leicester area and are thinking about teeth straightening treatment, there are a number of aspects of your lifestyle that will be impacted in one way or another. While none of these are serious as such, it’s still important to know what level of commitment you will need to make before you take steps to move forward with the procedure.

Here are a few of the most common questions our patients ask the Straight Teeth Suite team regarding their day-to-day lives and how they can expect to be affected by Lingual Braces. 

What lifestyle changes will I need to make while wearing the braces?

The most obvious adjustment is to be extra careful of what you eat. You’ll need to be meticulous with your cleaning to avoid any problems with your cavities, but once you get into the habit of doing so it won’t be much of an issue, as long as you see a dentist and a hygienist on a regular basis.

So what should I avoid eating?

The main things to avoid would be things like toffees – anything too sweet could cause cavities, and anything too hard and chewy that can knock the brackets off would be extremely uncomfortable for you.

Can I smoke during treatment?

A lot of patients do. Obviously smoking is bad for your overall health and your mouth, so ideally it’s best not to do so. However, this isn’t something that is set in stone, and wouldn’t be something we would refuse treatment on the basis of.

Can I chew gum?

No, because it can get caught in your brackets and quite honestly is a nightmare to take off. Because of its consistency, there is every chance that it could pull the brackets off – something that will be uncomfortable for you and cause the treatment to be prolonged.

Will braces interfere with sports?

We always advise our patients to play with a sports guard, and this is particularly the case if you play a contact sport. Your teeth will be sensitive to any form of trauma, so precautions will be necessary to avoid any painful complications.

Can they interfere with playing any instruments?

Lingual ones could do, so it’s something to consider before you commit. We do advise against imitating Jimi Hendrix and playing the guitar with your teeth where possible!

What happens if I have to move house in the middle of my treatment?

As a general rule we would say that if your circumstances dictate that you need to move, please try and stay on to finish the treatment process before you do so. It’s very difficult to find someone that will take over another dentist’s treatment, as we all have different preferences, materials and training. Here at the Straight Teeth Suite we don’t tend to take on patients from other places for this reason. We tend to recommend that if you can come back, please do – you will be able to finish your treatment as planned.

Can I wear lingual braces even though I have had crowns and am missing teeth?

Yes, you can. It’s a bit more challenging, because brackets don’t tend to stick very well on crowns, but yes – it is possible.

I have a stud in my tongue. Will this interfere with treatment?

Well, our team might be a bit scared that you will knock out the brackets, but so far the Straight Teeth Suite hasn’t had any issues with anyone in Leicester.

Does this type of treatment require good molar teeth?

Your teeth will need to be as healthy as possible from the outset, but this can all be determined in your initial appointment. After you decide to go ahead, we will check that your teeth are strong and healthy enough for you to be able to have the treatment.

Does it work on gaps?

This type of procedure has been proven to close gaps rather nicely. One of the team recently reviewed a patient that was quite self-conscious about a gap in between their front teeth, but within three or four months the gap had reduced substantially.

The important thing to remember is that here at the Straight Teeth Suite, we will work with you towards your desired goals.

Once you have arranged your FREE initial appointment, our Leicester-based dentists will be able to go through any further concerns – or indeed anything you have picked up on in this blog – with you in person. This will allow you to establish your aims for your chosen procedure, and us to provide you with help and guidance to ensure you are making a choice that is right for you. Contact one of the team here and start the journey to a healthier, happier set of teeth.

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