Your initial consultation is specifically designed to have your needs met, and queries answered. At the Straight Teeth Suite, we like to sit down with you and discuss your general dental health and hear all about your thoughts on the future of your mouth. This consultation is your opportunity to share your vision per your dream smile with us and see what we can do to achieve that. Acquiring a beautiful smile, but most importantly maintaining it in mint condition is paramount to your overall health, considering all the adverse conditions that can occur due to neglected oral health. That aside, a good set of pearly whites is definitely a confidence-booster and gives a sense of well-being. This makes our goal at Straight Teeth Suite a noble one, which is why we always go above and beyond the typical first-consultation services.

Standard Procedure

Phase #1: Assess your Oral Condition

The first thing we do when you come in for your first consultation is look at your dental condition. Are your teeth positioned in an aesthetic way? Is your bite function correct? Do you have trouble eating? Are you happy with the shape and colour of your teeth? All these factors will be carefully assessed before we move on to the next phase.

Phase #2: Determine whether Braces (and which braces) are the Perfect Option

Will you REALLY benefit from orthodontics? That’s our main concern. No matter the case, we need to see if braces is the right option for you. You could be a perfect candidate for Invisible or Invisalign braces rather than any other treatment that you may had in your mind. You may need orthodontic treatment for your front teeth only. Maybe you had undergone teeth straightening at an early age and have seen your teeth move again over time. Did you know that you may have your teeth perfectly aligned in 6 just months, providing you meet requirements? Or do you prefer lingual braces that are totally unseen, offering utmost discretion?¬† To learn more about it, take the Straight Teeth Test, here!

If you decide that braces are not the way to go, you may have other options to allow you to meet your goals, and we will be more than happy to present and discuss them to you.

Since we have a wide range of orthodontic appliances, this is generally a good non-invasive way to start. You talk through options and possibilities with the dentist and decide if braces are a viable treatment option for you. Most of the times, braces are the least expensive investment because you can correct precisely what you don’t like, get them whitened, and you are set for a long time!

Phase #3: Provide Options & Educate 

Your smile makeover is a huge deal and should be approached with sensitivity and care. In respect to your needs and goals, we provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision regarding your smile. If there are any dental problems, you will know of them instantly. We want to be absolutely certain that the suggested orthodontic treatment is indeed the right for you.

By the time you leave our clinic, you will know things about cosmetic dentistry procedures that will help you make up your mind.


Want a taste of what is being described? Why not book your first complimentary consultation and get a step closer to the smile of your dreams NOW?

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