There are cases when patients want an implant, but are told there is not enough space to fit an implant. If you are among those people, you can set aside all the frustration and you may have to consider teeth straightening to create space for an implant. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone! Have your teeth straightened and make space for an implant at the same time!

Why is Space Necessary?
Space is needed both horizontally (i.e. the gap between the teeth needs to be big enough so the correct width of implant can be placed without damaging the adjacent teeth, and vertically, making sure the opposing teeth are not completely blocking the gap and that enough space is present, so that a normal length crown can be placed.

Cases Requiring Teeth Straightening Prior Having an Implant
This case shows an example of a lovely patient who required teeth straightening to improve her bite and to create enough space for an implant. You can see from the photo that the gap wasn’t wide enough and also that the bottom tooth was biting too deeply into the gap, making it impossible to place and implant.

The patient had upper and lower Damon braces and not only did we create enough space for the implant, but we also closed the gaps at the front and pushed the sticky out teeth back. As expected, the result was fantastic. Treatment took only 15 months and after that the patient was able to finally have the implant to replace the missing canine.



Here’s another case. This patient’s front tooth needed to come out and he wanted an implant. He didn’t like the fact that his top and bottom front teeth were all misaligned, so he decided to have Six Month braces to straighten the front teeth and then had whitening. After that, he had an implant.


Get All the Work Done Under One Roof
You can have all of this work done under one roof. Dr Raha Sepehrara and Dr. Anna are the dentists who carry out the teeth straightening and whitening, and Dr Kalpesh Bohara is the dentist who will carry out the implant and crown work afterwards. We often work together in combined multi-disciplinary cases allowing us to achieve fantastic results for our patients.

Here is another case of a patient who was treated by Dr. Raha initially and then by Dr. Kalpesh.
This patient wanted to improve his smile and we started with straightening his teeth with Six Month braces, which took only 4 months. Then we carried out tooth whitening and then he had a brand new crown done by Dr. Kalpesh to match his whiter teeth.

6 months braces

Therefore, if you need an implant but don’t want to have an implant with the rest of your teeth being all crooked, you can align your teeth first and then have an implant to fit in with your straighter teeth. As you can see, the dentists working at Straight Teeth Suite have a solution for every situation and any possible issue and thanks to their profound experience in dentistry, you can rest assured you are in great hands.

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