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Sticky out teeth are a common complaint amongst new patients who come to us for teeth straightening. They complain of having a snaggletooth, they feel conscious that it sticks out of their lips when they smile that they are really noticeable from the side, they don’t like having photos because of this. Other people are worried about the cost of other corrective teeth straightening procedures, or do not want a procedure that is too invasive, which is another reason they prefer the 6 Months Braces treatment.

Dr Sepehrara has treated many patients with sticky out teeth. She has used all types of braces to sort her various patients’ sticky out teeth. One of her favourite ways of treating sticky out teeth is 6 Months Braces. Because it is fast and discreet and produces outstanding results. In detail, the 6 Months Braces or 6 Month Smile, is a cosmetic braces system that allows adults to have their teeth straightened with the utmost discretion. It is a much-preferred option for celebrities that want something fast and unnoticeable, yet absolutely effective, to help them get a bright, wide, perfect smile. The braces used at 6 Months Braces are extremely aesthetically pleasing, as they do not give you the metal look traditional teeth straightening treatments do. Plus, you can reach splendid results in just 6 months or even earlier, always depending on the case. In short, it is a short-termed option that gives excellent results, as long as you qualify for it.

However, in order to take the full benefits of this treatment, you have to find a trusted practice with professionals that can adequately assess the condition of your teeth and overall dental health and determine whether the 6 Months braces is the most suited option for you.

Straight Teeth Suite is proud to have Dr Raha Sepehrara, the first dentist in Britain to receive full training in the 6 Months braces. From then after, she has treated hundreds of patients from all over the country with this system.


This patient’s concerns were his sticky-out lateral and canine which were even more obvious when looking from the side. He was offered all the teeth straightening options available at our practice which were suitable for him. He decided to go for a treatment which corrected only the front teeth as those were his only concern. He went for 6 Months braces and as the name of the braces says, his teeth were straightened within 6 months

This case below shows another example of a patient who didn’t like his sticky out teeth and also opted for six months braces.


We have treated sticky out laterals with invisible braces too, it can work really well, but we do find it a little bit more challenging and lengthy. Invisible braces are a good alternative for those who absolutely do not wish any fixed braces in their mouth.

No matter what your dental needs and condition of your mouth and teeth are, our qualified and multi-awarded professionals can assess your case and suggest the most effective treatment for you. So, book your first free consultation NOW. The most relaxed and enjoyable journey for your smile is about to begin!