Young people often have so much going on in their lives they are too busy to take the time to brush their teeth properly.  They get up late, hurry breakfast, can’t find their school bag and have a hundred and one things they want to do before they brush their teeth and are out of the door to enjoy the day, leaving you feeling frazzled.

Your son or daughter has now reached the age where they have had their braces fitted, and it is now more important than ever they clean their teeth correctly and effectively. The Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough does know busy mothers need help and have a few tips to pass on to your children to ensure they take care of their braces and have an easy and successful time straightening their teeth.  Cleaning around wires and brackets can be notoriously difficult but they will thank you in the end, even if it sometimes feels like you are nagging as you constantly repeat the phrase, “Have you cleaned your teeth?”

They need to:

Scrub teeth and braces with a good toothbrush taking care to brush above and under the wires.

Brush along the gum line, top and bottom.

 Brush all surfaces of the teeth; back, front, and top.

Rinse and check teeth and braces to ensure they are cleaned effectively, and there are no food particles trapped in the brackets, wires or between the teeth.

Be sure to rinse well with water, to remove any food particles that may be stuck, if unable to brush.

It is important to brush immediately after eating or as soon as possible.  If your son or daughter sneaks a fizzy drink or eat sweets despite instructions not to eat or drink foods high in sugar content while wearing braces, let them know they must brush their teeth straight away before the sugar does any damage.  They need to brush at least three times a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and to change their toothbrush frequently for a new one.

Braces can increase the bacteria in your teeth and mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and cavities.  The should use a Waterpik if possible, or a teepee brush to clean around the brackets. This will help to eliminate any bacteria and food particles trapped in those hard-to-reach places.

You can remind your children if they take good care of their teeth and braces they will in just a few months’ time have great smiles to impress their friends.  

If you have any questions or are interested in braces for your children, contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough for a free consultation.

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