Braces are part of growing up.  Maybe you are already aware your son or daughter needs braces, or perhaps they are already asking as more and more of their friends come to school with their braces fitted, and they want straight teeth too.  The Straight Teeth Suite sees new kids every day and help their mums and dads make the right decision to bring their teenagers along to have their teeth straightened and avoid serious problems in the future

There are a number of obvious signs your teenager needs dental braces but others are not so obvious, and all teenagers will need to see the dentist to be sure.  The three following indicators are the most apparent:

  1. Crooked or crowded teeth: If your children’s adult teeth have grown in crooked, twisted or overcrowded, they will need braces not only to improve their smile but to make the teeth easier to keep healthy and clean.
  2. Incorrect bite: When the bite isn’t aligned correctly, it is difficult to chew properly, and your child may experience discomfort when eating. It is important to correct a crossbite, underbite, or overbite with braces before they experience any major dental health issues.
  3. Misaligned or irregular teeth: They can also lead to problems when chewing food. Braces can help to correct this issue.

It is important to seek help from an experienced dentist to determine if braces are a right option for your child’s orthodontic needs.  A full examination, diagnosis and treatment plan is prepared by the dentist and the different options discussed with you and your child.  Gone are the days of the dreaded ‘train track’ braces with their heavy metal brackets and wires akin to ‘Ugly Betty’. We use the advanced generation of braces that are not only more effective but easier to wear, a whole lot more comfortable and more invisible.

It is important to involve your teen in the whole decision-making process.  After all, they are the one wearing and looking after their braces and need lots of encouragement to feel good about the idea as it is not a quick fix. Apart from avoiding some hard to eat foods and fizzy drinks, braces won’t impinge on their activities, including sports,  and they will one day thank you for the gift of a beautiful smile.

If you and your teenager would like a free consultation to discuss dental braces, contact The Straight Teeth Suite here

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