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Train tracks is the term dentists use to refer to the traditional types of braces. How one feels and looks like when wearing braces is quite straightforward. In the past, wearing braces was considered much too uncomfortable and people would only wear them because they had to. Truth is, they hated them; but, in order to achieve the desirable end result, they tolerated their braces.

Although there is nothing wrong with being patient so to reach a goal, especially since your smile and teeth look awesome after the removal of braces, there is no need to see braces as a necessary evil. Cosmetic dentistry has contributed a great deal, and there are many options available. You can now have discreet and much more comfortable braces to do the dental works for you. After all, you deserve to be provided with something that feels as natural as it can be, for the time you will be wearing your braces (usually between 6 months to 2 years).

Having said that, you are a modern adult and as such you want updated alternatives. In this case, the Damon System makes the perfect match and is loaded with many advantages you cannot miss.

Train tracks are made up of metal brackets and arch wires that help keep brackets in place. With the traditional process, where your dentist ties in the brackets, you get friction developed between the wires and the teeth, which limits the movement of the teeth.

Damon braces have ceramic brackets and of course a wire, but that is not much of a revelation. What makes them much more appealing than train tracks is that they have a slide mechanism (self-ligating) that contains a movable component. Thanks to it, you get more freedom of teeth movement and much less discomfort. So long for the elastic ties!

What the slide mechanism in Damon braces does is to use high-end wires and a revolutionary mechanical system that allows your facial muscles, bone, tongue, and soft tissues to work with low forces applied on them.

Thanks to these low forces, you save yourself the discomfort of having to endure high-force extractions or expansion, in order to achieve a symmetrical facial outcome.

This automatically means less visits to the dentist and reduced treatment time, with the help of the latest technology wires and Damon braces leading the way.

Who can wear Damon braces? Practically everybody. From teens to adults; because, the Damon system helps get back your beautiful smile and contributes to a great facial aesthetics result.

According to testimonials from adult patients that have used the Damon system, they appear uplifted and admit feeling (and looking) like teens again!

Wearing Damon braces:

>your treatment time is reduced by 25%,

>you visit your dentist less often, in order to have your braces adjusted,

>you skip tightening processes because there are no more elastics in your mouth,

>you save more of your healthy teeth, since there is less need for an extraction,

and, of course, you achieve better facial aesthetics.

Undoubtedly, you have plenty of options to choose from when considering straightening your teeth. Therefore, it is best if you addressed to a professional orthodontist or dentist that can responsibly decide which system is best suited to your needs. You can book a free consultation here

STRAIGHT TEETH SUITE, in Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough has been around for far too long to know the value of all the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry, without completely deleting the traditional systems used as of now.  However, since your best interest is our goal, when it comes to braces, we tend to go with the high-technology Damon braces that give you comfort, less treatment time, and save you from teeth extractions, extra visits, and precious time, while ensuring an amazing result and a beautiful smile on your face! Is there anything better to ask?

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