How many people do you know that have naturally straight teeth? When you think about it, it’s much less common than we first assume – the majority of people have some form of imperfection, with any one set of teeth differing from the next. Lingual braces, however, are set to change this one patient at a time.

It’s actually more notable when you meet someone with teeth that are naturally completely straight. Take Hadi, one of the nurses at the Straight Teeth Suite practice, for example. He’s got a beautiful smile and beautiful straight teeth, so the team automatically assumed he’d had braces. Unusually, Hadi confirmed that his teeth were entirely natural – proving that it can happen, but also highlighting how rare it is to have such an aligned set as an adult.

Fortunately, as a potential patient looking for teeth straightening in Leicester, our professional team at the Straight Teeth Suite are on hand to provide treatment to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing. This is the first in a series of blogs addressing your most frequently asked questions (FAQs), and will hopefully shed some light on the procedures available to you here.

Can I get braces with straight teeth?

In short, the answer is yes, but it may not be the best choice for what you want to achieve in the long run. For example, the problem you may have may be something to do with the shape of the teeth, rather than their straightness, meaning that braces would not be the best method of treatment to achieve your desired result.

We’ll carry out an assessment to determine what the best course of action is, and then will discuss the alternatives with you, should braces prove to be an ineffective way of treating your teeth. This might be some composite bonding, veneers or even just a bit of whitening – whatever the case, our Leicester dentists will always act with your best interests at heart.

If teeth are removed, will the rest automatically straighten by themselves?

Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Of course, the crowding may be made slightly less severe – especially if you had the treatment done as a child – but it’s difficult to predict exactly what will happen with each individual patient. We’ll keep a close eye on the developments and work towards the outcome you feel is most desirable for you.

Will my teeth straighten as they grow?

Here at the Straight Teeth Suite we sometimes meet children with mixed dentition. This means that they’ve got a mixture of baby and adult teeth, causing them to appear quite crooked, but more often than not the teeth do tend to straighten as they grow.

It becomes more complicated when we reach adulthood, as our teeth begin to crowd out our mouths and can look crooked. Fortunately, with the current teeth straightening procedures we have on offer in Leicester, we can treat the majority of cases with ease.

Why should I get braces?

Let’s be clear, here at the Straight Teeth Suite nobody will ever force you to get braces. What it really comes down to is how conscious you are about your teeth, as there are a number of things that braces can be extremely successful at treating.

Whether it’s more aesthetic concerns, such as how your teeth affect your smile, or hygiene related, perhaps crowding has made them difficult to clean, braces offer a simple yet effective way of tackling the problem. For those that have bite issues – literally meaning those who struggle with biting certain foods, or the way their teeth sit on top of each other – braces also represent the easiest way to overcome these.

Not had your question answered?

Don’t worry, in Part 2  will go into more detail about other queries regarding how best to approach teeth straightening appointments in Leicester and further information about your chosen treatment as a whole.

For any questions, concerns or queries, please feel free to contact the practice and book a FREE consultation.

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