Is Teeth Straightening for You?

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In the recent years, we have seen an increase in adult patients wanting to improve their smile through teeth straightening.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Katherine Heigl, Holly Willoughby, Mylene Klass have all had some form of braces treatment as adults. So if you are embarrassed of your crooked smile, had braces as a child and lost your retainers and your teeth are misaligned again or not had an opportunity to have braces as a teenager, then feel reassured that our experienced team at the Straight Teeth Suite can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Treatments such as 6 month braces can treat most cases within 3-10 months and are highly popular due to the quick results and affordable prices. The special patented shape of the braces and the special wires cause fast tooth movement and correction of very misaligned teeth. Therefore, if other types of teeth straightening treatments are not suitable for you, 6 month braces  may be a good alternative.

Once we have met you for your initial assessment and you decide to go ahead with treatment, we invite you back for a further appointment for moulds, photos and an explanation of what to expect from the treatment. Following this appointment, you are booked back for fitting of the brace and then your review appointments will be approximately every 3 weeks to check progress and change the little elastics. Once your teeth are straight, we take your braces off and provide you with retainers, to ensure the teeth do not move back into their old position.

Don’t forget! If you want your smile to stay straight for life, you need to wear your retainers for life.

If you wish to know the appropriate treatment for you for free, dial the number above your screen for a FREE consultation.

Adult teeth straightening is not just for celebrities

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Several adults feel they have lost their chance to get their teeth straightened and they think that braces are mostly suited for children. Others believe that celebrities request for exquisite oral treatments and braces that cannot compare to “conventional” braces.

However, you are about to find out that you can actually have a great smile and perfectly straight teeth, without anyone even noticing you have had braces all along! And, needless to say, by the end of going through this post, you will realise that celebrities get nothing more or more sophisticated than that our dental team, here at Straight Teeth Suite can offer you. For instance:

  • Mylene Klass had lingual braces,
  • Holly Willoughby had six-month braces,
  • Katherine Heigl had Invisalign,
  • Faith Hill had ceramic braces
  • Niall Horan from One Direction had ceramic braces

Recently, a patient with misaligned teeth came to our practice because she didn’t like her crooked teeth and she really wanted to get them straightened. She requested the same braces that Mylene Klass had as those were invisible. She was not the first patient we saw who asked us about teeth straightening after seeing a celebrity with braces. There is a variety of discreet options available to correct your teeth’s position and the treatment can take as little as 3 months to approximately 24 months.

This shows that there is a current trend to have braces as an adult and it is widely accepted and popular to have your teeth straightened at any age. That being said; as already mentioned, teeth straightening is not just for celebrities! You can have it too, it is easy and affordable and it can be very discreet too.



This case here shows an adult patient who hated his gappy teeth and he wanted something discreet and quick to close the gap. He came in for a free straight teeth consultation with Dr Raha and she assessed the position of his teeth, the amount of spacing, how the teeth met together. After that, she was able to go through the options and listed all the different systems suitable for him and the costs for each one. The patient decided to go for Six Month Braces and within 6 months the gap was closed. The results were great and his smile was greatly improved.

  • Are invisible braces for you?
  • Do you qualify for 6 Months braces, or should you go for an alternative?

If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for discreet invisible braces, do not hesitate to take book your free consultation.

Allow us to assess your case and get back to you the soonest possible, with the most suited option for your dental needs.

And, if you are really longing to get that celebrity-like gorgeous smile, book in with us for a straight consult and let our dentists go through all the options with you!

Rediscover Your Smile in Leicester Your guide to the Inman Aligner, part four

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With any dental procedure, it’s only natural to have worries and concerns about the work that needs to be done. Rather than let patients step into the unknown, the team at the Straight Teeth Suite ensure that you are aware of every step of the treatment through maintaining dialogue from the first step to the last. Before your initial consultation, however, you may want to check out the final part of our 4 part blog series titled: Your Guide To The Inman Aligner for any final questions you need answering – continued below.

Is it safe to have a root filling while wearing the Inman Aligner?

As a rule, the team tend to recommend all other treatments to be completed beforehand, regardless of what it is. From orthodontic to other straightening procedures, it’s best that the teeth are seen to for these issues prior to the fitting of the aligner, but when it as absolutely necessary there can be exceptions. It’s worth noting that, on occasion, teeth that have recently had root fillings can become more fragile – potentially causing complications with the aligner later down the line.

Do I need a full brace to correct two misaligned teeth?

This would depend on your bite and dental profile. It depends on a number of things, so it’s difficult to say without having an initial consultation. Generally it depends on the bottom teeth, but if there were just simple crowding at the front then you wouldn’t necessarily need a full brace.

Could I have an Inman Aligner for both the top and bottom jaws?

This isn’t a path that the dentists would normally choose to take, simply because it can feel extremely bulky within your mouth. If you felt that both jaws were in need to the treatment, it’s likely that they would be treated one at a time – this allows greater precision with the individual aligner, and greater clarity when it comes to seeing the results.

When should I start to feel my teeth move?

Due to the effectiveness of the Inman Aligner, you could expect to feel your teeth become tender within a few days. Every time you come in for a check-up, we’ll be able to track the movement to signify how well the aligner is working – it is a very gradual process, so you may not be able to see progress every single day.

Why do I feel pain whilst eating?

As with any treatment, the area affected becomes more sensitive – this is the same with your teeth. The aligner may initially make it more uncomfortable for you to bite, but if the pain feels too severe then don’t hesitate to contact the team and the relevant pain relief will be made available to you.

Will my teeth feel loose while wearing the Inman Aligner?

It’s completely natural for your teeth to loosen during this procedure, as the pressure will soften the bones around the affected area. It may feel a bit wobbly, but it’s a standard symptom of the aligner. As always, if you feel like there is too much movement going on, just contact the team in the West Midlands and they will take a look for you.

My Inman Aligner has given me blisters. Is this normal?

Again, symptoms such as this are completely natural. With any brace or aligner, it may rub when you eat – especially in the early days, when your mouth is not used to the friction. The Straight Teeth Suite do offer specialist waxes to cover the areas particularly affected, which can be a great help if you are suffering particularly badly. Just contact one of the team, and they will ensure everything is done to remedy this.

How do you clean the Inman Aligner?

It’s recommended that you invest in a good, small toothbrush, as this will allow you to physically remove anything that gets stuck within the aligner. There are also specially designed products that are available from the Straight Teeth Suite that are extremely effective in cleaning them.

Can I stop wearing my aligner early as my teeth already look and feel straight?

It’s absolutely vital that you let the dentists make this decision, rather than opting to do so yourself. Just pop in for an examination and the team will be able to show you the progress made, and how far you need to go with the treatment cycle until it is completed. If they are happy that the objectives of the treatment have been met, you’ll be able to remove the aligner straight away.

My Inman Aligner treatment is finished but I do not feel happy with the results. What do I do?

One of the things that is advocated at the Straight Teeth Suite is open communication between doctor and patient. If you have any concerns or dissatisfactions, don’t hesitate to air them with the team and they will always be on hand to assist you in any way that they can. From the outset, you will be provided with a realistic outcome and the team will always work towards this being met.

The Inman Aligner is one of our most popular treatments here at the Straight Teeth Suite, and as a result we get so many different questions and queries from potential patients as to whether it could work for them. Our four-part guide is designed to alleviate any concerns you may have, but the easiest way to work out whether the treatment is for you is through a consultation with one of the dentist. If you feel like the Inman Aligner could help you rediscover your smile, then contact us today or read Your Guide to Inman Aligner Part 1 for more question and answers.

Seeking a Straighter Smile in weeks in Leicester: Your guide to the Inman Aligner, Part one

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It’s only natural to want the best for you teeth. Whether it’s from a health perspective or an aesthetic point of view, there’s no escaping the fact that our teeth are often the focal point of our facial expressions – as soon as we are uncomfortable about our teeth, we become uncomfortable about expressing ourselves freely, too.

It’s important to remember that there are options to take in order to rectify this. Here at the Straight Teeth Suite, we speak to so many different people from different backgrounds that all have the same thing in common – they want a straight smile, and they want to achieve it in the most comfortable way possible.

One of the ways to do this is the Inman Aligner. Not sure what it is? Read on for the first part in our helpful 4 – part guide and see if our Leicester-based team could help you take the first steps towards a healthier, happier smile.

What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable brace that has the ability to straighten the front four teeth in your mouth in as little as six weeks. It’s a simple but proven mechanism consisting of two clear plastic bows, one going up the front of the teeth and the other at the back, pushing the teeth gently towards their correct position.

Is it similar to an invisible brace?

There are some similarities, yes. Like an invisible brace, it’s removable and made of clear plastic bows. It isn’t as discreet, but it’s hugely popular due to the speed of the treatment when worn correctly.

Why would I need an Inman Aligner?

As with all the treatments that is offered here at the Straight Teeth Suite, it will depend on your individual needs. It’s more than likely that, after your consultation, you’ll be offered a range of options as to how to proceed – if the Inman Aligner is one of them, it’s certainly recommended due to its speed and effectiveness.

On the whole, most cases tend to take around twelve weeks. Due to its speed, the team will be able to carry out a lot of pre-planning, allowing you to see each stage of the treatment – something that is great when providing patients with peace of mind. It’s a particularly safe form of brace – the movements that are caused by it are extremely gentle – and for that reason it remains popular with patients.

So how does it work?

The Inman Aligner has nickel titanium coil springs that connect to the clear plastic bows at front and back. These coils are able to put pressure on the teeth through the bows, and because of these your teeth are able to move in the desired direction.

How long does the treatment take?

This is something that can only be determined by the complexity of the individual case. Some cases have been known to take as little as six weeks, while some take twelve or longer. If the teeth are more stubborn, or the braces are not worn correctly, the length of time can become much longer – patients who only wear the braces part time, rather than the recommended 18-20 hours per day, often experience a lengthier treatment period.

After the consultation with one of the Straight Teeth Suite dentists, you will be able to have a much clearer picture of your treatment trajectory.

Do all braces require impressions of the mouth to be taken?

As with all treatments, impressions will need to be taken – this happens for two reasons. The first is to provide a record of how the teeth look in their original position, and the other is to construct the alignment to fit your teeth perfectly. These impressions are an integral part of the process, and allow the dentists to carry out the work with both speed and professionalism.

How often will I need to come in to see the doctor?

At the Straight Teeth Suite, we average around three weeks between appointments. This can just be for standard check-ups, or for adjustments to ensure that the treatment is going on as planned. It’s a great way for you to see the real impact of the treatment and the progress that is being made, and helps the dentist spot any issues extremely early on.

If you feel that the Inman Aligner will provide you with the smile that you desire, contact the team at the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester today. You can arrange an initial consultation to assess the best way to move forward with your teeth. Continue reading Part 2 to learn more about the Inman aligner and eliminate confusion when it comes to choosing the right type of brace.

Do I Always Have To Have Teeth Out When Having Teeth Straightening In Loughborough?

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When people come to our clinic, in Loughborough, to talk about teeth straightening options, the majority of them expresses an intense fear of having to have teeth out. It is an understandable fear. The more traditional type of braces often require 2-4 extractions (teeth removal) to allow the teeth to straighten. However, at our practices, we are proud to offer a variety of options that have reduced the extraction rates considerably. You may hear or read about this alternative method of treatment called non-extraction orthodontics, which is about the same as what we are talking about here.

We have a quiz for you.
Take a look at these types of braces:

  • Six Month Braces
  • Inman Aligner
  • Smilelign
  • Invisalign
  • Lingual braces

Question: Do you know what they have in common?
Answer: First of all, they are more aesthetically-focused and correct the teeth that are more visible when smiling, and secondly, they can work without teeth being taken out.

How do our dentists, here at Straight Teeth Suite, achieve that?

Introducing IPR

We use a technique called IPR (Inter Proximal Reduction), also known as enamel reproximation. With this technique, we shave off small amounts of enamel between the teeth, creating enough space for the teeth to move into. It is a safe and painless procedure that has been used for decades in orthodontics. And, if you are worried about the amount of enamel removal, we can reassure you it is minimal and definitely not visible.
This technique can also improve the appearance of the teeth, especially when the teeth are very wide. IPR does not cause any damage to the teeth, when carried out by an experienced dentist who uses the appropriate technique and equipment. In more moderate crowding, when IPR is not enough, we may have to take out one front tooth from the bottom jaw. This is not done very often, but is sometimes necessary, especially as an alternative to traditional braces, where 4 teeth may be required out.

Damon Braces: The Ultimate Option for Complex Cases

When we are treating more complex cases that require correction of the bite and back teeth, we tend to use braces called Damon braces. What is special about Damon braces is that in majority of cases we do not need to take out teeth. In most Damon cases, extractions are not necessary, unless the crowding is too severe or the profile too full. Otherwise, no teeth are extracted, because this type of braces has a tendency to widen the smile, creating space for the teeth to move and straighten.
At Straight Teeth suite Suite, no tooth is extracted unless absolutely necessary for the improvement of our patient’s overall health. We closely assess each case individually and come up with the best solution for every case, trying to avoid tooth extraction as much as humanly possible. With the help of sophisticated technology and advancements in dentistry, combined with our certified expertise in teeth straightening, among many others, we provide you with a wide, beautiful smile without any tooth being pulled out!

Want to know even more? Sure…You can contact us, call us on 01509-323-091

Different Cases That Can Be Treated with Dental Braces in Nottingham

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Orthodontics is a fascinating field of dentistry that helps diagnose and treat a variety of facial and teeth irregularities. In general, existing treatments can correct irregular bite or other bite issues, with the use of various appliances, one of which is braces. Braces, alongside other removable devices, can be used to:

  • restore the proper alignment of the teeth and the lips
  • straighten the teeth
  • close gaps between teeth, and
  • correct bite

However, orthodontics can also be of great assistance to other areas of dentistry, such as implant and cosmetic dentistry.

That being said; braces are a much-preferred option to treat:

1. Crowding of the Teeth –  This is when the teeth are twisted, overlapped, or out of line, due to lack of space.
2. Spacing of the Teeth – This means that there are gaps between the teeth.
3. Protruded Teeth – When your top teeth are too far forward.
4. Midline Discrepancy – When the middle of the top teeth does not correspond to the middle of the bottom teeth, or does not correspond to the middle of the face.

Other than that, braces help treat bite issues. In more detail, braces are used to treat:

6. Deep Bite – It is a condition when the top teeth cover too much of the bottom teeth and you can hardly see the bottom teeth.
7. Reverse Bite – When the top front teeth rest behind the bottom front teeth.
8. Anterior Open Bite – When only your back teeth meet together and your front teeth don’t meet at all.
9. Cross Bite – When 1 or more of the top teeth fit inside the bottom teeth, rather than outside.

Different Cases That Can Be Treated with Dental Braces in Nottingham - image

Why Have my Teeth Straightened?

Many people may wonder why they should undergo all that trouble (as they call it) and have braces to correct their bite and have properly aligned teeth. Although it may come as a surprise to some, having misaligned teeth and an irregular bite can cause joint and jaw problems, as there is too much strain on the facial (jaw) muscles with your every bite.
Other than that, there have been cases where people suffer from headaches and digestion issues because they had bite problems and misaligned teeth. There is absolutely no point to putting yourself through such ordeal when there are plenty, effective solutions to treat your problem. That is the beauty of orthodontics! Why not take full advantage of what modern dentistry has to offer? Painless procedures, sedation, new techniques, new materials used…

Increase your chewing efficiency, get back your confidence, and feel like a free person again, always willing to smile at every instance, with one of the many teeth straightening options available at Straight Teeth Suite. Let’s go through your options, and answer all your questions. Book your first free consultation NOW, or call us on 0115 824 3115 and say farewell to crooked, protruded, misaligned, and crowded teeth that deprive you of the joys of life.

Are you too scared to have any dental treatment done but want your teeth straightened in Leicester?

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Some people eagerly want their teeth straightened, yet, feel somewhat awkward and nervous to continue with the required process. Are they afraid that they will feel pain or discomfort to the extent they cannot tolerate? Do they believe it is a long and nasty road ahead? No matter what the reason, one thing is for sure: You don’t need to fear anything; teeth straightening is a gentle procedure and there is no pain involved!


Are you too scared to have any dental treatment done but want your teeth straightened?

Take this case, for example. It shows a lovely patient who was very nervous about dental treatment. She really didn’t like going to the dentist. On the other hand, she disliked her gappy teeth, so she plucked up the courage to come and see us.
At Straight Teeth Suite Nottingham, we have a fundamental principle and that is to inform our patients every step of the way; get them involved in the decision-making process. Therefore, we went through all the treatment options with this patient, just like we do with all our patients, about closing the gap between her teeth. We threw on the table every possible treatment, from conventional braces and clear aligners to Six-Month braces and Invisalign.
Of course, we did not only present the treatment options, but also the costs, while stressing the importance of regular dental and hygiene visits.

Fitting the Braces

The patient finally opted for Six Month braces, and although she was very apprehensive at the fit of braces appointment, we did our best to make her feel relaxed and calm. We have treated many patients with dental phobias, another sector in dentistry that we have mastered, so we knew how to make her loosen up.
Fitting braces is a procedure that we can stop at any given time, if the patient so asks for, and once this lovely patient felt we were talking nothing but the truths, she lied down, trusting us completely with the dental procedure. Throughout the 40 minutes that took us to complete the procedure, she was listening to her own music and feeling like at a welcoming and inviting place.

Everything went smoothly and after the fit of the braces, we talked about all the things she should know about, such as cleaning the braces, what foods to avoid, and so on. She was then seen every 4 weeks for about 6 months and once we were both happy with the position of her teeth we booked a brace removal appointment.

The Brace Removal Appointment

That appointment, usually, takes about 1 hour, and includes the following steps:

1. We remove the braces with a special tool,
2. Clear out all the glue,
3. Place the fixed retainers at the back of the teeth (they can’t be seen from the front), and,
4.Take new moulds for the night time retainers which are fitted one week later.

All in all, the treatment was pretty straightforward and the patient was made comfortable all throughout the series of appointments. She was very satisfied both with the results and about conquering her fear of dental treatment!

Are you too scared to have any dental treatment done but want your teeth straightened?

At Straight Teeth Suite, you will find friendly and knowledgeable professionals not only explaining all the steps about to be taken before a procedure starts, but also providing you with high-end technology and the necessary means to make you feel relaxed and calm, throughout the selected treatment! With guaranteed superb results, you can rest assured there is nothing to be afraid of or nervous about.

No need to rush things though, if you don’t feel ready yet. You can Contact us, get your FREE Straight Teeth Guide and book your first FREE consultation, meet with us and feel the truthfulness of our sayings by yourself!
We are sure we will pleasantly surprise you!

Do you want an implant but you’ve been told your bite is unfavourable as there is no space for it? Dental implant and teeth straightening in Loughborough

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There are cases when patients want an implant, but are told there is not enough space to fit an implant. If you are among those people, you can set aside all the frustration and you may have to consider teeth straightening to create space for an implant. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone! Have your teeth straightened and make space for an implant at the same time!

Why is Space Necessary?
Space is needed both horizontally (i.e. the gap between the teeth needs to be big enough so the correct width of implant can be placed without damaging the adjacent teeth, and vertically, making sure the opposing teeth are not completely blocking the gap and that enough space is present, so that a normal length crown can be placed.

Cases Requiring Teeth Straightening Prior Having an Implant
This case shows an example of a lovely patient who required teeth straightening to improve her bite and to create enough space for an implant. You can see from the photo that the gap wasn’t wide enough and also that the bottom tooth was biting too deeply into the gap, making it impossible to place and implant.

The patient had upper and lower Damon braces and not only did we create enough space for the implant, but we also closed the gaps at the front and pushed the sticky out teeth back. As expected, the result was fantastic. Treatment took only 15 months and after that the patient was able to finally have the implant to replace the missing canine.



Here’s another case. This patient’s front tooth needed to come out and he wanted an implant. He didn’t like the fact that his top and bottom front teeth were all misaligned, so he decided to have Six Month braces to straighten the front teeth and then had whitening. After that, he had an implant.


Get All the Work Done Under One Roof
You can have all of this work done under one roof. Dr Raha Sepehrara and Dr. Anna are the dentists who carry out the teeth straightening and whitening, and Dr Kalpesh Bohara is the dentist who will carry out the implant and crown work afterwards. We often work together in combined multi-disciplinary cases allowing us to achieve fantastic results for our patients.

Here is another case of a patient who was treated by Dr. Raha initially and then by Dr. Kalpesh.
This patient wanted to improve his smile and we started with straightening his teeth with Six Month braces, which took only 4 months. Then we carried out tooth whitening and then he had a brand new crown done by Dr. Kalpesh to match his whiter teeth.

6 months braces

Therefore, if you need an implant but don’t want to have an implant with the rest of your teeth being all crooked, you can align your teeth first and then have an implant to fit in with your straighter teeth. As you can see, the dentists working at Straight Teeth Suite have a solution for every situation and any possible issue and thanks to their profound experience in dentistry, you can rest assured you are in great hands.

If you have a question or want to have your first consultation completely for FREE, please either call us on 0115 824 3115 or Contact Us here. And, don’t forget to get your FREE Straight Teeth Guide, as you book your appointment; a date with the brightest and loveliest smile you could ever ask for, we may add!

A perfect smile for a perfect wedding day with fast straight teeth solutions

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Never again has a bright smile with perfectly straight teeth been so easy to achieve, just a breath from your wedding day! The most exciting day of your life can get even better if you have that gap or those moderately crooked teeth fixed. Step out of the restraining concept that you are an adult now; hence, can’t (or don’t want to) wear braces, because…you won’t (at least for long). Do you have another three to four months before the big day? Perfect! You will need no more than that to fix imperfections that have been bothering you for long. With different types of braces, you will see impressing improvement fast.

If you have protruded or crowded front teeth, the Inman Aligner can help you have straight teeth in 6-16 weeks. It is a safe and reliable method that has transcended all other systems, mainly due to its effectiveness and easy usage that does not limit you from your daily habits. Whenever you wish to, you can simply remove it. In just a matter of a few weeks, your teeth will be guided to the perfect position, and the best thing of all is that you won’t feel unease at any phase of the orthodontic treatment.

Straight Teeth Suite is the perfect means to get straightened and aligned teeth within the short time frame specified before, with clear braces that are so discreet you will forget you are wearing them!

That been said; Fastbraces is a supreme method been used in the US for about 20 years with utmost success and is addressed to those that want a complete treatment for straight teeth with only a single wire, rather than the 4 wires used by conventional methods. The entire treatment is complete within 3 to 10 months and in the vast majority (95%) of cases, there is no need for extractions.

Impressively, Fastbraces technology comprises a gentle, yet, very effective, treatment that allows the roots and crowns of the teeth to move, with the help of a patented triangle design. With no more than 5 to 10 visits, your treatment will be completed, due to the system’s leading properties.

However, if time is an issue and you don’t have much before the wedding day, there are some great alternatives for you, which include Invisalign and Lingual Braces. In detail:

Invisalign is a pioneering method to get straight teeth and uses completely customized aligners to meet your personal orthodontic needs. The aligner trays are made of new generation plastic that is almost undetectable, and extremely comfortable. Plus, you save yourself from the metal brackets that other systems use. With no wires and great comfort, you are just a few steps ahead of the heartiest smile ever, without anyone realizing you are on an orthodontic treatment!

Lingual Braces is another innovatory teeth-straightening method that uses no dental braces on the outside of the teeth, like commonly seen. Instead, with Lingual braces you can have a complete treatment with braces placed behind your teeth. That way, you won’t have to worry about how you look with the metal braces on your teeth, and be more relaxed and free to enjoy a perfect smile and straight teeth!

Whatever is on your mind, wherever you reside in the Midlands (Nottingham, Leicester, Loughborough), please feel free to book a free consultation from Straight Teeth Suite, and get professional assistance from dental experts to solve your dental problem once and for all.

If your wedding day is your day to shine, then nothing can stop you now…and you know why!