Eligible for Beautiful Teeth? – Your guide to Invisalign, part three

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Your smile and eyes are the most important features of your face. Many people dream about the confidence of a healthy straight smile, but for most of you straightening your teeth seems like a big deal, thinking it must take forever. Well, the good news is getting the smile you have always wanted barely has to impact your daily life.

Transforming your smile with Invisalign doesn’t take as long as you thought and it’s a comfortable as well as removable treatment.  Your peers will hardly notice them.

  • Are you a Suitable Candidate for the Treatment?

The good news is that everybody who is tired of feeling uncomfortable when smiling can take advantage of this treatment. With Invisalign large bites are treated and so are the gaps between teeth. Yes, you can say goodbye too gappy teeth, and you don’t have to wear the annoying fixed braces all people complain about.

A straight smile can actually change your whole face and you can achieve this without too much hassle. The procedure involves invisible aligners, which can be removed, especially when you eat or brush your teeth.

For Invisalign to work properly, you must wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours per day. You remove your aligners when you’re eating, as well as drinking, unless its cold water. You may also want to avoid anything that’s too hard to chew because your teeth may be a bit tender. That’s pretty good news since you are able to eat anything you want without the fear of having something caught in your braces.

  • What if you are pregnant?

Yes, you can straighten your teeth if you are pregnant, but it depends on the stage of pregnancy, and sometimes we may postpone it until after you give birth, because taking x-rays of your teeth prior to treatment is absolutely necessary. So, just to make sure, you should speak to your midwife and GP and let them know you want to have dental treatment, such as braces where x-rays are required and ask for their opinion.

  • Can I have Invisalign if I have a dental bridge or crown?  

Patients with bridges and crowns can also be treated. However, there are some things that must be discussed before. It really depends on their position and on how they would be influenced by the aligners. Once you have consulted, you will be told exactly if there are any issues or not. There have been patients with both bridges and crowns who were very happy with the results.

  • How comfortable will you feel wearing Invisalign?

The pain and discomfort people who wore fixed braces complained about is out of the question when it comes to treating your teeth with Invisalign. Of course, you might feel some pressure in the first week, but it will all be gone in time.

  • So, How Can You Get the New Smile that Will Make Your Life Better?

You can start by making a free appointment with one of the dentists HERE. To read Your Guide To Invisalign part 1 CLICK HERE and for part 4 CLICK HERE


Smile with Invisalign – Your guide to Invisalign, part one

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You probably heard many people talking about a method of straightening your teeth, which doesn’t have anything to do with the old-fashioned annoying braces people seem to be so afraid of. Invisalign became popular pretty fast thanks to the many benefits they bring to patients. Here are five of the reasons most people choose to improve their smile using invisible aligners in Loughborough.
1. You Don’t Have to Wait Too Long for a Confident Smile
Everything happens pretty fast around you and waiting years before being able to smile without feeling uncomfortable seems too much. This is why many people don’t even bother to try straightening their teeth. However, the new method, involving invisible aligners is different. In just a few months, you can get beautiful natural looking teeth without any effort at all.
2. Invisible Aligners Makes Straightening Your Teeth Comfy
This already famous procedure, involves a nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth. Even if people who wore fixed braces told you how awful it was for them, you should not be worried.

This method involves going through a succession of clear aligners, which you change every two weeks until your teeth are as straight as you always dreamed of. No rubbing wires like you would get with old fashioned braces and, of course, less pain and much less discomfort!
3. There is No Age Limit!
Age doesn’t matter, even if if you’re in your 60s or 70s. What matters is that your teeth and gums are healthy. However, many dentists prefer using Invisalign on young adults who have got all of the teeth present and fully formed.
4. The Treatment is Cost-Effective!
There are so many people who are afraid of prices when they hear all the information available on getting a great smile in Loughborough. But this is far from being an issue. The price really depends on the complexity of the treatment, but people say that, considering the effectiveness of the procedure, the price is more than affordable and you can spread the cost with a monthly payment plan.
5. Straightening your Teeth Doesn’t Have to Be Obvious
Nobody should feel ashamed to wear braces. However, there are many people who are uncomfortable with fixed braces, feeling like people stare at them. Well, with Invisalign all these fears are gone. Everything is close to being invisible so even if you feel conscious, your peers will have no idea you’re straightening your teeth while talking to them.

Invisalign is an effective but easy and comfortable journey towards a new life full of the confidence given by a beautiful straight smile. The invisible aligners are the proof that there is no need for too much hassle in order to get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to find out what your options are you can contact us here. To read Your Guide To Invisalign part 2 click HERE

Who is suitable for 6 months braces

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Among the many questions patients in Nottingham ask is whether they are suitable for 6 Months braces. Truth is this cosmetic braces solution is a perfect option for adults that want to enhance their smile and stop covering their mouths when they talk, smile or laugh, out of low self-confidence. If it is suitable for all? With the exception of a small minority of people, the 6 Months Braces is a treatment that most patients can use.

Who is NOT suitable for 6 Months Braces?

  • Those that are not suitable to undergo this treatment include:
  • Children that still have their baby teeth
  • Teenagers that have adult teeth, whose roots are not fully formed yet
  • Adults with untreated gum disease
  • Adults with untreated tooth problems
  • Adults with severe bone loss around their teeth

Straight Teeth Suite considers it unethical to treat patients with untreated teeth or gum problems, and we always make sure our patient’s mouths are healthy, before we proceed to any treatment whatsoever. For that reason, we carry out a full dental healthy check, complemented with X-rays, before each treatment, to determine is everything is as supposed.

Are there any restrictions?

Age Restrictions

Some patients worry that they are too old to wear braces. This is a big misconception among many people. Provided your teeth and gums are healthy, you can have braces, so, never pay any attention to those that insist you are too old to pursuit a beautiful smile.

Bite Issues

Other than that, you do need to NOT have any bite issues. If you are experiencing severe crossbites, overbites or underbites, the 6 Months braces is not recommended. We can treat patients that want to correct their front teeth, but have no bite issues. In any instance that your bite issues are complex or your teeth are crowded, we will provide you with another option and offer a conventional brace treatment, instead.

What makes 6 Months Braces a Perfect Option for Adults?

The 6 Months braces is an entirely discreet treatment that allows people to wear braces without feeling stuck. Unlike when wearing (non-aesthetically pleasing) adult metal braces for years, with 6 Months braces is short-termed and you can achieve a great result and straight teeth in just a few months’ time.

Other people are worried about other corrective teeth straightening procedures being overly invasive or costly, which is another reason they decide to have the 6 Months braces treatment.
However, in order to enjoy the benefits of this treatment, you need to find a trusted practice with professionals that can properly assess your teeth and determine whether the 6 Months braces is the best cosmetic braces solution for you.

Dr Raha Sepehrara, the principal dentist here at Straight Teeth Suite was the first to receive full training in the 6 Months braces in the UK a few years ago, and ever since, she has provided this treatment to hundreds of patients from all over the country.


Contact us now and get your FREE Straight Teeth Guide, book your FREE consultation, and have your teeth straightened within a matter of months!

Am I too old to have braces?

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Many adults fear the sight of a camera and the request ‘smile!’ because they are embarrassed by their teeth. There has been little hope for those who feel self-conscious about their smile. Metal braces are seen as too ugly and time-consuming for adults, while other teeth straightening procedures may be seen as expensive and invasive.

Effective cosmetic braces for adults

New developments in teeth straightening technology mean that there are several options that are both effective and affordable and lifestyle appropriate. Both the Inman Aligner and Fastbraces have benefits for adults. The Straight Teeth Suite offers a down-to-earth guide to selecting the best cosmetic braces for you.

Inman Aligner

While the Inman aligner is not new, its capacity to straighten crooked or badly aligned teeth makes it a suitable orthodontic appliance for adults. It is valued because it has several advantages of fixed metal braces; the coil spring and bar structure ensures that the teeth are move to a better position over an eight week period by small movements that push/pull the teeth into correct alignment.


  • It is very swift, working in 6-16 weeks to straighten teeth
  • It is a single brace system that can also act as a retainer
  • It is easy to use, and can be removed in seconds
  • It only needs to be worn 16 hours a day and is remarkably discreet in use
  • It is a very cost-effective solution in comparison to other orthodontic techniques.


Of course there is no perfect solution to straighten front teeth and the Inman aligner has some downsides too:

  • It only works for front teeth and can’t address overcrowded teeth
  • It is not totally transparent; a tiny metal bar resting against the front teeth can generally be seen
  • Inman Aligners affect the speech when first fitted, requiring a week or two to get used to the system


The concept of Fastbraces is relatively new in the UK but has been used for over 20 year in the USA and has proven great clinical success. This novel orthodontic treatment works much more rapidly than other fixed braces, while the design is basically similar to the classic fixed brace but because the design of the fast brace moves both the root and the crown of the teeth simultaneously, treatment time is dramatically shorter.


  • The triangular brackets allow for finer and more flexible wire so the brace is lightweight and unobtrusive
  • Fastbraces can treat a range of complex problems such as: misaligned teeth, crowding, spaces between teeth.
  • This type of fixed braces is very quick and efficient and allows completion of treatments within 3 to 10 months.


  • The cost of Fastbraces is higher than some other orthodontic brace treatments like the Inman Aligner
  • They involve metal brackets fixed on your front teeth during the length of the treatment.

Choosing the right cosmetic brace for your teeth

Both options will straighten teeth, giving a happy, healthy smile, and The Straight Teeth Suite, Nottingham offers a free consultation appointment to help you explore which is best for you.

Have you ever wanted to have one a perfect smile? But is your reality that of crooked teeth or a crowded, misaligned smile? Do you think there’s no help?

Not only is there help for adults with crowded or overlapping teeth but it may be necessary for good health. While most adults have cosmetic concerns with their teeth, the health concerns can be important: overlapping teeth are harder to clean, leading to a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease, whilst teeth that don’t meet properly when the mouth is closed – called malocclusion – can lead to difficulties in chewing or swallowing. Poor tooth alignment can also contribute to difficulties in pronunciation and even put strain on the chewing muscles causing stress and eventually, facial pain.

There’s no doubt that it’s best to start orthodontic treatment for poorly aligned teeth or crowded smiles in childhood. At this age, simple braces with wires and rubber bands serve to move the teeth and correct their alignment.

Increasingly, adults are discovering that specialist orthodontic treatment has excellent results. In fact the American Association of Orthodontists recently reported that one in five orthodontic patients is eighteen or over. Which is good news, because there’s no age limit on having healthier, straighter teeth. There is a bit of bad news though, as we age our jawbone toughens so the teeth move more slowly so effective treatment can take longer. At Straight Teeth Suite Nottingham, we specialise in helping adults achieve the smile of their dreams.

Traditional braces

  1. The traditional metal braces with an arch-wire are held in place by elastic bands which gradually shift the teeth into better positions.

  2. Ceramic braces are tooth coloured that attach to the teeth’s outer surface and are usually recommended for upper front teeth.

  3. Lingual braces fit to the back surfaces of the teeth rather than the front, working in the same way as classic metal braces, and are undetectable.

All four of these treatment systems require a year to two years of treatment and often extraction.

Adult braces

For adults, cosmetic orthodontics may be a more viable proposition. This form of dental treatment uses the latest technology to reposition teeth swiftly and safely. Because it focuses on the teeth that show when smiling, there is no need for every tooth in the mouth to be realigned. Wires made from nickel titanium alloy deliver a fast and effective treatment that is also comfortable. This treatment system is often called Short Term Orthodontics and it doesn’t require tooth extractions, but it can’t correct the whole bite.

Cosmetic orthodontic systems – shorter period to a great smile

  • Six Month Braces use technology to move teeth quickly and safely with clear adult braces that improve the teeth that are revealed when smiling.
  • Accelerated Removable Braces are specifically designed to straighten the four front teeth and have particular effectiveness when teeth which have already been straightened begin to move again.
  • Invisible Braces are the most aesthetically pleasing, straightening the teeth with invisible aligners which can be removed to eat or when brushing the teeth.

Regardless of age, crooked teeth needn’t stop you smiling, nor cause other dental problems, just call us today and let us help you get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted.