What is the best straight teeth option for adults in Nottingham?

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Many people think braces are only for the younger ages, around adolescence, which is why a number of adults used to be withdrawn from pursuing a beautiful smile and lovely straight teeth. Thankfully, this all has started to change over the last decades, and people of all ages have come to the realization that an enhanced well-being and daily routine, through increased self-confidence and a wide inviting, bright, smile is everyone’s right.

In regards the orthodontic treatments available right now, one of the most popular teeth straightening options in Nottingham is the 6 Month Braces one. We feel proud that our dentist at Straight Teeth Suite was among the pioneers that had first been trained and successfully implemented this treatment in the entire country. The 6 Month Braces is a tested method with hundreds of successfully completed cases in our practice, so we implicitly recommend it to adults in Nottingham and nearby cities that want a fast and discreet way to improve their smile.

It is an orthodontic treatment widely popular among brides that want to be more confident smiling for their special days; we have had hundreds of such cases that we were happy to serve. It is also a much preferred option for those that want to go passed unnoticed when wearing braces. We had plenty of adults having treatment done and no one noticed they had braces on until the end, when they were proud to show off their new smiles!

What does 6 Month Braces consist of?

This orthodontic treatment consists of fixed tooth coloured braces attached to the front of the teeth and a tooth coloured wire which allows the teeth to move. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about taking the braces out and you can even eat and drink with the braces in, unlike other treatment options.

With this treatment, you can correct up to 8 front teeth simultaneously (both top and bottom) in just about a 6-month time!

Am I Suitable for this Orthodontic Treatment?

Most likely yes, as long as you have healthy teeth and gums. As previously mentioned, it is a treatment used to fix up to 8 front teeth on both jaws. So, if your concerns are just these teeth, then you are good to go!

It is also a suggested and recommended teeth straightening option in Nottingham if you do not have any serious bite issues, such as crossbites, underbites, or overbites. If this is the case, you will need to go through other available orthodontic treatment options to address this issue and get you the perfectly aligned teeth and that beautiful smile you have always longed for. Finally, 6 month braces are ideal if you had braces in the past and wish to save yourself from having to wear them again for another 2 years.

I am convinced that this treatment best suits my needs. What next?

You set up an appointment with our dentists, here at Straight Teeth Suite, and they will evaluate your case at full. As soon as the 6 month braces treatment is complete, you can also opt for tooth whitening, so you amaze everybody with a delightful straight white smile! At this point, please note that you need to have retainers in the end to ensure your teeth don’t move, which is standard procedure to all orthodontic treatments.

Our oral health is important, so every orthodontic treatment should only be practiced by professionals with immense experience in their field. Straight Teeth Suite has awarded experts working on each case, ensuring you get maximum results within the promised time. So, wherever you are at Nottingham, or surrounding areas, feel free to ask for a quote and start a journey where the final destination is your gorgeous, straight, bright smile!

How to get braces in Leicester

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If you think that braces are only for adolescents during their school years, then think again! In fact, getting braces while in your adulthood is something very common, nowadays. Numbers speak for themselves: 20% of those wearing braces today are adults! Especially after the innovative options that open the doors for less visible braces, having straight teeth is not only a matter of the youngsters and the teens.

Why do I need braces? Available Options.

First and foremost, at some point, you may find out that your once beautiful straight teeth have shifted. Having crooked teeth is the outcome of a condition called tongue thrust, which is a type of injury very common among adults. The teeth’s natural growth can also cause overcrowding in your mouth that directly (and in many cases severely) affects your smile. When this happens, you may start experiencing pain in your jaw, while cleaning your teeth will most likely send chills down your spine.

In order to address this problem, you can either go for Invisalign or ceramic braces. However, your orthodontist will be the one to make the calls and decide which types of braces are the best braces for you, after making an assessment of your case. For that reason, you need someone you can trust; someone with a solid reputation and excellent reviews. You need Straight Teeth Suite, in Leicester!

It is a treatment that can last from as little as 3 months. Many factors determine the total treatment time, such as the type of chosen treatment, and the patient’s condition.

Where do I start?

Here are some important steps that will take you exactly where you want!

Step 1: Request your Straight Teeth Suite Guide. Another gift for you offered for free! See for your own eyes cases of customers that were in your shoes a while ago. See how we have managed to transform their crooked teeth into fabulous straight teeth!

Step 2: Begin the journey to braces, by booking your free consultation at our suite, located in Leicester; a special offer by Straight Teeth Suite, only for you! Our dental experts will answer all your queries and advise you as per the ways you can get your ideal smile back. Your satisfaction is our reward and we will bend over backwards to give you what you have always wanted: straight teeth and boosted self-confidence that springs from your attractive smile!

Step 3: Make an appointment and initiate the process of wearing braces. You and your orthodontist will have a detailed discussion, in regards your dental needs. Afterwards an assessment will follow, where you will be asked to get your teeth and jaws examined and then run a series of tests, such as x-rays, a teeth impression, and photographs. A teeth-impression is one of the easiest and painless procedures ever. You will only bite into a mould that is filled with special dental putty. An impression of your teeth is imprinted on the mould, as soon as you open your mouth again!

Step 4: You get a thorough examination of your gums and teeth, to unveil any problems whatsoever, including periodontal disease and decay, which are both serious conditions that need immediate attention and treatment before you start any other procedures.

Step 5: This is the stage where you wear your braces. Their placement is fast, and is completely painless, although procedures may vary, depending on the type of braces you and your orthodontist have decided to use.

Step 6: So, you are wearing your new braces! Well done! Now, you only set frequent 20-minute appointments (every 4-6 weeks), just to make sure everything goes as planned, or make any necessary adjustments that your orthodontist considers important, such as adjusting your braces, so your teeth are pulled to the right direction at all times. It is a crucial stage of your teeth-straightening process, and if you fail to follow-up, you slow down your own progress. This will eventually make you wear the braces for much longer than initially planned.

Step 7: This is the best part! If everything has gone clockwise, you are about to have your braces removed! Again, through a painless and simple process. Removable orthodontic appliances, called retainers, will then be provided so you can sail through the last phase of your orthodontic treatment. Since teeth are usually unstable right after braces are removed, they tend to get back to their initial position (before the braces). In order to avoid this unwanted situation, retainers are used, so the treatment is completed successfully.

If life is all about moments of joy, then you will, hopefully, have lots of smiling moments from now on!

Always Wanted Straight Teeth?

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Don’t wait any longer!

At Straight Teeth Suite we can correct the different types of teeth misalignments such as:

-Crooked teeth

-Gaps between teeth


-Overcrowded teeth

Watch the video below to see the different types of categories before and after the straightening treatments offered by the Straight Teeth Suite experts.
To learn if you are suitable book your FREE consultation today!