My Straight Teeth Journey by Raha Sepehrara in Nottingham: Part Two

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If you have read Part One of my blog, you will know I am a dentist at Straight Teeth Suite, who has treated thousands of patients in Nottingham and I have now decided to have braces to straighten my own teeth.

I have now had my Damon braces fitted but what a performance. Because I’m heavily pregnant and due to give birth in the next few weeks, I wasn’t able to lie flat on the dentist’s chair.  My beautiful bump got in the way. I had to have the procedure done slightly sitting up which was rather awkward.  As a result,  Ana and I decided just to do only the bottom teeth, delaying the braces on my top teeth, so the baby and I wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for too long.


As you can see in this delightful selfie, I’ve got braces on all of my bottom teeth. They are Damon braces, and they look rather strange. The braces themselves don’t feel too uncomfortable but it is undeniably strange having something alien in my mouth.

The only thing that was an unexpected experience and  is probably more of a learning curve is having the bite blocks. To explain, bite block are little build ups that, in my case, we put on the back molars, to open up my bite and not being able to close my teeth as before will take some getting used to. Can you see the bite blocks in my picture? What this means is that now I am only biting on those two teeth right at the back and, by opening my bite, we’re doing two things.

Firstly, we are protecting the braces so I don’t bite onto them and they don’t come off.  Secondly, at the same time, we are allowing the teeth to move freely because,  if I didn’t have these bite blocks, the bottom teeth would become trapped under the top ones, and they wouldn’t be able to move. That could be so embarrassing if I got my wires entangled and couldn’t open my mouth to shout for help.  The bite blocks are very important, and that’s the reason we put them on all our patients.

As I said, the braces don’t seem to be too uncomfortable or irritating.  The rubbing on the inside of my cheeks is not too bad and dental wax helps.  There is no pain, just a slight discomfort, a slight pressure. Nothing more or less than I expected after feedback from my patients. It’s the bite blocks that are going to take a while to get used to, but I will review that again in a few days. I need to give myself time to relax and get used to all the new sensations.

I can speak as normal, but eating is a bit more challenging because trying to bite down and chew is really weird and unexpected.    With the bite blocks,  chewing is awkward and is a little bit more time consuming. However, soups are nourishing and, on the upside I’m hoping it might help with the weight loss after my baby comes.So far, so good but if I can’t chew I will be sharing pureed baby food with the newborn.

We’ve decided to wait until after I have had my baby to have the rest of the treatment and the braces fitted to my upper teeth just because it makes it easier.  I am going to have a lot to do in the next few weeks and my hands full.   I will have my top braces fitted and the bottom ones adjusted in about 5 to 6 weeks and in Part Three of this blog, I will tell you how I get on, with my braces that is. I am not about to regale you with baby stories!

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Biography of Straight Teeth by Raha Sepehrara in Loughborough:Part One.

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It is sometimes said dentists are more aware of the clinical procedure and their skills and can’t really empathise with their patients unless they have experienced the treatment for themselves. That is just about to change!  I have decided to have my teeth straightened in Loughborough and will record the story, step by step, to let you know what it is like from the other side; patient not dentist.

Despite having crooked teeth, I never received orthodontic treatment as a teenager.  My Mum took me to a dentist who wanted to extract four front teeth.  Mum thought that was too extreme and she declined on my behalf.  And I never had the teenage braces most young people wear.  Despite the long years of  training and graduating as a dentist and working in my dental practice, my front teeth remained crooked into adulthood.  Until now!

As a dentist, I have treated thousands of patients who needed their teeth straightened. As at one time no-one else in the practice was qualified to straighten teeth, I did not undergo the treatment myself. Then Ana, who some of you will know, joined Straight Teeth Suite and I decided to have braces and straight teeth for myself.  Ana kindly agreed to treat me.

For the benefit of patients, I am telling my own story of braces that might amuse some of you but will certainly edify. I am in the late stages of my pregnancy and have decided to have my teeth straightened whilst on maternity leave and I am at home with my baby.

Ana and I drew up a treatment plan after a thorough examination of my teeth. I have decided to undergo fixed braces; Damon braces.  My reasons are almost entirely cosmetic, to be more comfortable with my smile. Although my back teeth are well positioned, I have a very slightly crowded upper front tooth, and more moderate crowding on the bottom front teeth, which is getting worse over time. Furthermore, my bite is slightly deep.

What that means is that when I bite together, the bottom teeth bite too far back against my top front ones. Over time, they are wearing and chipping away. Straightening my teeth will not only improve my smile but essentially prevent further damage to my bottom teeth in the future.


Damon braces are a type of fixed metal brace where the blocks are bonded to the teeth. High tech shape-memory wires are then used to move teeth comfortably and effectively. Damon Braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to keep clean. There are two options, Damon Q, fixed metal,  which I chose, and Damon Clear, a white/clear fixed brace.  They are the most efficient brace for straightening crooked teeth, dispensing with the need of elastic and metal ties. You might wonder why I didn’t choose lingual braces, invisible braces.  Whereas lingual braces have the clear advantage of not being seen, no pun intended, Damon braces have the edge when it comes to specific misalignment issues and Ana and I agreed they would be more effective.

My blogs will appear from time to time, and I will tell you just how it feels not as a dentist but as a patient; the flipside. Click here to read part two  where I will talk about what it feels like to wear Damon braces for the first time. I have to admit I am slightly nervous, but Ana will continue to reassure me in the in the same way I reassure my patients.  She certainly has me convinced all will be fine.

In the meantime, if you need any further information about how to straighten your teeth in Loughborough and the different methods available, visit our website and contact us here

Tips for Teenagers: Brushing with Braces in Loughborough

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Young people often have so much going on in their lives they are too busy to take the time to brush their teeth properly.  They get up late, hurry breakfast, can’t find their school bag and have a hundred and one things they want to do before they brush their teeth and are out of the door to enjoy the day, leaving you feeling frazzled.

Your son or daughter has now reached the age where they have had their braces fitted, and it is now more important than ever they clean their teeth correctly and effectively. The Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough does know busy mothers need help and have a few tips to pass on to your children to ensure they take care of their braces and have an easy and successful time straightening their teeth.  Cleaning around wires and brackets can be notoriously difficult but they will thank you in the end, even if it sometimes feels like you are nagging as you constantly repeat the phrase, “Have you cleaned your teeth?”

They need to:

Scrub teeth and braces with a good toothbrush taking care to brush above and under the wires.

Brush along the gum line, top and bottom.

 Brush all surfaces of the teeth; back, front, and top.

Rinse and check teeth and braces to ensure they are cleaned effectively, and there are no food particles trapped in the brackets, wires or between the teeth.

Be sure to rinse well with water, to remove any food particles that may be stuck, if unable to brush.

It is important to brush immediately after eating or as soon as possible.  If your son or daughter sneaks a fizzy drink or eat sweets despite instructions not to eat or drink foods high in sugar content while wearing braces, let them know they must brush their teeth straight away before the sugar does any damage.  They need to brush at least three times a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and to change their toothbrush frequently for a new one.

Braces can increase the bacteria in your teeth and mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and cavities.  The should use a Waterpik if possible, or a teepee brush to clean around the brackets. This will help to eliminate any bacteria and food particles trapped in those hard-to-reach places.

You can remind your children if they take good care of their teeth and braces they will in just a few months’ time have great smiles to impress their friends.  

If you have any questions or are interested in braces for your children, contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough for a free consultation.

Aftercare with Six Month Braces in Loughborough: – Your guide to Six Month Braces. Part Four

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You know you want a little magic, straight teeth and a new smile to feel good about yourself. Choosing the best procedure and where to get it, might be difficult. Before you make your decision, you should know what to expect from the treatment, the ups and downs. It is always a good idea to do some research.  Getting the Six Month Braces treatment in Loughborough is a decision made by many people, thanks to the great testimonials and wonderful new smiles of former patients. In Part 4 of this series, one of our dentists will run through some FAQ associated with the aftercare of Six Month Braces.

How to Take Care of Your Six Month Braces braces

As we discussed in our previous blog  when choosing to correct your teeth in Loughborough, you will also get regular check up’s to review the braces and answer any questions regarding your treatment,  teeth and braces. It is really important to see your dentist and hygienist regularly, not only for checking the position of your teeth but because the health of your teeth needs to be maintained.  

Carefully Clean Your Teeth and Braces

In addition to the check up’s you will be instructed on how to look after your teeth and braces. You should regularly use mouthwash, and TePe brushes around the brackets. You should clean your teeth every time you eat. Of course, you can also floss with your braces in place but that is a bit more time consuming. The TePe brushes help with this.

You Need to Wear a Retainer After the Treatment

No matter how young or old you are, and what type of brace you’ve got, you always need to have a retainer. Without retainers, your teeth will eventually move back to their original position.  You will need to be committed even after treatment to avoid this scenario.There are two types of retainers: a fixed retainer or a removable retainer. You should also have at least three retainer checks, once your treatment is completed,   to be sure you’re not having any problems.

Can I whiten my teeth?

There are many people who are interested in using whitening products during the treatment with Six Month Braces. This must be avoided. However, many patients do have whitening treatment when their braces have been removed.  This is a great way to complete the treatment since it will add that extra wow you need to celebrate your new look.

Make a free appointment with one of the dentists HERE. To read Your Guide To Six Month Braces part 1 CLICK HERE

Ditch the Dummy – Braces for Teenagers in Loughborough

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You might see thumb sucking, dummies and braces as three stages of your child’s development but if nobody ever warned you of the connection, you might not know you are setting your child up for problems in the future by allowing your baby to continue this habit.  If nobody ever said, as your little angel popped his thumb, or dummy, into his mouth, “Oh how adorable but he will damage his jaw and teeth and need braces if you don’t stop that now,” you will not be aware there might be unnecessary problems to come. But now your little angel has now grown into an angst-filled, precocious teenager hiding away, too embarrassed to smile, posting sulky looking selfies on Facebook,  which don’t win any  popularity contests with their friends who pout and grin unselfconsciously at the camera.  All’s not lost. You can help your teenager by bringing them along to the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough

Modern braces can, over time, fix many problems and no longer resemble the train-tracks of yesteryear when we all looked like a weird version of Frankenstein.  Depending on the specific problem, be it crooked teeth or a gappy smile, a narrow arch or a poor bite, dentists now have the solution to correct the problem with a selection of clear ceramic braces, hidden braces, fitted to the reverse of the teeth, or aligners.  You can reassure your teenager no one need know, and they can go to school without fearing they will be the butt of anyone’s joke.

However, let us rewind for a moment.   You can help from a much earlier stage in your child’s development by stopping thumb sucking and by never introducing your child to a dummy in the first place. You may have seen pictures of unborn infants contentedly sucking their thumb in the mother’s womb, but this is a habit young children should have grown out of before they attend kindergarten at around the age of three years old.  If this habit continues later into childhood when the adult teeth start to come through, there is a high risk of malocclusion, the imperfect positioning of teeth, due to the pressure of the constant sucking of dummies, thumbs or fingers.  In the worst case scenario, the shape of the jaw can be seriously damaged by sucking with the negative pressure altering the shape of the arch causing problems with the bite resulting in surgery and braces to correct the problem.

Fortunately, most problems with your teenager’s teeth can be remedied by your dentist. Teenager’s see this as a great source of comfort amid the stress and anxiety of their lives.  They are under enough pressure at school these days with their image, let alone education, friends and family. Parents, above all else, need to help their children to feel good about themselves and never to feel a social outcast. The goal is not to strive for perfection but to celebrate how fabulous you child is.  The gift of straight, healthy teeth is one way to restore or build confidence and self-esteem. For a FREE consultation  with your teenager, make an appointment at the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough.