Orthodontics: More than Aesthetics. It is a matter of Health.

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The benefits of having straight teeth are not limited only to the aesthetics you get from a beautiful smile. Properly aligned teeth also have enormous dental health effects, according to the American Dental Association.

With properly aligned teeth, you can clean your teeth much easier than if they were crooked, since you have fewer areas that your toothbrush bristles cannot reach. With straight teeth, flossing is also made easier because it is much easier to remove all food debris from the teeth, when they are properly spaced.

When teeth are crowded, food particles are provided with an ideal hiding place, and when food debris remains, bacteria find fertile grounds to reproduce and cause dental health problems. In fact, food particles can turn into plaque and eventually tartar, which is not only hard to remove, but can also cause periodontal disease. It usually takes up to 48 hours for plaque to start form and build up to your teeth, and it won’t be long (a couple of weeks) before it turns into tartar. Plaque removal in crowded teeth is much harder to remove, even if you brush regularly.

Since it is not easy to clean crowded and crooked teeth, they tend to develop cavities. Other than that, when your gums are in such close contact with bacteria, things are not good. The areas between your teeth and gums get infected by an inflammation called gingivitis, and in turns to periodontitis, which is a serious condition that affects the connective tissues and your gums. In some cases, periodontitis can even affect that jaw bone that surrounds the teeth. Of course, in advanced levels, periodontitis may lead to tooth loss. Finally, if periodontitis becomes a chronic condition, it is evidenced that it can lead to other serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

In order to avoid excessive wear, it is best if all biting/chewing is done with lined up teeth (both with each other and top to bottom). Misaligned bite can force your teeth to experience elevated stress, which affects their lifespan and their health. Not properly straightened teeth may also cause chronic jaw pain.

Undoubtedly, a major reason people get their teeth straightened is to have a lovely smile and feel good about it. In other words, teeth straightening treatments help people of all ages on a psychological or emotional level. For some people, it is difficult to smile or laugh (not to mention having their photograph taken) when their teeth are crowded or crooked. With teeth aligning, it all ends.

Impressions are everything to a lot of people. A survey conducted recently, has shown that 50% of 1,000 Americans asked, believed that having crowded or crooked teeth ruins the overall beauty of one’s face and makes a poor impression. Although people can never be judged by the straightness of their teeth, perfectly aligned teeth definitely steal impressions!

No matter what the reason, beauty or health (or even better, both!), trust your teeth straightening treatment to professionals, such as STRAIGHT TEETH SUITE, in the East Midlands with clinics in Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough, so you do not only boost your self-confidence with perfectly aligned teeth, and amaze with your gorgeous smile, but also be sure you have taken good care of your precious health too.


How to treat front teeth gaps?

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Having a beautiful smile is not dependent on how straight your teeth are, how crowded, or crooked. However, your facial beauty is somehow damaged when you have teeth with gaps or when your mouth is overcrowded. Several people lose their self-confidence when they smile and have teeth with gaps, which ruins their mood and withdraws them from smiling widely.

Do you find yourself somewhere in these lines? Straight Teeth Suite has many solutions to address your concerns and fix the gaps in your teeth.

Among the most appealing ways we use to close gaps in between teeth are straightening systems like Invisalign and Smilelign, as well as other fixed options, such as the 6 Month Braces treatment, or Lingual Braces.

Both Invisalign and Smilelign are clear aligner systems, fully removable from the teeth, which is one of the reasons most adult patients prefer these orthodontic treatment options. They comprise the ideal option for those that do not wish to go for a fixed option. With Invisalign, you are allowed to eat whatever foods you want, plus you can remove the device at any given time. You enjoy entirely discreet braces that are practically invisible, making teeth-straightening much more fun!

Furthermore, your periodontal health is better assured, as you can brush and floss your teeth more efficiently than wearing traditional braces,. Moreover, you get less irritated cheeks and gums with the plastic rather than sharp metal elements used. Smilelign, on the other hand, is another revolutionary clear braces treatment that allows you to attain a wonderful smile, with no gaps between your teeth, with a set of carefully designed invisible aligners (again removable), letting you enjoy the benefits of wearing braces with the utmost discretion!

Lingual braces and the 6 Month Braces treatments are best suited for people that do not want removable aligners. However, this does not mean that you jeopardise discretion as they are hardly noticeable, too.

Eating and drinking is done effortlessly and stress-free, as you don’t need to worry about taking them in or out when you want to drink or eat.

What all methods have in common (apart from being unnoticed) is that their effectiveness becomes quickly apparent and you don’t have to wait for long before you see the excellent results. Indicatively, minor spaces can be closed in as little as 3 months! And, upon the completion of your braces treatment, you may want to have teeth whitening treatment, so you acquire a really fantastic and amazing smile that turn heads!

What we need to note at this point is that no matter what type of treatment you chose, it is essential you wear retainers, so your teeth remain in their new position and do not relapse. It is a standardised procedure for all braces’ treatments.

If you reside in Leicester and nearby areas, Straight Teeth Suite and our awarded expert dentists will make sure you get the best orthodontic treatment, customized to your particular needs, so you finally get back your lost confidence and self-esteem and start smiling without any hesitation whatsoever!


Smile Radiantly in 6 Months

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Having problems with your teeth is why so many of you feel less confident. Not only that you are not comfortable smiling, but you become nervous and even scared to see a dentist. These small worries can then build up to bigger problems and your teeth may develop bad conditions.

If you are unhappy with your smile, seeing a dentist is mandatory. And, as most patients say, once they get to talk to the dentist, who explains the steps of the treatment, their fears disappear. Many of our patients walk in extremely nervous but our team of dentists are used to dealing with scared patients.

One particular nervous patient booked a FREE consultation with us. She was given all the information with the recommendations and advice upfront. Right away we helped her make the correct decision regarding the treatment for her teeth problems. This made the patient feel comfortable and happy, trust the team and want to continue with treatment.

After being consulted, this patient was given the 6 Month Smile brace treatment.

There are more straightening solutions available, but not all of them meet everybody’s needs and requirements. This is why all patients must be seen by dentists, and discuss all the issues their teeth condition involves.

How Does the 6 Month Smile Work?

This is quite a simple treatment, and, as it’s name says, it involves braces that are designed to straighten your teeth in 6 months.

They are quite different from the traditional braces, offering more comfort through their discreet appearance and the lack of metallic wires.

The 6 months braces can be used for both your top and bottom teeth, depending where your problems are. They were created to help people who have gaps between their teeth, or who want to have a straight healthy smile.

Once you have the Six Month Smile braces fixed, your teeth should begin moving very quickly. Most patients who are nervous of dentists are amazed of how fast their smile is improving and the results are obvious.

A Brand New Smile in Just 6 Months

The patient was really happy with the results, stating that after wearing 6 month braces, she became more confident, being able to smile without the fear people look at her teeth. The treatment wasn’t painful and the results were much better than she ever imagined.

Misaligned teeth can stop you from smiling, as well as they can affect your social and personal life. So, if you have problems, you want to get a gorgeous smile and see if you are a good candidate for the 6 month braces, make an appointment with one of our dentists HERE

Do I have to have teeth out with Damon Braces

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Damon braces is an entire philosophy of orthodontic treatment and comprise a favourite option for all ages. To give you an idea, they are a high-quality brace system, with a small door to lock the wire in place, and here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Damon braces for your reference.


Q: What’s so Different about Damon braces?

A: With old-fashioned braces, we had to install little elastics, to be able to keep the wire in place, paying attention that the wire was fully engaged in the brace to apply pressure and allow the tooth to move. However, the most frequent problem is that these elastics can drop off while there are times when they don’t adequately cover the wire in place, stalling the treatment. The Damon brace door though, secures the wire in place, saving both you and us from unnecessary distress.

Another issue we faced with traditional braces was that the elastic also caused friction, making it more difficult for the wire to work, which not only reduced the number of movements that could be achieved at the same time, but also slowing down the treatment. Thanks to advanced dentistry and Damon braces, we can achieve various types of movements occurring all at the same time, much quicker than ever before, without applying too much force on the teeth. This means more spaced out (and less) appointments required.


Q: Can Damon braces treat all cases?

A: The Damon braces come in metal and clear, with the first type be mainly used for moderate cases, leaving the metal Damon brace for more severe cases.


Q: What about Teeth Extraction?

A: Another great advantage of the Damon Brace is the fact that very few cases will require teeth to be taken out. With a traditional brace, the extraction rate (rate of removal of teeth) is between 40-70% while with the Damon brace is a mere 10-20%. This means more teeth saved.


Q: When do we Need to Take out Teeth?

A: Although we don’t need to take as many teeth out with the Damon Brace, there are cases when tooth extraction is the only option and here are some examples (this is not a comprehensive list):

  • If you have severe crowding, we need teeth out to make space to straighten them.
  • If your profile is already too full (we don’t want to make it even fuller and unbalanced).
  • If you have very proclined sticky out top teeth that need to be pushed back.
  • If you have very thin bone and gum recession and your teeth are already tipped forward.
  • If some of the teeth are in a very bad condition and treatment cannot commence with those teeth in your mouth.


Q: How to find out whether you need to have teeth out or not?

A: Of course, attend our free straight teeth consultation, where we will:

  • Assess your teeth and bite,
  • Go through all the available options, and
  • Discuss the costs.


Q: What is the Procedure to Get Damon Braces?

A: Providing you are entirely contented with the outcome of your consultation, we will invite you back for a dental health check and X-ray appointment to ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy, before we provide braces for you.

Once everything is OK we will set a mould, photo appointment where we will take a series of records and carry out an orthodontic assessment so we can then decide whether we need any teeth out and, if so, which ones.


Q: Where do I get to know more about Damon Braces?

A: For any questions, concerns, or queries, please feel free to contact us or call our Straight Teeth Suite clinic in Leicester on 0115 824 3115.

New ways to get straight teeth like celebrities

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We wonder how many celebrities featured in the news, in magazines and on television who have worn braces to straighten their teeth you can name?  You can’t?  That’s not surprising. Lingual braces are so clever and discreet they can’t be seen.  Nobody will know you have been to the Straight Teeth Suite and are undergoing teeth realignment with Lingual braces unless, of course, you tell them.  

There are some famous people who have embraced their braces and have told the world about their new smiles. Myleene Klass, singer and television presenter of This Morning, flaunted her Lingual braces for all to see.  But, if she hadn’t opened her mouth so wide to let the camera in, no one who have known.

Other famous personalities in the public eye, such as Wimbledon champions, Serina Williams and her sister Venus, Tom Cruise and Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame have all worn braces.  Faye Dunaway, the Oscar-winning actress, wore her braces at the age of sixty- one proving it is never too late to get a beautiful smile.  Members of the Royal family, including Prince William, who wore his braces for years with no one noticing, despite the paparazzi photographing him thousands of times. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is known to have had her Lingual braces fitted before her marriage to William giving her a lovely smile for the much-publicised wedding photos.  Her braces were invisible, and only a few close family members knew she had opted to have her teeth straightened until someone leaked the news to the press.

All these celebrities are in the public eye and may be subject to scrutiny. Even if you are not famous, you may feel judged or criticised if you have an overcrowded smile or buck teeth. And, if your bite is misaligned it may be uncomfortable to eat. They are many different reasons, aside from the aesthetic, to consider having braces and realigning your teeth.

You don’t have to be famous to treat yourself like the best.  Lingual braces are available for all.  Fitted to the reverse side of your teeth, they are more comfortable than conventional braces.  As they are custom made, they fit perfectly and are very effective in moving teeth to their desired position in a relatively short amount of time. The brackets are smaller and they are less intrusive so they don’t disrupt your ability to chew or affect your speech.  And best of all, no one will know you have braces unless you tell them.

If you want to be one of the best and have Lingual braces fitted, contact the Straight Teeth Suite HERE

The Cost of Happiness: Teeth Straightening

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How much it costs to get a great smile is a question the Straight Teeth Suite is frequently asked.  Modern dentistry and the skilled technicians can now achieve fantastic results for patients with misaligned or missing teeth but, until recently, this kind of dentistry was often considered the domain only of the rich and Hollywood stars bringing perfect, white smiles to the screen.  From simple techniques to keep your teeth healthy and clean,  to more complex procedures to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, to more complicated treatments to replace missing teeth, the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester will price your priceless new smile.

What is the price of happiness?

A simple clean with a qualified hygienist can give your smile a whole new look.  Stain removal, using air flow and a professional polish can cost as little as £68 but can leave you feeling refreshed.  Teeth whitening at £200 can renew a tired, yellowing smile, leaving you beaming with pleasure.

If your teeth are overcrowded or crooked, teeth straightening with fixed braces or clear aligners can cost from £1500 for simple cases to £4000 for more complex cases that take more time to correct. The Straight Teeth Suite recommend both fixed braces and clear aligners depending on type and severity of the treatment needed.  Fixed braces are designed to be as discreet and comfortable as possible and clear aligners, a moulded clear plastic tray that fits over the teeth is invisible and removable. The aligners are changed every two or three weeks until the teeth have moved to their new position.  The best type of brace for you and the duration of treatment will be explained at your first consultation.  Dentistry is never a case of ‘one size fits all’ and all treatments have to be determined individually and costed accordingly.

Quite a lot of patients combine teeth straightening and teeth whitening treatments to achieve the smile of their dreams. When the teeth have become damaged through wear and tear, accident or injury and are chipped or uneven, we can offer composite edge bonding.  Essentially, this is a filling, coloured to match your teeth and fixed in place to improve the shape of the teeth.

Although this type of treatment may initially seem beyond your reach, by spreading the cost over time it becomes much more realistic and affordable. The Straight Teeth Suite can offer their patients a financial plan, allowing you to spread the cost on a monthly basis over one-year interest-free or up to five years. You can achieve your new smile without delay.

If you have a special occasion in mind or have been dreaming of a great new smile, contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester for a consultation and a quote and take a step towards happiness today.

How to Broaden your Smile with Arch Expansion

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If you have a narrow arch your front teeth may appear prominent and your smile may not be as effective as you would wish.  You may think there is nothing that can be done and it is your lot in life to have a minimal grin.  Fear not. With arch expansion at the Straight Teeth Suite, you can soon broaden your horizons, increase your confidence and improve your smile.

Arch Expansion

Everyone is different and smiles come in different shapes and sizes. Celebrities, such as Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie are instantly recognisable by their broad smiles.  But, if your mouth is too small and too narrow, no amount of trying to stretch your grin will achieve a smile like these stars. If your arch is too narrow, you may feel very self-conscious, as if your smile does not fit your personality.  Patients, with a narrow arch, show very little of their back teeth as they are covered by the shadow from the cheeks.  With an arch expansion, the teeth are repositioned to open up and broaden your smile to suit your face.  A general estimation of the right smile for you is when it reaches the centre of your eyes, in line with the pupils.

With a narrow arch, your teeth may be over-crowded and your bite misaligned.  This can lead to oral health issues, such as gum disease, as overcrowded teeth are very difficult to keep clean however meticulous you are when you brush your teeth.

Damon Braces

The Straight Teeth Suite uses Damon braces to straighten the teeth and widen the arch.  Damon braces are a fixed brace which, unlike traditional braces, use a slide mechanism to hold the wire, allowing teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably creating an arch expansion and a great smile.

In this case, you can see how prominent the patient’s front teeth were.  We made a full evaluation and fitted Damon braces.

The result was a broader arch, eliminating the shadows in the patient’s mouth when he smiles.

What To Expect During a Teeth Straightening Consultation?

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Your initial consultation is specifically designed to have your needs met, and queries answered. At the Straight Teeth Suite, we like to sit down with you and discuss your general dental health and hear all about your thoughts on the future of your mouth. This consultation is your opportunity to share your vision per your dream smile with us and see what we can do to achieve that. Acquiring a beautiful smile, but most importantly maintaining it in mint condition is paramount to your overall health, considering all the adverse conditions that can occur due to neglected oral health. That aside, a good set of pearly whites is definitely a confidence-booster and gives a sense of well-being. This makes our goal at Straight Teeth Suite a noble one, which is why we always go above and beyond the typical first-consultation services.

Standard Procedure

Phase #1: Assess your Oral Condition

The first thing we do when you come in for your first consultation is look at your dental condition. Are your teeth positioned in an aesthetic way? Is your bite function correct? Do you have trouble eating? Are you happy with the shape and colour of your teeth? All these factors will be carefully assessed before we move on to the next phase.

Phase #2: Determine whether Braces (and which braces) are the Perfect Option

Will you REALLY benefit from orthodontics? That’s our main concern. No matter the case, we need to see if braces is the right option for you. You could be a perfect candidate for Invisible or Invisalign braces rather than any other treatment that you may had in your mind. You may need orthodontic treatment for your front teeth only. Maybe you had undergone teeth straightening at an early age and have seen your teeth move again over time. Did you know that you may have your teeth perfectly aligned in 6 just months, providing you meet requirements? Or do you prefer lingual braces that are totally unseen, offering utmost discretion?  To learn more about it, take the Straight Teeth Test, here!

If you decide that braces are not the way to go, you may have other options to allow you to meet your goals, and we will be more than happy to present and discuss them to you.

Since we have a wide range of orthodontic appliances, this is generally a good non-invasive way to start. You talk through options and possibilities with the dentist and decide if braces are a viable treatment option for you. Most of the times, braces are the least expensive investment because you can correct precisely what you don’t like, get them whitened, and you are set for a long time!

Phase #3: Provide Options & Educate 

Your smile makeover is a huge deal and should be approached with sensitivity and care. In respect to your needs and goals, we provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision regarding your smile. If there are any dental problems, you will know of them instantly. We want to be absolutely certain that the suggested orthodontic treatment is indeed the right for you.

By the time you leave our clinic, you will know things about cosmetic dentistry procedures that will help you make up your mind.


Want a taste of what is being described? Why not book your first complimentary consultation and get a step closer to the smile of your dreams NOW?

A Guide to How We Straighten Just 2 or 4 Crooked Teeth

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A lot of patients we see only have a few crooked teeth that they are unhappy with and they do not always need lengthy or complex brace treatment to achieve a confident, attractive smile. Sometimes just a simple adjustment, concentrating on just the two or four front teeth will give you the smile you dream of.  There are many options available for braces with the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough, and our experienced dentists will guide you in making the best choice.

There are many options available for braces with the Straight Teeth Suite and our experienced dentists will guide you in making the best choice.

Perhaps your two front top teeth, your incisors, project slightly, or you have a wide gap in between the teeth.  A brace will bring these back in line in a relatively short amount of time and, with the help of a retainer, they will stay in place giving you a lifelong, beautiful smile.

In some cases, both the top two teeth and the bottom two teeth are misaligned.  Both top and bottom teeth can be repositioned. Sometimes the top and bottom teeth can be straightened at the same time, and sometimes it is better to concentrate on straightening each arch independently as it will be more comfortable for you.

Straightening Choices


The Inman Aligner, often known as the wonder brace, is a removable brace.  The Inman Aligner has Nickel Titanium coil springs that power two aligner bows that gently oppose each other, guiding the teeth into their new position. These gentle forces are active over a  large range of movements, which is why the Inman Aligner works so quickly. Within just twelve to sixteen weeks if worn as advised.  This brace can address and correct the front two to four teeth. We tend to recommend one jaw at a time because it can feel quite bulky.

The 5 Fascinating Truths of Wisdom Teeth and Braces in Leicester

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Wisdom teeth, whether they come in your teens or later in life, are often thought to cause problems, including overcrowding of teeth.  The result of a recent study on wisdom teeth concluded whether or not you have wisdom teeth, crowding can occur. By drawing a comparison, assessing the front, lower teeth in many patients,  the research team deduced crowding is not solely the result of your wisdom teeth erupting.  The Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester will help you with your overcrowded smile and wisdom teeth with a few fascinating truths.

The Myth Of Wisdom Teeth

We often see patients who say,

“I had lovely straight teeth before my wisdom teeth came through,”

And we see patients with overcrowded smiles and no wisdom teeth.  The fact is your teeth can move and crowding occur for no apparent reason.  

Preventing Teeth From Moving

If you’ve got lovely straight teeth, the only way of preventing crowding from occurring in the first place is to have a retainer. A retainer, made to custom fit, will prevent the shifting of the teeth.  A retainer will need to be worn on a regular basis to ensure your teeth don’t move. With a retainer, you don’t need to have wisdom teeth removed to keep your teeth straight.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Whether or not your teeth move and become overcrowded, there are other good reasons to remove wisdom teeth.  They might be causing pain, decay or infection and, for your health’s sake and to avoid risk to other healthy teeth, you are better off without them.  Whereas we do not extract wisdom teeth to prevent crowding, as this is a myth, we will remove them to enable other teeth to rotate and move in a particular way. Simple extractions are carried out painlessly in the clinic. More complex cases might require surgery.

How Do I Straighten My Teeth?

The Straight Teeth Suite have the solution for everyone who wants to achieve straight teeth. Age is not a barrier to a more confident, beautiful smile.  We will make a full diagnosis and advise you as to whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be extracted before braces are fitted.  Depending on your diagnosis, and whether your particular case is complex or simple, you will be offered a choice of a brace.  Your teeth, with the guidance of the brace will gently move into their desired position and a retainer will keep them in place forever.

Which Brace?

We offer a selection of braces which all effectively straighten your teeth and give you a great smile.  Depending on your diagnosis and your choice, we will fit:

Damon Braces.   Unlike traditional braces Damon braces include a small sliding door into which the wire is securely inserted, eliminating the need for elastics. This special design allows the teeth to slide smoothly, without friction, and with reduced force.  These braces have many significant advantages, including shorter treatment times, fewer adjustment appointments, less discomfort, less need for teeth to be extracted and no tightening, since elastics are not used. Damon Clear  offer further discretion as they are barely noticeable.

Lingual Braces.  Lingual braces are totally inconspicuous as they are fixed to the reverse side of your teeth, where they can’t be seen, and they are more comfortable. Treatment times vary, depending on complexity, and they can take three months in simple cases and longer in more complex ones.

Accelerated Removable Braces/Inman Aligner . Inman Aligners straighten the front four teeth and is really quick. Some cases can be completed in as little as ten weeks. The aligner consists of a clear, removable brace with a bar at the front of the teeth and one at the back and has to be worn nearly all day and night.

Clear Aligners.  Invisible braces either Invisalign or Smilelign consist of a series of custom made removable clear plastic trays which you change every few weeks until the movement, and desired position of the teeth, has been achieved. There are many types of invisible braces, but we use the best available, custom made to fit.  

Six Month Braces. Six months braces utilise clear braces that are attached to your teeth with a tooth coloured wire to straighten gently and realign teeth in an average time of just six months.

To help dispel the myths about wisdom teeth and braces we compiled this blog. If we have missed anything out please comment below and we will be sure to answer your questions.