The risks to children with protruding teeth

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One of the questions Straight Teeth Suite, frequently get asked by parents is,  “My child’s teeth stick out. Are they more likely to get hurt? ”  There are multiple risks to protruding teeth in children, but there are solutions.  Once the milk teeth, or baby teeth, have erupted, and the adult teeth have grown in it is quite common to see irregularities especially in the upper two front teeth, the central incisors, and they often protrude.  Prominent teeth can be the result of thumb sucking in small children, but there can be many reasons why the adult teeth stick out.

Prominent front teeth cause many problems.  The child can have problems biting down on certain foods.   The teeth might cause damage to the gums or the roof of the mouth and the lips.  Teeth that stick out are at risk of getting hurt from all types of sport and children are often teased, being taunted for their ‘sticky out’ teeth and called names such as ‘chipmunk’.

The best solution to resolve all these problems is for your child to wear an orthodontic device; to wear braces.  Once the adult teeth have grown in, usually as a young teenager, braces can be fitted, and the teeth gently and safely moved to their correct position. This will not only protect your child’s teeth from accident and injury but restore their confidence.

At your first consultation with the dentist, we will assess your child’s teeth to determine the severity of the prominent teeth. We will recommend a suitable brace that can be either a removable brace or a fixed brace depending on how far the child’s teeth stick out.  With both types of brace,  the teeth will be moved back, so they are covered by the lip, and the bite restored.

Braces are not unusual in teenagers of school age.  Your child will probably be familiar with the braces their friends wear from the almost invisible braces to those with coloured wires and brackets.  If your child is nervous or reluctant of the possibility of being fitted with braces, the dentists at Straight Teeth Suite will be happy to reassure them all the way through their treatment.

Once your child’s treatment is completed and the brace is removed, they will need to be fitted with a retainer to prevent the teeth from moving back to their old position and protrude once more.  It is also a good idea to be fitted with a mouth guard to protect the teeth while playing all types of sport.

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New Kids on the Blog: Three Signs Your Teenager Needs Braces

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Braces are part of growing up.  Maybe you are already aware your son or daughter needs braces, or perhaps they are already asking as more and more of their friends come to school with their braces fitted, and they want straight teeth too.  The Straight Teeth Suite sees new kids every day and help their mums and dads make the right decision to bring their teenagers along to have their teeth straightened and avoid serious problems in the future

There are a number of obvious signs your teenager needs dental braces but others are not so obvious, and all teenagers will need to see the dentist to be sure.  The three following indicators are the most apparent:

  1. Crooked or crowded teeth: If your children’s adult teeth have grown in crooked, twisted or overcrowded, they will need braces not only to improve their smile but to make the teeth easier to keep healthy and clean.
  2. Incorrect bite: When the bite isn’t aligned correctly, it is difficult to chew properly, and your child may experience discomfort when eating. It is important to correct a crossbite, underbite, or overbite with braces before they experience any major dental health issues.
  3. Misaligned or irregular teeth: They can also lead to problems when chewing food. Braces can help to correct this issue.

It is important to seek help from an experienced dentist to determine if braces are a right option for your child’s orthodontic needs.  A full examination, diagnosis and treatment plan is prepared by the dentist and the different options discussed with you and your child.  Gone are the days of the dreaded ‘train track’ braces with their heavy metal brackets and wires akin to ‘Ugly Betty’. We use the advanced generation of braces that are not only more effective but easier to wear, a whole lot more comfortable and more invisible.

It is important to involve your teen in the whole decision-making process.  After all, they are the one wearing and looking after their braces and need lots of encouragement to feel good about the idea as it is not a quick fix. Apart from avoiding some hard to eat foods and fizzy drinks, braces won’t impinge on their activities, including sports,  and they will one day thank you for the gift of a beautiful smile.

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The Survival Guide for Teens and their Braces

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Your teenager may have reached the age where their adult teeth have erupted and they need braces.  They may have an overcrowded mouth, protruding teeth, or a poor bite but they are rebelling at the idea of braces and need answers before their next dental appointment.  The Straight Teeth Suite have compiled a useful list of questions and answers to help you and your children but don’t hesitate to ask any questions we may have omitted.

How to help your Child Overcome an Overbite in Leicester

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If your child has lost his or her baby teeth and the adult, permanent teeth have erupted, but your child has an overbite you will be concerned.  Not only do the top row of teeth protrude beyond the bottom row of teeth but your child may have developed jaw pain, speech problems and problems eating.  They may also be teased by their peers, damaging their self-esteem at a fragile age.  The Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester can correct all the problems associated with an overbite by fitting braces and caring for their teeth.

Overbites, where the top teeth vertically overlap the bottom teeth, are very common, and we see many children with this kind of misalignment.  An overbite may be the result of genetics or thumb sucking when the adult teeth are developing. It is best resolved early because the growing jaw can be easier to manipulate than one that has already fully formed. When an overbite is diagnosed early, treatment is often less invasive and very effective. Early treatment is when the child still has a mix of their milk teeth and adult teeth.

Most cases of overbite are not necessarily problematic but need to be corrected for aesthetic reasons. All teenagers want a great smile. But when an overbite is extreme, it is a cause for concern. A poor bite can lead to jaw pain, wear and tear on the enamel of the teeth, making your child more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

Braces will need to be worn to correct an overbite.  They have evolved over the past decade and are now easier to wear and look after.  Some braces are fixed, some are removable, and some are invisible, and they are no longer the traumatic ordeal of the past.  Your dentist will diagnose the severity of the overbite and recommend the correct braces and treatment to bring your child’s teeth into their correct position ensuring not only their dental health but restoring their self-confidence. By resolving an overbite in your child’s young days, you will help prevent serious problems in the future.

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No NHS Braces for your Child: What to do if you can’t get braces in Leicester

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We are very fortunate as a nation to have the NHS but, as with all medical treatments and procedures, at any age, we may be put on a waiting list or denied treatment if it is considered purely cosmetic.  Braces are in high demand as more and more people want straight teeth and a beautiful smile.  Unfortunately, some teenagers are missing out. Although the law states,  “Orthodontic treatment is available on the NHS (for free) for under 18-year-olds, who need it,” and the law is seemingly unambiguous, some teenagers are still denied braces.  If your teenager has been refused orthodontic treatment on the NHS and you are at a loss to know what to do, the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester can step in to give your child the braces they need, and ease the pressure on your finances.

The let out clause in the law, “who need it,”  allows NHS Orthodontists to select patients eligible for free treatment by using the IOTN Assessment to determine whether or not your child will receive free braces. The assessment is comprised of a health component and an aesthetic component and is marked on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 being closest to dental perfection and 5 being severe dental issues, such as protruding teeth, overcrowding or missing teeth.  Naturally, those young patients with a high score are going to be first in line when treatment has to be rationed on dental health grounds.  The NHS does not have unlimited resources. This may seem unfair, especially if the young patient just misses out with a borderline score.

If your child has been denied NHS orthodontic treatment or has been put on an unreasonably long waiting list and you consider this unfair, you should speak to your family dentist and arrange for a second opinion.

Alternatively, you could seek private treatment. Even if your child’s need is purely cosmetic, it is no less valid.  Straight, well-functioning  teeth do wonders for their confidence.   We have a selection of options to straighten your child’s teeth from fixed braces to clear, removable braces.  If the problem with the teeth is relatively simple to resolve, the treatment will not take too long and may well cost a lot less than you first imagined.

We are well aware many parent’s budgets are stretched to their limits when bringing up children and private dental treatment may seem out of the question.  We have put together a financial plan to ease the burden so you and your children can receive treatment when you want it, without delay.

No child should be denied a beautiful and confident smile. Contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester for a consultation today.