7 tips for having braces whilst pregnant

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If you are planning two major events in your life, getting straight teeth and having a baby, you may be able to achieve both at one and the same time.  However, to achieve this safely and successfully, you need to be prepared.  A new baby will give you lots to smile about, and straight teeth will make that smile so special.  The Straight Teeth Suite have compiled an essential list of the points to consider when contemplating braces while you are pregnant, so you know what to expect and can factor them into your plans. You and your baby can have a photo of your first new smiles together!

  1. Plan your braces with your dentist before you get pregnant so all X-rays can be taken before treatment begins.  Although the radiation dosage in dental X-rays is minimal, we do not risk taking X-rays in pregnant patients, especially in the first trimester.
  2. Provided your teeth and gums are healthy, there is no reason not to have braces during pregnancy.
  3. The hormones released during pregnancy fluctuate and can make you more sensitive to plaque build up.  Oral health is important at all times, but you need to be extra, extra, extra vigilant with brushing and flossing when you are pregnant.  Make regular visits to the hygienist for a professional clean and be sure to follow their advice.
  4. During the early days, following the fitting of your new braces, you may experience some discomfort when eating and not be able to chew.  It is essential to keep to a nutritious diet for the health of your unborn baby and your own well being.  Keep a good selection of healthy soups in stock to get you through these days without going hungry. Scrambled eggs, porridge, baked potatoes and other soft foods are healthy ways to avoid hunger when you can’t bite.
  5. Start your braces treatment early in your pregnancy as, towards the final months, your growing bump may make it awkward and uncomfortable to lie back in the dentist’s chair for extended periods of time.
  6. If you are planning on taking extended maternity leave, this may be a good time to have your braces fitted.  In the early weeks, following the birth of your baby, you may find you have little time for yourself to keep appointments but once you have settled into a routine, you will have a little more time for yourself.
  7. Some people develop a lisp in the initial weeks following the fitting of their braces. Singing to your baby will help to overcome any speech problems.

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My Straight Teeth Journey By Raha Sepehrara in Nottingham: Part Four

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If you have read Parts One, Two and Three, you will already know I am a dentist at Straight Teeth Suite, who has treated thousands of patients in Nottingham, and I have been wearing damon braces, fitted by my colleague, to straighten my own teeth. For more than four months, I have recorded my experience in a series of blogs.

Progress Report

I had a review for my braces just this week, and everything is progressing really well.  My wires were changed, and my teeth feel a little tender.  I know from experience this discomfort tends to last just a day.

I am very, very pleased with how my teeth are looking.  The lower teeth are now nearly straight. The upper teeth, even though I delayed fitting the braces on these until after my baby was born,  have caught up and are now nearly straight too.

Unexpected Gap

We were working to correct my top front tooth just a little more when a small gap developed which isn’t really normal and was unexpected.  Occasionally gaps do form, and these spaces are really important because they help us dentists straighten the tooth even more.  We have to find the required space from the available space to get the best results. Teeth move by very small degrees, and we need all available space, so if a gap develops we can work with it.  When I see my patients,  I know they get quite alarmed that suddenly they have crooked teeth, and spaces in between their teeth. I know it’s all part of the treatment. It’s all completely normal, and it just helps us towards the final results of achieving attractive and straight teeth. Sometimes things look worse before they look better.

My Bite

As the majority of the straightening has been done, we are concentrating on correcting my bite. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a slightly deep bite; my bottom teeth are not totally visible when I bite together. My top teeth slightly cover my bottom teeth.  In my career as a dentist, I’ve seen much deeper bites, but I thought I might as well take the opportunity to correct it now that I’m at this stage in my life where I can finally make time for appointments to go and see our fantastic Anna. I can see such a big improvement.

I have been wearing Damon braces, fixed braces with wires and brackets for just over four months.  Fortunately, I have not struggled too much.  You get used to the rubbing of the brackets, and the discomfort I knew to expect, eventually goes away.  My biggest issue has been the bite blocks, and I have mentioned my battle with these before. To explain, bite blocks are little build ups that, in my case, we put on the back molars, to open up my bite, and I still haven’t  got used to them.

Teeth Grinding

Because I tend to grind my teeth quite a lot at night, and I clench my jaw muscles when I sleep, I wake up in the morning with my jaw quite tense and aching. I have done this all my life, and I’m probably doing a little bit more now because of all the changes happening in my mouth. Having discussed this with Anna, once my treatment is complete, and my fixed retainers are on, we will have a special type of removable retainer made, which is specially designed to reduce clenching and grinding. We offer this to patients who have the same issue and hopefully this will cure my problem too.

Are you looking to start Damon braces or are you wearing Damon Braces.  Please post your comment below we would love to hear your personal experience.

Learn from my mistakes. My brace journey in Nottingham by Raha Sepehrara: Part three

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If you have read Part One and Two of my blog, you will know I am a dentist at Straight Teeth Suite, who has treated thousands of patients in Nottingham, and I have now decided to have braces to straighten my own teeth.

Damon Braces

I decided to delay having my upper brace fitted until after my baby was born.  Little did I know how difficult it would be to find an hour for myself with a newborn baby in the house.  At last, I found time and have had the upper Damon braces fitted to compliment the bottom ones which were fitted a while ago.  Damon braces are a fixed metal brace where the blocks are bonded to the teeth.  My brackets were fixed molar to molar. I had clear brackets fitted to the first twenty teeth and metal ones on the molars.  Damon Clear braces are more discrete and resistant to staining and discolouration throughout treatment.

At the same appointment I  had my lower wire adjusted.  As my lower teeth have already straightened according to plan, we were able to change the wire.  The round wire was taken off and replaced with a rectangular wire which will start gently moving the roots of my teeth within the bone.  I now have a very light round wire on my top teeth and rectangular wire on the bottom.  I won’t lie: I am in some discomfort.  It has only been a week, and it has not been too tender.  The worst part has been the ends of the wires rubbing on the inside of my cheeks.  This has made my mouth sore, eating problematic and, worst of all, I can’t smile! You might think I wouldn’t want to smile right now, but you would be wrong.  I have lots to smile about with my new baby, but my cheeks get caught on the ends of the wires fixing my smile in place.  I am using lots of dental wax to cover the wires, and I do know everything will soon settle down and go back to normal.

Brace Care

Cleaning teeth with braces in place is difficult. Food gets trapped in the wires and brackets.   I certainly have found it more problematic than expected.  As the wires extend back on my second molars, my cheek gets in the way, it is difficult to brush and to be sure the brackets and wires are really clean. I have to spend a lot of time ensuring the job is done well.  I had an appointment with the hygienist before the lower braces were fitted.  With professional cleaning my teeth feel a lot smoother and cleaner, and I will be sure to visit the hygienist every three months.  If you are wearing braces your hygienist appointments are essential.

Whenever braces are fitted, or the wires changed, chewing becomes uncomfortable once again and it is not always possible to eat your favourite foods.  It is a good idea to have some soups in the fridge, so you don’t go hungry and in only a week or so everything changes and you will find to can eat nearly everything you want.

I shall be back again soon to tell you how I get on.

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