The Ultimate Guide to Lingual Braces Part 1

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How many people do you know that have naturally straight teeth? When you think about it, it’s much less common than we first assume – the majority of people have some form of imperfection, with any one set of teeth differing from the next. Lingual braces, however, are set to change this one patient at a time.

It’s actually more notable when you meet someone with teeth that are naturally completely straight. Take Hadi, one of the nurses at the Straight Teeth Suite practice, for example. He’s got a beautiful smile and beautiful straight teeth, so the team automatically assumed he’d had braces. Unusually, Hadi confirmed that his teeth were entirely natural – proving that it can happen, but also highlighting how rare it is to have such an aligned set as an adult.

Fortunately, as a potential patient looking for teeth straightening in Leicester, our professional team at the Straight Teeth Suite are on hand to provide treatment to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing. This is the first in a series of blogs addressing your most frequently asked questions (FAQs), and will hopefully shed some light on the procedures available to you here.

Can I get braces with straight teeth?

In short, the answer is yes, but it may not be the best choice for what you want to achieve in the long run. For example, the problem you may have may be something to do with the shape of the teeth, rather than their straightness, meaning that braces would not be the best method of treatment to achieve your desired result.

We’ll carry out an assessment to determine what the best course of action is, and then will discuss the alternatives with you, should braces prove to be an ineffective way of treating your teeth. This might be some composite bonding, veneers or even just a bit of whitening – whatever the case, our Leicester dentists will always act with your best interests at heart.

If teeth are removed, will the rest automatically straighten by themselves?

Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Of course, the crowding may be made slightly less severe – especially if you had the treatment done as a child – but it’s difficult to predict exactly what will happen with each individual patient. We’ll keep a close eye on the developments and work towards the outcome you feel is most desirable for you.

Will my teeth straighten as they grow?

Here at the Straight Teeth Suite we sometimes meet children with mixed dentition. This means that they’ve got a mixture of baby and adult teeth, causing them to appear quite crooked, but more often than not the teeth do tend to straighten as they grow.

It becomes more complicated when we reach adulthood, as our teeth begin to crowd out our mouths and can look crooked. Fortunately, with the current teeth straightening procedures we have on offer in Leicester, we can treat the majority of cases with ease.

Why should I get braces?

Let’s be clear, here at the Straight Teeth Suite nobody will ever force you to get braces. What it really comes down to is how conscious you are about your teeth, as there are a number of things that braces can be extremely successful at treating.

Whether it’s more aesthetic concerns, such as how your teeth affect your smile, or hygiene related, perhaps crowding has made them difficult to clean, braces offer a simple yet effective way of tackling the problem. For those that have bite issues – literally meaning those who struggle with biting certain foods, or the way their teeth sit on top of each other – braces also represent the easiest way to overcome these.

Not had your question answered?

Don’t worry, in Part 2  will go into more detail about other queries regarding how best to approach teeth straightening appointments in Leicester and further information about your chosen treatment as a whole.

For any questions, concerns or queries, please feel free to contact the practice and book a FREE consultation.

How Much do Lingual Braces Cost in Leicester?

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Many of us have an imperfection that we’d like to improve, and nowhere is this more apparent than in our teeth. At the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester, we provide Lingual Braces that get people smiling more confidently. Of course, one of the most important things you will want to consider before actually undertaking this kind of treatment is the cost.

After all, dental work can be expensive, can’t it?

You may want a better smile, but when you look at your bank account it might seem impossible. Teeth-straightening is a luxury you just can’t afford; it’s only film stars and rich people who have that kind of thing done. You’ll simply have to carry on with your crooked or crowded teeth and make the best of it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The great news is that the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester offer a wide range of financing plans that can help patients spread the cost of having their teeth straightened. This means that many people will be able to afford Lingual Braces, and there is no need to worry about finding the full cost up front. Still, you might worry that you won’t be able to keep up payments over a longer period, which is why we offer a free no-strings consultation at the outset.

Free Consultation.

The free consultation at the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester is designed to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for Lingual Braces and to explore all the possibilities, answering any questions you may have. We will take a look at your teeth and also assess things like your gum health and the overall condition of your mouth. We’ll also discuss the different payment methods so that you are aware of all the help that is available.

Interest-Free Credit

We provide a number of payment plans, ranging from 1-year to 5-years, with interest-free credit for the first year. Once you have had your assessment we’ll be able to give you an individual quote and formulate a payment plan that suits your current situation. There will be no pressure for you to undertake treatment – at the Straight Teeth Suite we certainly don’t believe in hard sales techniques just to get a patient on board. We want to make absolutely sure, first of all, that you are comfortable with the procedure, and then make doubly sure you are happy with the payment plan. Neither do we cut corners to enable you to afford the treatment; if we have to remove certain features that will make the whole process less effective, then that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it?

Depending on the kind of treatment you need, your lingual brace treatment could cost in the region of £3,000 -£4,000. More complete breakdown of costs can be found here.

Contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester

You can contact our Leicester clinic today to arrange a free consultation and discover how lingual braces can help improve your smile. Our staff are available to discuss all aspects of the process, including the financing side of things, enabling you to make an informed decision at your own pace.

Why Choose Lingual Braces in Loughborough

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Many men and women in their early twenties through to their late forties have looked at their teeth in the mirror and wondered if there was anything they could do to improve their smiles. It’s amazing how much importance we place on our teeth, whether it’s their shape, size or their general condition. It seems that teeth are a mirror of our overall health and vitality, in more ways than one.

There are plenty of reasons that someone might want to have some cosmetic work done on their teeth, and we see most of these at the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough.

Cosmetic Reasons

Of course, there are plenty of cosmetic reasons to pursue teeth-straightening treatments, and  lingual braces can close gaps between teeth, as well as align them properly. Your reason may just be because you want to smile at an interview with confidence, but it is amazing how a small change in the shape of your teeth can also change the way you think about yourself.

Health Reasons

There are also plenty of health benefits associated with having your teeth straightened. Misaligned teeth can suffer from more wear and tear, because your bite is skewed and gaps can give bacteria and plaque more chance to get at the enamel and cause decay. Even in later life, small changes in the alignment of your teeth can provide important health benefits.

What are Lingual Braces? 

Lingual braces are perhaps one of the most important recent developments in orthodontic technology. One of the reasons why many adults have found it difficult to pursue teeth-straightening treatment in their later years is that they don’t want the discomfort and visibility of having a brace in their mouth. Lingual braces are largely invisible, which means that people around you will hardly notice that you are wearing something on your teeth. Lingual braces are fixed braces on the teeth’s inner surface; one of the advantages of this design is that they cannot be seen from the front, and so they straighten your teeth in an extremely discreet manner. Lingual braces are permanent, which means they stay in your mouth 24/7.  Some people are initially put off by this, but lingual braces are actually the more practical option in the long run. At the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough we’ve found that the availability of this kind of braces is the primary reason why adults are starting to come forward in greater numbers for orthodontic treatment.

Finding the Right Dentist in Loughborough

When you are looking to undergo something like teeth-straightening with lingual braces you want to find someone who knows what they are doing. Not only do they have to have the right qualifications, but they also need to provide the top level service you expect from a dentist.

At the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough we start with a FREE consultation that introduces you to the staff who carry out the procedures, and allows you plenty of time to ask any questions you might have.

We’ll check out the current state of your teeth and gums, and we’ll be completely honest about what can be achieved and what can’t. On top of this, we offer a variety of payment methods, which makes the treatment affordable for most bank balances. Finally, we won’t force you into any treatment that you are not sure about; you can go at your own pace and make up your mind in your own time.

If you would like a free consultation to find out how we can help, then contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough today.

What makes Lingual Braces so Fast at Straightening Teeth in Leicester?

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In our fast-paced world, everybody wants to have things done faster, including teeth straightening so they can enjoy a beautiful smile the soonest possible. Normally, traditional wire braces can take up to 2 years to fix biting issues and move teeth to the ideal position. However, with lingual braces, this is no longer the case. They are reputed to take significantly less time to complete the same task as other orthodontic treatments (except perhaps the 6 months braces that is only suited to a very specific group of patients that meet particular requirements), which is why they make a populous option for teeth straightening.

In a nutshell, what are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces is a perfect option for the correction of misaligned teeth with the use of fixed braces that are bonded on the teeth’s inner surface (tongue side), rather than the outside (what you see when one smiles).  Although lingual braces work in exactly the same way as conventional braces, there are significant factors that make them an extremely appealing and fast treatment to straighten teeth (results can be visible even in 6 weeks).

Following is a short list with all the major key-points that make lingual braces distinct.

  1. They Give Full Control of the Teeth

To begin with, lingual braces give full control of the teeth (and full movement) while being entirely invisible (unless someone looks inside your mouth). This means that besides the aesthetic part that is definitely a huge plus, lingual braces allow the orthodontist to control teeth better than with conventional treatments. That way, each tooth moves to the desired position faster.

Note: Lingual braces use much stronger metal than composite brackets, which also contributes to them working faster than other treatments.

  1. They are Self-Ligating

Self-ligating brackets have come to change how things are done. As or now, orthodontists had to use specialised hardware to force the teeth to move. Traditional braces have an archwire and an elastic tie, besides braces, to hold the braces in place and accomplish the task. Self-ligating braces, on the other hand, attach to each tooth separately and don’t require metal ties or elastic bands. Instead, they use a moveable component that entraps the wire, meaning they use the bracket itself to hold the wire in place. To cut a long story short, self-ligating braces allow for faster alignment, reduce friction, improve the clinical efficiency, and oral hygiene.

  1. They are Fixed

Lingual braces are permanent, which makes them more time saving compared to Invisalign braces or any other removable braces, since they stay in the mouth 24/7 and work around the clock, unlike removable ones that only work when you wear them.

Lingual braces can be a perfect option for both adults and teenagers, providing they have healthy bones and gums (a generally good oral hygiene). Overall, lingual braces have more consistent results than traditional or removable braces, plus you spend considerably less time at your adjustment appointment, given that the missing ties make the procedure much quicker.

Needless to say, for any concerns or queries, don’t hesitate to contact Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester and book your first FREE consultation, where we can discuss your case, assess your mouth, and suggest the best options that will help you achieve your dream smile!

Why are lingual braces the most comfortable choice in Leicester?

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Of the numerous options for braces, it appears that lingual braces are the most handy. But, what makes them so appealing?

First and foremost, lingual braces straighten the teeth allowing the patient to avoid the obvious appearance of an orthodontic treatment. This means that you can wear braces without anyone noticing it, because the wires and brackets are placed at the back of the teeth and not the front, as with conventional methods. With invisible braces, you have the confidence to smile from beginning of the treatment to end!

Besides the aesthetic reasons, the latest lingual braces are much more comfortable than other orthodontic treatments because:

  • They are built to help minimise the overall discomfort and speech interference.
  • They require fewer wire adjustments, which, to you, means significantly reduced discomfort throughout the treatment. Moreover, it may require to fewer visits, as well.
  • It is an extremely efficient, proven teeth straightening method that delivers the highest quality results.
  • The hidden braces are fully customised with the help of 3D computer technology so that they fit each tooth individually. Unlike older lingual braces, and, of course, conventional treatments, the new generation lingual braces don’t use generic prescriptions. Since no two teeth are alike, the patient gets braces for each tooth separately. On top of that, this customisation in braces allows for less frequent adjustment visits.
  • Just because they are customised, lingual braces have the lowest profile, allowing patients to be able to wear them easily, just like with standard braces. The added benefit is that lingual braces are invisible!
  • You have significantly less impact on your speech as the new lingual braces are up to 70% smaller than what they used to be, which makes them more comfy. Plus, you get less tongue irritation now.
  • It is considerably easier to maintain a good oral hygiene, given that there are fewer wires that restrain brushing and flossing.
  • Brackets are made from gold alloy, not nickel. Since many people have nickel-related allergies, it is a critical to ensure their overall good health.
  • Lingual braces are custom-fit, so you don’t run as much risk of detaching brackets as with other orthodontic treatments. This also mean significantly less re-bonding emergency appointments!
  • You don’t have to remove your aligners and then replace them every time you want to grab a bite. Unlike other methods, lingual braces allow complete freedom to eat and drink whatever you want.
  • You have teeth straightening forces applied on a 24/7 basis. Other treatments don’t work all the time, since you remove them from your mouth every now and then, which prologues the treatment time.

Lingual Braces are Perfect for:

  • Teenagers/adults that don’t want their braces to show.
  • Adults and teens involved in music, theatre, or public speaking.
  • Athletes
  • Musicians (playing wind instruments)
  • Models
  • Adult professionals
  • People worries about damaging their front surface of their teeth.

Want to know more about lingual braces and see if you are a suited candidate for them? Book a FREE consultation with us, and let’s meet in our clinic in Leicester to discuss how you can pursue a fantastic smile and pearly white, straight teeth the soonest possible!

Will Lingual Braces Work for me in Loughborough ?

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Wondering whether you are a suitable candidate for lingual braces? You are not alone. Many patients come to our practice in Loughborough and ask us the exact same thing. Considering the appeal this treatment has to teenagers and adults, it is no surprise so many people want to know more about it. Of the many things said and written, not everything is accurate. So, here is a brief overview to help clear the air! Of course, your dentist* (please see the note below) is the one responsible for determining which teeth straightening treatment is bet for you, but let’s go over some basics before you visit one!

As a general rule, just remember that if you can be treated with traditional braces, chances are you are also suited to lingual braces.

What cases do lingual braces treat?

Lingual braces are ideal for correcting numerous issues, from very minor to more severe related to the misalignment of the bite and teeth. So, if you have such issues, you will find an effective orthodontic treatment with lingual braces.

Also, lingual braces are used to treat malocclusions, such as crossbites, underbites, and overbites, as well as crooked, crowded, and gappy teeth. In detail:

  • Overcrowding occurs when all the teeth don’t have enough room to fit normally.
  • Any extra spaces within the jaw lead to widely spaced teeth or gappy teeth.
  • When you have a misaligned upper and lower jaw, you are having cross bites, which means that one or more upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth, either to the side or the front of the mouth.
  • Deep bite is when the upper teeth overlap with the lower ones to a significant degree.
  • Finally, underbites occur when you have protruding front teeth. This is because the upper jaw undergrows for some reason, or the lower jaw overgrows (maybe even both).

What ages are ideal for lingual braces?

Typically, adult patients feel strongly about lingual braces, mainly because they appreciate the fact that they have been provided with a way to develop a great smile and correct their bite issues without compromising their appearance. Their smile improves quickly, without anyone knowing they are under an orthodontic treatment. However, an increasing number of teens and preteens also find lingual braces to be indispensable for the same reasons. They just love wearing braces that don’t obscure their teeth and not feeling self-conscious about their appearance. And, we all know how challenging the school environment can be.

Therefore, if you are an adult, professional, or have a teenage child and having a discreet orthodontic treatment is not enough, lingual braces are the best option. They are not only confidence boosters because they are completely invisible, but also very effective in treating every issue conventional treatments can. So, if you are suited for conventional braces you are an excellent candidate for lingual braces, too.

* NOTE: Only dentists who have been on additional training can apply lingual braces and determine if lingual braces will work for you, so be careful when choosing a dentist for that particular treatment.


Fill your moments with much laughter and the widest smiles ever. Contact us now, book your complimentary consultation (free of any obligations), and be free to focus on your fantastic smile, not your braces anymore!


What are Lingual Braces in Nottingham? A Helpful Guide

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The majority of modern patients are particularly concerned with their appearance when undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Ever since the introduction of Invisalign aligners in 1998, more and more people are receiving treatments, mainly because of the extreme discretion the treatment provides them with. Who wouldn’t want to wear braces that are hardly visible, anyway? Unfortunately, Invisalign braces don’t cover all patient cases. Some problems require more than plastic aligners to correct. Besides, it would be nice to have an option that allows for complete invisibility. The recent advances in CAD/CAM technology and 3D imaging have provided us with another option, called Lingual (meaning tongue) Braces; a very crucial milestone in orthodontics.

What do they Look Like?

Lingual braces or Invisible Braces are braces attached to the inside of the mouth – the teeth that face the tongue. This means that they are invisible from the outside, and even if someone is too close to you, they would still know you are wearing braces.

Advantages of Lingual Braces

Besides being practically undetectable, lingual braces are extremely efficient in treating complex cases compared to clear aligners. These cases could include altering the height of the teeth, correcting rotations, and closing the space(s) after an extraction. In addition, when wearing braces, discoloration (white spots) occurs, sometimes. With lingual braces, you will not have to worry about someone noticing those white spots on your teeth, as they will be on the inside.

Why are Lingual Braces more Expensive?

Lingual Braces require lighter and smaller, robotically created wires, and precision brackets, given that the distances between the teeth on the inside are shorter than on the outside. Since braces and wires are custom-made, requiring specialised technology and 3D imaging to make them, plus the fact that treatments tend to be more timely and involved, lingual braces make a more expensive treatment. Also, compared to conventional braces, lingual braces may require more chair-time. It makes sense though as working on the inside and upside-down is more difficult for an orthodontist than working on the outside.

That aside, it takes specialised skills to offer lingual braces. It is NOT something every orthodontist can do. They need to have extra training for this particular dental treatment, and, of course, always keep up with the latest through continuing education courses. This expertise acquired figures into the cost.

But, don’t be intimidated by the sound of lingual braces being more expensive. There are ways to make the cost manageable, either via dental insurance plans that may cover lingual braces or in-office payment plans.

What to Expect at First?

It will take some time to get used to having braces on the inside of your mouth and so close to your tongue. But, an adjustment period is anticipated in every type of treatment, anyway. The wires and brackets will feel a bit rough at first, and you may have slight issues with your speech. Don’t worry. These are only temporal and more or less the same as wearing normal braces. Now, the one thing that is different is that it will be a bit more challenging to keep your teeth clean, but our hygienist will give you a great helping hand.

However, not everyone is fit for lingual braces. If, for example, you have small teeth of significant issues with your bite, such as an overbite, you may not be a suited candidate for them.

As you can understand, there are lots of things that have to be discussed so that you can make a wise and knowledgeable decision. For that reason, feel free to book your first consultation (no charges) here at Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham, where we can go through all options and offer the best solution for your case.

With fantastic results guaranteed and benefits that outweigh the potential drawbacks, wearing lingual braces will definitely be an investment well worth your money and time, so why wait any longer? Just Contact us now and let the most invisible journey to a wide, straight smile begin!

Three most commonly asked Questions & Answers on Adult Braces in Leicester

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The vast majority of adult patients ask a particular set of 3 questions in regards dental braces in Leicester, UK. Here, you can find all 3 answers to the 3 most asked questions!

1. How do different types of braces look?

To begin with, there are 4 categories of braces we use: (1) Invisible removable, (2) Accelerated removable, (3) Clear fixed, and (4) Braces behind teeth.
                            Invisalign braces are transparent, removable, braces that many adults prefer since they are extremely unnoticeable. Most people will not even realize you are on an orthodontic treatment before you tell them or notice your wonderful smile after your treatment! Also, they make your teeth look shiny, plus you often get cleaner and whiter teeth, since you do have to take them off when you eat and drink; hence you brush your teeth before you put them back!
                            Inmanaligner braces are quite discreet, too and the best thing about them is that they work very quickly and it won’t be long before you see amazing results. You only need to wear them about 16 hours a day on average, so most of the day you can just take them off!
                            6 Months Braces is an extremely popular choice, mainly among adults, because they allow you to acquire a splendid smile in just 6 months and although they are not completely invisible (yet, they are discreet), they are known for their efficiency. They consist of tooth coloured brackets and tooth coloured wire, so they are barely noticeable.
                           Lingual braces are fitted behind the teeth, so they are completely hidden from sight, and it is extremely unlikely anyone will ever notice you are wearing
them when you smile.

2. How long do they take?

It all depends on the following threefold: (1) the position of your teeth, (2) the result you want to achieve, and (3) the type of brace you choose to have.
Just to give you a general idea, adult braces (or Cosmetic braces) are significantly quicker compared to traditional braces, given they are correcting the front teeth and the treatment takes between 3 to 9 months on average, depending on the case.
However, the only one responsible for determining the overall time for treatment is our expert, here at Straight Teeth Suite, who will give you a better idea of time, right after your initial free assessment.


  3. How Much do they Cost?

First and foremost, it is important to stress the difficulty of applying a universal cost as each case varies. Note that the type of braces you will choose, the position of your teeth, and your teeth and gum overall health will determine the final cost of your orthodontic treatment.
For this reason, it is best to get a quote after seeing your dentist for a free consultation.
That being said; we include a table (as follows) with the fee-ranges, for each one of the aforementioned treatments, for your reference only.
*= Prices Start From


For any other questions or to book your FREE consultation, please feel free to Contact us.


Are There Discreet or Invisible Braces?

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Most adults who think twice about getting their teeth straightened are concerned with having embarrassing and uncomfortable braces for a long period of time. The good news is that orthodontic treatment has advanced over the last few years and there are a number of highly discreet and, more importantly, comfortable solutions available.

At the Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough  we take your concerns to heart and hope we can offer a solution with hi-tech products like Damon Clear Braces and Invisalign aligners. If you aren’t sure, we’ll be able to advise you on the best options for your dental condition during a free consultation and you can trust that the cutting edge options we have available will produce excellent results.


Damon Clear Braces

Clear and resistant to staining, most people won’t realise you are wearing Damon Clear braces. Combining tie less braces with high-tech arch wires, this discreet treatment can produce stunning results quickly and comfortably. Because these braces produce less pressure on the teeth and don’t require the adjustments other dental attachments do, you’ll hardly notice they are there. This system can lead to beautifully straight teeth without the aggravation you would expect from a brace.


The Invisalign System

Comprising of a series of clear aligners that are produced by computer technology to fit your teeth perfectly, this method of aligning teeth is one of the most popular with our patients. Our orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth which are used to produce customised Invisalign aligners. These are inserted and exert pressure on the teeth to move them as with any other braces and needs to be changed around every 10 days.

The number of times this is repeated will depend on your teeth but it is a fairly comfortable and effective treatment for straightening teeth. There may well be some discomfort when an aligner is fitted for the first time but compared to metal orthodontic braces it is a less intrusive device with no brackets to come off or wires to remove.


Lingual Braces

Because these are placed behind your teeth, lingual braces are virtually invisible. In that respect they are unique amongst teeth straightening devices. Your orthodontist will take a mould of your teeth and then send it to a lab where they will manufacture custom brackets to fit on your teeth. Combined with wires these are then applied to the back of your teeth and are not visible to anyone.


The Inman Aligner

Using nickel titanium coil springs, your teeth are guided into their new position with the Inman Aligner. This can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as method for aligning the teeth prior to other cosmetic options. It works quickly, using two aligner bows that work gently against each other. The inner bow of the appliance pushes the teeth forward while another pulls back and can produce a wide range of movement.


It’s true that traditional style dental braces, particularly for older patients, are often not suitable – they produce a feeling of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Today’s remedies for straightening teeth are far more invisible and comfortable than in past days and the Straight Teeth Suite in the East Midlands will be able to advise which is the best option for you.


A perfect smile for a perfect wedding day with fast straight teeth solutions

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Never again has a bright smile with perfectly straight teeth been so easy to achieve, just a breath from your wedding day! The most exciting day of your life can get even better if you have that gap or those moderately crooked teeth fixed. Step out of the restraining concept that you are an adult now; hence, can’t (or don’t want to) wear braces, because…you won’t (at least for long). Do you have another three to four months before the big day? Perfect! You will need no more than that to fix imperfections that have been bothering you for long. With different types of braces, you will see impressing improvement fast.

If you have protruded or crowded front teeth, the Inman Aligner can help you have straight teeth in 6-16 weeks. It is a safe and reliable method that has transcended all other systems, mainly due to its effectiveness and easy usage that does not limit you from your daily habits. Whenever you wish to, you can simply remove it. In just a matter of a few weeks, your teeth will be guided to the perfect position, and the best thing of all is that you won’t feel unease at any phase of the orthodontic treatment.

Straight Teeth Suite is the perfect means to get straightened and aligned teeth within the short time frame specified before, with clear braces that are so discreet you will forget you are wearing them!

That been said; Fastbraces is a supreme method been used in the US for about 20 years with utmost success and is addressed to those that want a complete treatment for straight teeth with only a single wire, rather than the 4 wires used by conventional methods. The entire treatment is complete within 3 to 10 months and in the vast majority (95%) of cases, there is no need for extractions.

Impressively, Fastbraces technology comprises a gentle, yet, very effective, treatment that allows the roots and crowns of the teeth to move, with the help of a patented triangle design. With no more than 5 to 10 visits, your treatment will be completed, due to the system’s leading properties.

However, if time is an issue and you don’t have much before the wedding day, there are some great alternatives for you, which include Invisalign and Lingual Braces. In detail:

Invisalign is a pioneering method to get straight teeth and uses completely customized aligners to meet your personal orthodontic needs. The aligner trays are made of new generation plastic that is almost undetectable, and extremely comfortable. Plus, you save yourself from the metal brackets that other systems use. With no wires and great comfort, you are just a few steps ahead of the heartiest smile ever, without anyone realizing you are on an orthodontic treatment!

Lingual Braces is another innovatory teeth-straightening method that uses no dental braces on the outside of the teeth, like commonly seen. Instead, with Lingual braces you can have a complete treatment with braces placed behind your teeth. That way, you won’t have to worry about how you look with the metal braces on your teeth, and be more relaxed and free to enjoy a perfect smile and straight teeth!

Whatever is on your mind, wherever you reside in the Midlands (Nottingham, Leicester, Loughborough), please feel free to book a free consultation from Straight Teeth Suite, and get professional assistance from dental experts to solve your dental problem once and for all.

If your wedding day is your day to shine, then nothing can stop you now…and you know why!