Can Wisdom Teeth Make the Front Teeth Move?

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One of the most common prevailing concepts regarding wisdom teeth is that they push the teeth in front of them, causing them to crowd. This was firmly believed for quite some time, which is why many orthodontists, general dentists, and oral surgeons recommended the removal of wisdom teeth, in order to safeguard against teeth crowding, especially after an orthodontic treatment. However, this preventive measure is no longer required, and teeth crowding has little to do with the existence of wisdom teeth.

There is a wealth of documented evidence that disapprove the theory that wisdom teeth can have any effect on the movement of the teeth, thus cause crowding. They simply cannot exert the pressure demanded to do that. Studies have shown that, regardless of the presence of wisdom teeth, teeth will drift forward naturally, throughout life. Over the years, teeth move slightly forward, and the distance between the lower canines gets narrower. This can occur even if you have had your wisdom teeth removed.

Why Do Teeth Get Crowded?

Modern research has revealed that teeth crowding can be inherited or it can be the outcome of particular habits, such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing, among others. It could also be attributed to late tooth loss or injury. Of the many reasons that lead to incorrect jaw development (and, consequently, to improper facial and dental development), nothing has to do with phenomena caused by wisdom teeth.

As per what affects the development of teeth crowding, it seems that there are several factors that play a significant role and are associated with the:

  • Tooth Size
  • Tooth Shape
  • Original Position of the Teeth.
  • Soft Tissue Pressures that change from lip and tongue posture.

Here at Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham, we see many adults that come to our practice, who had relatively straight teeth when they were younger, to correct new crowding that has occurred, mainly in their lower teeth. Although the exact mechanisms that such a thing occurs are not yet fully understood, wisdom teeth are usually not related, at least not directly.

Should Wisdom Teeth be Extracted?

There is no evidence dictating the extraction of wisdom teeth unless they are impacted and have no room to erupt correctly. Also, it is wise to remove wisdom teeth if they cause dental problems, such as tooth decay (when it’s difficult to brush and floss properly), pericoronitis (infection that occurs around the lower 3rd molars that have been partially erupted),  cysts around the impacted 3rd molar, tissue and bone defects behind the 2nd molars, and root resorption of 2nd molars. Of course, your dentist will assess your case and decide whether wisdom teeth removal is necessary or not.

Important Note: To prevent teeth from moving, it is crucial you wear a retainer after the completion of an orthodontic treatment to help keep your teeth straight. Wear them as instructed and your teeth will not move a bit, regardless of the presence of wisdom teeth.

Have more questions about tooth crowding, wisdom teeth extraction, or any other dental-related issue? Book your first FREE consultation here or get your FREE Straight Teeth Guide to get some first answers quickly!

Vanity VS Valour: The very best reasons to Straighten Teeth

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You may be considering teeth straightening treatment and braces for many different reasons.  Some patients have their teeth straightened because they have crooked teeth that are causing health issues as they cannot clean their teeth effectively, or their bite is impaired making it difficult to eat and they lisp.  Other patients simply don’t like their smile.  Whatever the motive,  be it vanity or valour, the Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham can help you. We all want to smile spontaneously,  look our best and have confidence in our social lives. That’s not vanity, and it is certainly not self-indulgent. It’s a meaningful, intelligent act, especially if it gives you the courage you need in the big wide world.

The Straight Teeth Suite have treated thousands of adult patients who were facing a life-changing event, and their new smiles gave them the resolution and the self-assurance to face the day.  To want to look your best is only natural and makes perfect sense. We get a lot of patients who are in the public sector, for example and have to speak in public or meet clients face-to-face. You might be a teacher, a policeman, a politician or a bank manager, no matter what career,  a beautiful smile, and straight teeth not only makes you happier and more self-confident but actually enhances your job prospects leading to promotion and success. Straight teeth and smiles make successful people.

And brides-to-be invest a lot of time and energy in their special day that of course, they want to look their very best.  After all, photos of the wedding will be treasured for many years and brides and bridegrooms, want to feel relaxed and smile spontaneously for the camera. The Straight Teeth Suite get so many cards of ‘thank you’ from appreciative patients to say how much we’ve changed their lives and how we made the day so special by improving their smile and making them feel good about themselves.

However, we do get a few patients who feel ashamed and think the very act of wanting their teeth straightened is somehow self-indulgent and extravagant, “I want to straighten my teeth but my husband says I’m just being vain.”  Straight teeth are not just for Hollywood stars or the fortunate few who were born with straight teeth.  It’s not about vanity; it’s about improving your quality of life. To desire straight teeth and a beautiful smile you feel happy with, not only boosts your ego but actually improves your mental health on a much deeper emotional and lasting level, turning shy people from introverts to extroverts.  We don’t call this vanity but valor, as armed with straight teeth and an attractive smile you can take on anything and win!

For your free consultation contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham here and be vain!

Are braces only for straightening teeth?

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Dental braces can give you the cosmetic results you have always desired, but did you know they have many other benefits for your overall health and wellbeing? While it is true that many patients cite appearance when choosing to invest in dental braces, there are myriad other health-related reasons why you should invest in this treatment.

Here is a brief overview of the most common medical and physical reasons people elect to straighten their teeth in Loughborough – do you recognise any of your own concerns below?

Reason 1: Crowded or crooked teeth leading to decay

If your teeth are very crowded and /or crooked, it can be a challenge to keep them clean. A crooked alignment to your teeth can make effective brushing and flossing nearly impossible, and this poor oral hygiene can lead to serious health risks, including the development of caries (cavities), increased rates of gum disease and even the potential for abscessed sores in your mouth.



In the worst-case scenarios, this has led to patients requiring extractions and needing to replace their natural teeth with a set of dentures. While dental implants and dentures are nothing to be ashamed of, you can often avoid these drastic and expensive measures if thorough dental hygiene is made possible with dental braces.

Reason 2: Bite issues and misaligned jaw

If you suffer from pain, stress and tension in your jaw and up through to your temples and skull, the problem often originates in the misalignment of your teeth. If your bite is not aligned correctly, unnecessary wear on one side of your jaw can result in permanent damage and great pain, grinding issues and stress with your entire mandibular system. These problems can often be addressed or minimised with corrective dental braces.



Reason 3: Inability to chew food correctly and efficiently

When one part of your body is off kilter, the ill effects can spread through all of your vital organs and bodily systems. Your mouth and teeth are just two part of your entire digestive system, the series of functions that nourish and replenish the fuel you need to survive. If your teeth are not correctly aligned, you can have difficulties chewing your food properly, and this can in turn affect your stomach, intestines and other internal organs, leaving your improperly nourished and doing damage to your soft tissues.



Reason 4: To reduce the risk of dental trauma

Protruding or crooked teeth can put you at a higher risk of dental trauma when playing sports or in the case of an accidental contact injury. Having these misalignments and protrusions corrected with dental braces will greatly reduce these risks.



From the list above it is easy to see that the attraction of a natural looking, correctly aligned smile is only one aspect of the decision to straighten your teeth. If any of the above maladies or threats sound familiar to you, then it is best to act as quickly as possible and begin mitigating your risk for dental trauma, tooth decay or poor nutrition. If you are wondering what you can do to improve your dental health, speak to someone in person about your options, give the team at Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough an email or a call today.

6 Fearless Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

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Many patients would like to straighten their teeth not only so they have an attractive, confident smile but so their teeth are healthy.  Only a deep-rooted fear of the dentists or the fear braces and straightening teeth is a painful process, is stopping them.  The Straight Teeth Suite can help you with your dental phobia and offer you a relaxing, pain-free treatment so you too can have a great new smile.

1# The first step

Is to diagnose the health of your teeth and with the help of x-rays, see what corrections need to be made. Some corrections are quite simple, and only a few gaps need to be closed, or only the front teeth need to be repositioned. Other cases with severe crowding are more complex and might require extraction of a few teeth or IPR where a little enamel is gently removed to make room for the teeth to move.

2# Don’t be alarmed

Our dentists are trained in sedation dentistry and will make sure you are happy to proceed with treatment with the help of sedation if needed, so you are deeply relaxed, or the Wand, a computerised, needle-free alternative delivering anaesthetic, so you don’t feel a thing.  

3# Pain Free

We have many methods to make your treatment both stress-free and pain-free. Our clinics are all designed to be peaceful, relaxing areas where you can listen to music or watch a movie, taking your mind away from anything clinical or distressing. Many patients say they would have treatment if only they could sleep through it but stay in control.  

4# There are many types of braces

Your choice will depend on your diagnosis.  If your teeth are only moderately crowded, you might be suitable for a removable aligner.  Custom made from impressions of your teeth, they consist of a series of clear plastic braces that are almost invisible and removable. You change your aligners every two to three weeks as your teeth move towards their new position. With gentle movements, the aligners gradually reposition your teeth without the need for wires and brackets.  This is a totally pain-free experience but if the idea of wearing something alien in your mouth for a time is a little scary, our dentists can help you relax and overcome your fear.

5# For more complex straightening cases

A fixed brace might be the best choice to ensure your teeth are correctly and safely repositioned.  A fixed brace consists of brackets bonded to your teeth and wires fixed to the brackets. Over time, the wires gently move the teeth very slowly, with the least amount of force, into the desired position.  Braces today are designed to be as discreet as possible, with tooth coloured brackets and clear wires.  Alternatively, lingual braces are bonded to the reverse side of the teeth where they can’t be seen and are almost invisible.  We won’t pretend this treatment is not without its discomforts and can take time to get used to, but our dentists can prepare you for this and help you overcome all your difficulties with your braces.

6# Modern dentists and dentistry

We have made so many new discoveries to help you to overcome your fears and stay in control; you can now say goodbye to your anxieties forever.  

Do you want to straighten your teeth and need braces but your too scared? Leave us a comment below and we answer any concerns you may have.

Understanding Orthodontic Treatment for Children In Loughborough Part 2: The Importance of Early Treatment

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Welcome back to Part 2 of this two part series, where we are answering the most frequently asked questions we get from parents considering orthodontic treatment for their children.

In Part 1  we discussed materials, costs and the importance of regular check ups and after care. Here, in Part 2 we discuss the importance of early treatment.

Is it better to start treatment early?

In different countries, different dentists will have different approaches, and treat patients in different ways. Abroad, a lot of the dentists will tend to carry out treatment when the child is around the age of 8 or 9, and they will do it in two phases. The first phase in the mix tissue when the child has a mixture of both baby teeth and adult teeth, then they may consider whether to do a second phase when the patient is older and has adult teeth.

In the U.K., a lot of our training is with young teenagers, before baby teeth have been lost, and when adult teeth are present. So we tend to start treatment when the child is around 12 or 13. Sometimes children lose their baby teeth a bit earlier, and so may be able to start earlier, for example at 11. That’s the ideal scenario, but treatment can be started right up to adulthood.

Will my child have to have teeth out for treatment?

This depends on a number of factors. Here at the Straight Teeth Suite, we use brackets like the Damon brackets, which fortunately have brought down our extraction rate, so we need to take less teeth out.

We will only remove teeth if there is severe crowding, if the profile is really filled up, or your child has severe overjet. Overjet, not to be confused with overbite, means the top teeth are very far forward, and they need to be pushed back.

If a tooth is really unhealthy it may need to come out. These are the only times that we will consider extraction. Obviously, there will be some exceptions. But fortunately, we’ve reduced our extraction rates, thanks to using the Damon system.

Is my child suitable for this treatment?

As long as their teeth are healthy, the roots of their teeth are healthy, and their gums are healthy, your child should be suitable.

There are some patients whose bite issues are so severe that they can only be corrected with surgery. Luckily this is very rare, but if your child happens to be one of those cases, we would tell you immediately and refer you to the hospital.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment times can take anything between 12, 18, or 24 months, depending on the complexity of the corrections being made. In some cases patients may need a removable brace first, and then move on to a fixed brace.

If you still have questions, or you think your child may need braces, contact us HERE for a FREE consultation and we can develop a treatment plan especially for your child.

Braces with Crowns in Loughborough – a case study

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Having a straight smile is what gives us confidence. However, not all adults in Loughborough are lucky to have straight and healthy teeth without wearing braces or other dental fixes like crowns or bridges. More and more adults are now willing to have braces, especially as the braces on offer have replaced the old fashioned train tracks and hardly have an impact on your day to day life.  

One of the most asked questions adults have when it comes to wearing braces is related to the fact that they have a crown

The most common dilemma by adult patients is if they already have a crown is it possible to wear braces as well. The straight answer is YES. Yes you can have a brace.  We treat many people for braces who have crowns, implant or bridges. Fortunately, even if it might seem impossible, a crown cannot stop you from getting the smile of your dreams.

It is true that crowns can bring some problems when it comes to straightening your teeth. For example, there is a chance that the margin of your crown becomes visible after wearing braces, because once your teeth are moved, the crown can also change its position.  However, this problem can be easily solved with a new crown, after the treatment is completed

Will Braces affect my crown

Even though a crown is not a major issue, when it comes to wearing braces, this is not an easy task. The good news is that when fixing your smile in Loughborough, you are in the hands of trained dentists who have been straightening teeth for a long time and no crown stayed in their way. They are able to fix the braces in a proper manner, without allowing them to come off. Whilst wearing a brace the crowns may be damaged, but this is usually aesthetic and can be corrected.

A Case Study

The patient below had crooked teeth and an unattractive crown in his upper arch, when he first came to a consultation Loughborough. He felt uncomfortable when he smiled and his confidence was destroyed.


After his FREE consultation, we provided him with 6 Month braces. The best part was that it took only 5 months for him to get the straight smile he wanted.  6 Month Smile involves tooth-colored brackets and wires that are fixed to your teeth. In addition to the quickness of this treatment, the braces are barely visible. Many patients who choose this procedure are adults and, according to their feedback, people can hardly notice their braces.

Once the straightening process was completed, the patient was given professional teeth whitening treatment. We recommended this to all patients because it is a great way to enhance your smile. Furthermore, we redid his crown, giving him one that looked more natural and matched his other teeth and new smile.

The final result was absolutely amazing, offering the patient, not only straight teeth, but also a better feeling about himself and the possibility to smile without feeling embarrassed.

Untitled 2

So, even if you have a crown, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get straight teeth. You can receive advice and recommendations from one of our dentists by booking your free consultation, HERE


Six month braces in Loughborough: Transforming gappy teeth into straight smiles

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Gappy teeth are thought of as lucky within some cultures, where such a smile can represent wealth and fortune, and even within our own westernised culture the most illustrious of catwalks feature at least one in-demand gap toothed model.

However not everyone embraces the gaps in their teeth.

For the majority of people gappy teeth can cause self-consciousness, awkwardly covered mouths, or even the avoidance of social events and situations all together.

However if this sounds like an all-too familiar a tale then you’ll be glad to hear that today overcoming gappy teeth is both more affordable and more quickly achievable than ever before, and in this article we take a look at why.

Braces for gappy teeth

The world of braces has changed. No longer does it mean that the majority must wear the traditional train tracks for as long as two years. So, what can you expect from the world of dentistry today? Well, results within as little as 3 to 9 months for a start! Adult cosmetic braces are are suitable for both previous brace wearers, as well as braces newbies.

6 month braces in Loughborough: A little bit about how they work

6 month braces are designed to be fitted for a period of six months in average, after which you would wear a removable retainer; they are discreet and are decidedly free from the coloured wires and metal that traditional braces came along with.

They may be fixed to both your top and bottom teeth, or to either, and are specifically designed to close the gaps between your teeth, as well as aligning them for a naturally full and straight smile. They can also help to improve the health of your gums.

Your beautiful, gap free smile: Does it sound too good to be true?

Gappy to straight teeth within 6 months may sound too good to be true, so take a look at our patient case studies below, and the impressive results that we have achieved.

Patient A: A previous brace wearer and now a perfect example of super straight, gap free teeth

A patient, who had worn both top and bottom train track braces as a teenager approached us about his teeth, which had moved over time, with a gap emerging within his top row of teeth.

This patient was unhappy with the gaps in his teeth.


The patient did not want to have to wear a traditional train track brace again and specifically wanted something that was both quick as well as discreet. With this in mind we discussed with the patient each and every option, with him ultimately opting for 6 month braces.

And the results? Well, see for yourself…


After just six appointments, and within six months, our patient had a brand new smile that he could be proud of.

Patient B: A story of self-consciousness

Our second story involves a patient who was very self-conscious about his smile as a result of his gappy teeth. He felt uncomfortable smiling and didn’t like the fact his teeth appeared to protrude.


For this particular patient the optimal solution would have been traditional train track braces (specifically to improve bite), however the patient was not comfortable with the two year time period and opted instead for the quicker and more reserved solution of six month braces.

And what did the patient think of his smile post braces?

The patient has said himself that our six month braces, and the results that they have achieved, have been nothing but life changing. You too can have these results.


Saying a final farewell to your gappy teeth

Correcting a gappy smile is no longer the slow process that it once was. If you have questions, concerns or are ready for a professional assessment, then you can book right now with our practice team.

Nottingham Invisalign Open Day

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Are you bothered with your teeth when you smile and you want them straight but don’t want to wear braces? Have you ever heard of Invisalign?

Invisalign is a set of invisible removable aligners that you have to wear 22h a day and allow your teeth to get straighter without anybody noticing you have them on.
They are removable so you can eat normally without any restrictions and you can also take them out to brush your teeth.

The Straight Teeth Suite is organising an open day in partnership with Invisalign so you can ask all your questions to our experts and the Invisalign team.
We will offer FREE consultations, special offers on the day, prize draw to win a deluxe whitening package…

The Open Day will take place at our Nottingham practice (67 Melton road, West Bridgford) on Saturday the 19th of July 2014 between 11am and 3pm.

Don’t miss this great event if you want straight teeth this year!

To register simply click here and enter your email address

If you are not able to make it on the 19th of July, don’t worry just get in touch we can book a FREE consultation for you on another convenient day.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you get your perfect smile.

How to Correct Misaligned Teeth in Leicester

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Crooked teeth can be caused by a variety of things, including basic genetics, early loss of adult or baby teeth, poorly fitted dental restorations or trauma following an accident. Even using a pacifier or prolonged thumb sucking as a child can cause problems in tooth alignment later in life.

Beyond the obvious effect on your self-esteem, crooked teeth can also cause oral health problems such as:

  • Making your face look abnormal.
  • Causing speech problems.
  • Adding discomfort when chewing and biting.
  • Developing spacing issues that lead to gum disease.
  • Causing wear and chipping on your teeth.
  • Preventing your front teeth from functioning normally, and promoting painful jaw and joint problems.

The solution if you have misaligned teeth is to visit a dentist. Your orthodontist at the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester can take x-rays of your teeth, photos of your face, even teeth impressions that can all be used to determine the problem and the type of treatment needed.

X-rays give an idea of how your teeth are placed, where the roots are and if any teeth have yet to come through the gums. We can use specialised cephalometric or panoramic x-rays to look at the relationship of your teeth to your jaw and head. Regular photographs also give an idea of the way your teeth, jaw and head align. An impression can made by biting down on a soft putty like material that is used to create an exact copy of your teeth and reveal further information on the problem.

Once this has all been done, your orthodontist can make a thorough diagnosis and determine the best treatment for your misaligned bite. For some, using a removable retainer that stabilises the new position of the teeth may be all that is needed to correct any problem. If overcrowding is the main problem then removing one or more teeth might be the initial solution.

For most people with crooked teeth, however, braces are used to correct any problem. There are many ways to do this and you can opt for more discreet methods like Damon Braces or mostly invisible ones such as Lingual Braces that fit behind the teeth.

It’s not just a cosmetic procedure that makes you look better; having straight teeth can produce great benefits for your oral health, reducing future problems such as discomfort and abnormal wear and tear. At the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester you will have access to a wide range of orthodontic treatments delivered in a friendly and professional environment.

Your pathway to a new and straighter smile could begin right away when you contact us to arrange a free consultation today.


How to get braces in Leicester

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If you think that braces are only for adolescents during their school years, then think again! In fact, getting braces while in your adulthood is something very common, nowadays. Numbers speak for themselves: 20% of those wearing braces today are adults! Especially after the innovative options that open the doors for less visible braces, having straight teeth is not only a matter of the youngsters and the teens.

Why do I need braces? Available Options.

First and foremost, at some point, you may find out that your once beautiful straight teeth have shifted. Having crooked teeth is the outcome of a condition called tongue thrust, which is a type of injury very common among adults. The teeth’s natural growth can also cause overcrowding in your mouth that directly (and in many cases severely) affects your smile. When this happens, you may start experiencing pain in your jaw, while cleaning your teeth will most likely send chills down your spine.

In order to address this problem, you can either go for Invisalign or ceramic braces. However, your orthodontist will be the one to make the calls and decide which types of braces are the best braces for you, after making an assessment of your case. For that reason, you need someone you can trust; someone with a solid reputation and excellent reviews. You need Straight Teeth Suite, in Leicester!

It is a treatment that can last from as little as 3 months. Many factors determine the total treatment time, such as the type of chosen treatment, and the patient’s condition.

Where do I start?

Here are some important steps that will take you exactly where you want!

Step 1: Request your Straight Teeth Suite Guide. Another gift for you offered for free! See for your own eyes cases of customers that were in your shoes a while ago. See how we have managed to transform their crooked teeth into fabulous straight teeth!

Step 2: Begin the journey to braces, by booking your free consultation at our suite, located in Leicester; a special offer by Straight Teeth Suite, only for you! Our dental experts will answer all your queries and advise you as per the ways you can get your ideal smile back. Your satisfaction is our reward and we will bend over backwards to give you what you have always wanted: straight teeth and boosted self-confidence that springs from your attractive smile!

Step 3: Make an appointment and initiate the process of wearing braces. You and your orthodontist will have a detailed discussion, in regards your dental needs. Afterwards an assessment will follow, where you will be asked to get your teeth and jaws examined and then run a series of tests, such as x-rays, a teeth impression, and photographs. A teeth-impression is one of the easiest and painless procedures ever. You will only bite into a mould that is filled with special dental putty. An impression of your teeth is imprinted on the mould, as soon as you open your mouth again!

Step 4: You get a thorough examination of your gums and teeth, to unveil any problems whatsoever, including periodontal disease and decay, which are both serious conditions that need immediate attention and treatment before you start any other procedures.

Step 5: This is the stage where you wear your braces. Their placement is fast, and is completely painless, although procedures may vary, depending on the type of braces you and your orthodontist have decided to use.

Step 6: So, you are wearing your new braces! Well done! Now, you only set frequent 20-minute appointments (every 4-6 weeks), just to make sure everything goes as planned, or make any necessary adjustments that your orthodontist considers important, such as adjusting your braces, so your teeth are pulled to the right direction at all times. It is a crucial stage of your teeth-straightening process, and if you fail to follow-up, you slow down your own progress. This will eventually make you wear the braces for much longer than initially planned.

Step 7: This is the best part! If everything has gone clockwise, you are about to have your braces removed! Again, through a painless and simple process. Removable orthodontic appliances, called retainers, will then be provided so you can sail through the last phase of your orthodontic treatment. Since teeth are usually unstable right after braces are removed, they tend to get back to their initial position (before the braces). In order to avoid this unwanted situation, retainers are used, so the treatment is completed successfully.

If life is all about moments of joy, then you will, hopefully, have lots of smiling moments from now on!