Orthodontics: More than Aesthetics. It is a matter of Health.

Posted on: November 5th, 2018 by freshadmin No Comments

The benefits of having straight teeth are not limited only to the aesthetics you get from a beautiful smile. Properly aligned teeth also have enormous dental health effects, according to the American Dental Association.

With properly aligned teeth, you can clean your teeth much easier than if they were crooked, since you have fewer areas that your toothbrush bristles cannot reach. With straight teeth, flossing is also made easier because it is much easier to remove all food debris from the teeth, when they are properly spaced.

When teeth are crowded, food particles are provided with an ideal hiding place, and when food debris remains, bacteria find fertile grounds to reproduce and cause dental health problems. In fact, food particles can turn into plaque and eventually tartar, which is not only hard to remove, but can also cause periodontal disease. It usually takes up to 48 hours for plaque to start form and build up to your teeth, and it won’t be long (a couple of weeks) before it turns into tartar. Plaque removal in crowded teeth is much harder to remove, even if you brush regularly.

Since it is not easy to clean crowded and crooked teeth, they tend to develop cavities. Other than that, when your gums are in such close contact with bacteria, things are not good. The areas between your teeth and gums get infected by an inflammation called gingivitis, and in turns to periodontitis, which is a serious condition that affects the connective tissues and your gums. In some cases, periodontitis can even affect that jaw bone that surrounds the teeth. Of course, in advanced levels, periodontitis may lead to tooth loss. Finally, if periodontitis becomes a chronic condition, it is evidenced that it can lead to other serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

In order to avoid excessive wear, it is best if all biting/chewing is done with lined up teeth (both with each other and top to bottom). Misaligned bite can force your teeth to experience elevated stress, which affects their lifespan and their health. Not properly straightened teeth may also cause chronic jaw pain.

Undoubtedly, a major reason people get their teeth straightened is to have a lovely smile and feel good about it. In other words, teeth straightening treatments help people of all ages on a psychological or emotional level. For some people, it is difficult to smile or laugh (not to mention having their photograph taken) when their teeth are crowded or crooked. With teeth aligning, it all ends.

Impressions are everything to a lot of people. A survey conducted recently, has shown that 50% of 1,000 Americans asked, believed that having crowded or crooked teeth ruins the overall beauty of one’s face and makes a poor impression. Although people can never be judged by the straightness of their teeth, perfectly aligned teeth definitely steal impressions!

No matter what the reason, beauty or health (or even better, both!), trust your teeth straightening treatment to professionals, such as STRAIGHT TEETH SUITE, in the East Midlands with clinics in Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough, so you do not only boost your self-confidence with perfectly aligned teeth, and amaze with your gorgeous smile, but also be sure you have taken good care of your precious health too.