Is Teeth Straightening for You?

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In the recent years, we have seen an increase in adult patients wanting to improve their smile through teeth straightening.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Katherine Heigl, Holly Willoughby, Mylene Klass have all had some form of braces treatment as adults. So if you are embarrassed of your crooked smile, had braces as a child and lost your retainers and your teeth are misaligned again or not had an opportunity to have braces as a teenager, then feel reassured that our experienced team at the Straight Teeth Suite can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Treatments such as 6 month braces can treat most cases within 3-10 months and are highly popular due to the quick results and affordable prices. The special patented shape of the braces and the special wires cause fast tooth movement and correction of very misaligned teeth. Therefore, if other types of teeth straightening treatments are not suitable for you, 6 month braces  may be a good alternative.

Once we have met you for your initial assessment and you decide to go ahead with treatment, we invite you back for a further appointment for moulds, photos and an explanation of what to expect from the treatment. Following this appointment, you are booked back for fitting of the brace and then your review appointments will be approximately every 3 weeks to check progress and change the little elastics. Once your teeth are straight, we take your braces off and provide you with retainers, to ensure the teeth do not move back into their old position.

Don’t forget! If you want your smile to stay straight for life, you need to wear your retainers for life.

If you wish to know the appropriate treatment for you for free, dial the number above your screen for a FREE consultation.

A Guide to How We Straighten Just 2 or 4 Crooked Teeth

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A lot of patients we see only have a few crooked teeth that they are unhappy with and they do not always need lengthy or complex brace treatment to achieve a confident, attractive smile. Sometimes just a simple adjustment, concentrating on just the two or four front teeth will give you the smile you dream of.  There are many options available for braces with the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough, and our experienced dentists will guide you in making the best choice.

There are many options available for braces with the Straight Teeth Suite and our experienced dentists will guide you in making the best choice.

Perhaps your two front top teeth, your incisors, project slightly, or you have a wide gap in between the teeth.  A brace will bring these back in line in a relatively short amount of time and, with the help of a retainer, they will stay in place giving you a lifelong, beautiful smile.

In some cases, both the top two teeth and the bottom two teeth are misaligned.  Both top and bottom teeth can be repositioned. Sometimes the top and bottom teeth can be straightened at the same time, and sometimes it is better to concentrate on straightening each arch independently as it will be more comfortable for you.

Straightening Choices


The Inman Aligner, often known as the wonder brace, is a removable brace.  The Inman Aligner has Nickel Titanium coil springs that power two aligner bows that gently oppose each other, guiding the teeth into their new position. These gentle forces are active over a  large range of movements, which is why the Inman Aligner works so quickly. Within just twelve to sixteen weeks if worn as advised.  This brace can address and correct the front two to four teeth. We tend to recommend one jaw at a time because it can feel quite bulky.

My Straight Teeth Journey By Raha Sepehrara in Nottingham: Part Four

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If you have read Parts One, Two and Three, you will already know I am a dentist at Straight Teeth Suite, who has treated thousands of patients in Nottingham, and I have been wearing damon braces, fitted by my colleague, to straighten my own teeth. For more than four months, I have recorded my experience in a series of blogs.

Progress Report

I had a review for my braces just this week, and everything is progressing really well.  My wires were changed, and my teeth feel a little tender.  I know from experience this discomfort tends to last just a day.

I am very, very pleased with how my teeth are looking.  The lower teeth are now nearly straight. The upper teeth, even though I delayed fitting the braces on these until after my baby was born,  have caught up and are now nearly straight too.

Unexpected Gap

We were working to correct my top front tooth just a little more when a small gap developed which isn’t really normal and was unexpected.  Occasionally gaps do form, and these spaces are really important because they help us dentists straighten the tooth even more.  We have to find the required space from the available space to get the best results. Teeth move by very small degrees, and we need all available space, so if a gap develops we can work with it.  When I see my patients,  I know they get quite alarmed that suddenly they have crooked teeth, and spaces in between their teeth. I know it’s all part of the treatment. It’s all completely normal, and it just helps us towards the final results of achieving attractive and straight teeth. Sometimes things look worse before they look better.

My Bite

As the majority of the straightening has been done, we are concentrating on correcting my bite. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a slightly deep bite; my bottom teeth are not totally visible when I bite together. My top teeth slightly cover my bottom teeth.  In my career as a dentist, I’ve seen much deeper bites, but I thought I might as well take the opportunity to correct it now that I’m at this stage in my life where I can finally make time for appointments to go and see our fantastic Anna. I can see such a big improvement.

I have been wearing Damon braces, fixed braces with wires and brackets for just over four months.  Fortunately, I have not struggled too much.  You get used to the rubbing of the brackets, and the discomfort I knew to expect, eventually goes away.  My biggest issue has been the bite blocks, and I have mentioned my battle with these before. To explain, bite blocks are little build ups that, in my case, we put on the back molars, to open up my bite, and I still haven’t  got used to them.

Teeth Grinding

Because I tend to grind my teeth quite a lot at night, and I clench my jaw muscles when I sleep, I wake up in the morning with my jaw quite tense and aching. I have done this all my life, and I’m probably doing a little bit more now because of all the changes happening in my mouth. Having discussed this with Anna, once my treatment is complete, and my fixed retainers are on, we will have a special type of removable retainer made, which is specially designed to reduce clenching and grinding. We offer this to patients who have the same issue and hopefully this will cure my problem too.

Are you looking to start Damon braces or are you wearing Damon Braces.  Please post your comment below we would love to hear your personal experience.

The 5 Fascinating Truths of Wisdom Teeth and Braces in Leicester

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Wisdom teeth, whether they come in your teens or later in life, are often thought to cause problems, including overcrowding of teeth.  The result of a recent study on wisdom teeth concluded whether or not you have wisdom teeth, crowding can occur. By drawing a comparison, assessing the front, lower teeth in many patients,  the research team deduced crowding is not solely the result of your wisdom teeth erupting.  The Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester will help you with your overcrowded smile and wisdom teeth with a few fascinating truths.

The Myth Of Wisdom Teeth

We often see patients who say,

“I had lovely straight teeth before my wisdom teeth came through,”

And we see patients with overcrowded smiles and no wisdom teeth.  The fact is your teeth can move and crowding occur for no apparent reason.  

Preventing Teeth From Moving

If you’ve got lovely straight teeth, the only way of preventing crowding from occurring in the first place is to have a retainer. A retainer, made to custom fit, will prevent the shifting of the teeth.  A retainer will need to be worn on a regular basis to ensure your teeth don’t move. With a retainer, you don’t need to have wisdom teeth removed to keep your teeth straight.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Whether or not your teeth move and become overcrowded, there are other good reasons to remove wisdom teeth.  They might be causing pain, decay or infection and, for your health’s sake and to avoid risk to other healthy teeth, you are better off without them.  Whereas we do not extract wisdom teeth to prevent crowding, as this is a myth, we will remove them to enable other teeth to rotate and move in a particular way. Simple extractions are carried out painlessly in the clinic. More complex cases might require surgery.

How Do I Straighten My Teeth?

The Straight Teeth Suite have the solution for everyone who wants to achieve straight teeth. Age is not a barrier to a more confident, beautiful smile.  We will make a full diagnosis and advise you as to whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be extracted before braces are fitted.  Depending on your diagnosis, and whether your particular case is complex or simple, you will be offered a choice of a brace.  Your teeth, with the guidance of the brace will gently move into their desired position and a retainer will keep them in place forever.

Which Brace?

We offer a selection of braces which all effectively straighten your teeth and give you a great smile.  Depending on your diagnosis and your choice, we will fit:

Damon Braces.   Unlike traditional braces Damon braces include a small sliding door into which the wire is securely inserted, eliminating the need for elastics. This special design allows the teeth to slide smoothly, without friction, and with reduced force.  These braces have many significant advantages, including shorter treatment times, fewer adjustment appointments, less discomfort, less need for teeth to be extracted and no tightening, since elastics are not used. Damon Clear  offer further discretion as they are barely noticeable.

Lingual Braces.  Lingual braces are totally inconspicuous as they are fixed to the reverse side of your teeth, where they can’t be seen, and they are more comfortable. Treatment times vary, depending on complexity, and they can take three months in simple cases and longer in more complex ones.

Accelerated Removable Braces/Inman Aligner . Inman Aligners straighten the front four teeth and is really quick. Some cases can be completed in as little as ten weeks. The aligner consists of a clear, removable brace with a bar at the front of the teeth and one at the back and has to be worn nearly all day and night.

Clear Aligners.  Invisible braces either Invisalign or Smilelign consist of a series of custom made removable clear plastic trays which you change every few weeks until the movement, and desired position of the teeth, has been achieved. There are many types of invisible braces, but we use the best available, custom made to fit.  

Six Month Braces. Six months braces utilise clear braces that are attached to your teeth with a tooth coloured wire to straighten gently and realign teeth in an average time of just six months.

To help dispel the myths about wisdom teeth and braces we compiled this blog. If we have missed anything out please comment below and we will be sure to answer your questions.

5 Simple Steps to Teeth Space Creation in Leicester

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If you are considering braces, your dentist may have told you your teeth will have to be shaved to create the space needed, avoiding extraction of teeth.  Don’t be alarmed. As we will explain, the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester finds this technique to be an excellent and pain-free solution for patients who want their teeth straightened and a great new smile with the minimum of intrusion.

1. What is IPR?

The technical term for creating space between teeth is called interproximal reduction, known simply as IPR.  Teeth are shaved, removing minute slithers of enamel from the sides of the teeth. The amount of enamel removed is barely noticeable to the untrained eye.

2. Why Create Space Between Teeth? 

Put quite simply, there are three reasons IPR may be carried out by your dentist.

  1. IPR  creates the space required between teeth to make it possible for teeth to be straightened using braces.
  2. IPR is performed to avoid the need for extraction of teeth in an overcrowded mouth.
  3. IPR is used to reshape teeth.  Some teeth can look too broad, or be misshapen.  Where teeth are too close together and it is impossible to floss, a little space can be created with IPR.

3. Can All Teeth Have IPR?

Provided the teeth are healthy, and there is plenty of enamel, IPR will help by shaving a little from the teeth.  We must stress this must be the minimal amount, but it can make a huge difference. It is important to keep the teeth symmetric, especially the two front teeth. If IPR is used to reshape one tooth, it follows that its pair will need to be reshaped too.  

4. What Alternatives Are There? 

If space is required to fit your braces and you do not want IPR, it may be necessary to extract teeth. Never be tempted to try and file your teeth!  It requires skill and the correct tools, or this can be painful and do untold damage.  

5. How Is The Space Created?

With IPR, the dentist first diagnoses the problem and makes a plan.  X-ray analysis determines the amount of enamel on each tooth before IPR is considered.  The health and condition of the teeth will also be assessed before treatment begins.  

With an overcrowded mouth, where the teeth are misaligned, the dentist will first determine the amount of space that is needed for the teeth to be able to rotate and straighten.  In some cases, only a few teeth will need IPR, in others, many teeth will need treatment to allow for movement when the braces are fitted.  The dentist will measure and record how much space will be created before fitting your braces.

Oral hygiene and meticulous brushing and cleaning with fluoride are essential following IPR for the enamel to rebuild.  A little enamel removed from your teeth can make your teeth more susceptible to decay if you neglect your dental hygiene routine and frequent visits to the hygienist.

Anything we haven’t covered on creating space for braces? Post your comment below and we’ll make sure to answer.

Learn from my mistakes. My brace journey in Nottingham by Raha Sepehrara: Part three

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If you have read Part One and Two of my blog, you will know I am a dentist at Straight Teeth Suite, who has treated thousands of patients in Nottingham, and I have now decided to have braces to straighten my own teeth.

Damon Braces

I decided to delay having my upper brace fitted until after my baby was born.  Little did I know how difficult it would be to find an hour for myself with a newborn baby in the house.  At last, I found time and have had the upper Damon braces fitted to compliment the bottom ones which were fitted a while ago.  Damon braces are a fixed metal brace where the blocks are bonded to the teeth.  My brackets were fixed molar to molar. I had clear brackets fitted to the first twenty teeth and metal ones on the molars.  Damon Clear braces are more discrete and resistant to staining and discolouration throughout treatment.

At the same appointment I  had my lower wire adjusted.  As my lower teeth have already straightened according to plan, we were able to change the wire.  The round wire was taken off and replaced with a rectangular wire which will start gently moving the roots of my teeth within the bone.  I now have a very light round wire on my top teeth and rectangular wire on the bottom.  I won’t lie: I am in some discomfort.  It has only been a week, and it has not been too tender.  The worst part has been the ends of the wires rubbing on the inside of my cheeks.  This has made my mouth sore, eating problematic and, worst of all, I can’t smile! You might think I wouldn’t want to smile right now, but you would be wrong.  I have lots to smile about with my new baby, but my cheeks get caught on the ends of the wires fixing my smile in place.  I am using lots of dental wax to cover the wires, and I do know everything will soon settle down and go back to normal.

Brace Care

Cleaning teeth with braces in place is difficult. Food gets trapped in the wires and brackets.   I certainly have found it more problematic than expected.  As the wires extend back on my second molars, my cheek gets in the way, it is difficult to brush and to be sure the brackets and wires are really clean. I have to spend a lot of time ensuring the job is done well.  I had an appointment with the hygienist before the lower braces were fitted.  With professional cleaning my teeth feel a lot smoother and cleaner, and I will be sure to visit the hygienist every three months.  If you are wearing braces your hygienist appointments are essential.

Whenever braces are fitted, or the wires changed, chewing becomes uncomfortable once again and it is not always possible to eat your favourite foods.  It is a good idea to have some soups in the fridge, so you don’t go hungry and in only a week or so everything changes and you will find to can eat nearly everything you want.

I shall be back again soon to tell you how I get on.

To find out if you’re suitable for Damon Braces in Nottingham why not contact us

3 Facts Defining the Cost of Braces in Loughborough

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Perhaps you have made the decision to have your teeth straightened with braces but when you look online to try and get an idea of the cost, there are too many variables, and you end up more confused than ever.  The Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough has compiled a list of the differing factors they consider when pricing your braces.  Not only do they fit clear braces but they give clear prices before you commit to treatment.  Hidden braces, not hidden costs.

The reason pricing teeth straightening treatment is so complicated is because there are many factors to be put into the equation before a price can be determined. There is no ‘off the shelf’ price as a dentist needs to appraise your specific problem during a consultation and take into consideration these three factors to determine the final cost:

  1. The dentist will assess the condition and position of your teeth.  The more complex the problem, the more work will need to be done.  For example, if your teeth are very over-crowded you may need to have some extracted before braces can be fitted.  Others problems, such as a gap between your upper incisors will be relatively easy to fix and, therefore, less expensive.  
  2. The time your treatment will take.  Some treatments take just four months, and other more involved procedures may take up to two years.  Obviously, the longer the treatment, the more appointments you will need which will be factored into the cost.
  3. The type of brace you need and choose, whether it is a fixed brace, an invisible brace or an aligner, will have to be factored into the overall cost of treatment.  The materials the braces are made from are reflected in the price. For example, ceramic brackets are more expensive than metal brackets.  A lingual brace, fixed to the reverse side of your teeth and hidden from view is a more costly choice than a traditional brace fixed to the front of your teeth.  Not only are the brackets for a Lingual brace more expensive but the manufacturing fees are higher too.

If you would like your teeth straightened but don’t know if it is something you can afford, make an appointment with the Straight Teeth Suite.  We would be happy to discuss the different options with you. You might be pleasantly surprised when your treatment plan works out at a lot less than you anticipated.  On the other hand, perhaps you can’t afford your braces at this time.  The Straight Teeth Suite can offer you a payment plan to spread the cost and make it more affordable.

If you would like to find out the cost of your braces without any pressure to commit, please contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough here

Best Choice of braces: Lingual braces in Loughborough

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Straight teeth and a beautiful smile are no longer the domain of the rich and famous.  In the UK, a million people in all walks of life had their teeth straightened last year, not only to improve the function of their teeth and their appearance but to improve their confidence.  A beautiful smile will win friends and influence people, and that is important when trying to get ahead.  If you are confident in yourself, others will be confident in you.  The Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough will help you to make the best choice when considering Lingual braces.

Lingual braces are increasingly popular and becoming a favourite option for many patients when selecting what type of brace to have fitted.  The two principal reasons they are so popular, especially with patients who have jobs where their appearance is important, is because Lingual braces are almost invisible, and they work quickly.  They are so discreet nobody will know you are wearing braces as, unlike traditional braces, they are fitted to the reverse side of your teeth.  The clever technicians at the Lingual brace laboratory make the brackets and archwires to fit your teeth, and they make them light, comfortable and unobtrusive.  They are easy to keep clean and do not interfere with eating or with speaking.  There is no need to fear you will be drinking soup for months or lisping your way through a speech.

Lingual braces work fast.  From the first day they are fitted, they start moving your teeth into the desired, correct position by applying gentle pressure.  In just five weeks you will notice a difference and know you have made the best choice. We treat patients with all kinds of problems from misaligned and overcrowded teeth to poor bites and gaps.  Some cases take just three months to correct and more complex cases rather longer.  The dentist will be able to advise you of the time scale at your first consultation.

Few people understand how their health can be badly affected by a poor bite. How often have you experienced a headache, or shoulder ache or neck pains and have put it down to stress?  An unbalanced bite not only affects your ability to eat certain foods but puts the surrounding teeth under enormous pressure, which causes pain.  Lingual braces can correct this and allow the jaws to fit together properly. Therefore, the surrounding joints and muscles relax, causing significantly less damage to teeth.

If your teeth are overcrowded or crooked, you are more prone to cavities and gum disease as it is difficult to keep your teeth clean and plaque will develop in the hard-to-reach areas.  Left untreated, your gums will become inflamed, resulting in oral infection and potential tooth loss. In such cases, it is imperative to have your teeth straightened.  Lingual braces are a great choice in matters of health and not just aesthetics.

Not all dentists offer lingual braces because of the training and technical expertise that are required. Braces are definitely worth the investment, but Lingual braces have special requirements. Because they are personally made to fit each patient, they cost a bit more, and treatment tends to be more involved. Each tooth has its own separate parts  The Straight Teeth Suite have put together a financial plan to help you spread the cost over time as you choose premium braces; Lingual braces and a great smile.

If you are ready to make your choice and change your life, contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough here.

The Easy Guide to Lingual Braces – ABC of Lingual Braces in Nottingham

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If you are confused by all the information available on lingual braces and straightening teeth you need to know what good advice and what should be dismissed. The Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham have compiled an easy guide to help you understand the facts before you decide to straighten your teeth with Lingual braces and enjoy your new smile.

A –  If you are not happy with the idea of wearing braces Advanced technology has given Lingual braces to Adults who Aspire to straightening their teeth.

B  – Let’s start at the beginning. With Lingual Braces you can correct cross Bite, deep Bite, and under Bite. Your teeth will not only look Better but function Better too. The Brackets and wires are concealed Behind the teeth making sure you Braces are totally discreet.

C – Custom made Lingual braces are discreet and Comfortable.  They are Concealed behind your teeth so nobody knows you have braces unless you tell them.  By applying Continuous pressure they gently move your teeth to the Correct position. They are worn not just to correct Cosmetic issues but to correct problems such as Crowded teeth. You will need to Care for your braces and you will be shown what to do. The Cost of Lingual braces depends on the Complexity of your treatment. At your first Consultation your dentist will tell you what is involved and how much your treatment will cost.

D – If you meet with people on a Day-to-Day basis, or want a new Date, you will want to feel Daring and confident.  Straight teeth and a beautiful smile will give you that confidence. Your new smile is for life, so be sure the Dentist who fits your Lingual braces is  well qualified and experienced.

E – Lingual braces are a little more Expensive than traditional braces but are a great choice, Especially for adults.  Lingual Braces ensure you make an impression when it counts.  They are Effective and Encourage the teeth to grow straight.

F – Lingual braces Function in the same way traditional braces do but are cleverly concealed. Even your Friends and Family will not know you are wearing braces. Fulfil your dream and have you teeth straightened  without delay.

G – As with your teeth, Good oral hygiene is important when wearing Lingual braces. You will need to keep the brackets and wires clean, as well as your teeth, and keep your Gums healthy.

H –  Straight teeth will make you Happy.  Before beginning a treatment plan, the dentist will check your oral Health, as well as the condition of your teeth.  Regular visits to the Hygienist will help ensure your teeth are clean and your gums are Healthy.

I – Lingual braces are almost Invisible.  You won’t have a shiny metal smile. In fact, unless you open your mouth wide, you will not see the braces at all.  At your first treatment, your dentist will make an Impression of your teeth which is sent to the laboratory where your braces are custom made giving an accurate and personal fit.

J – Lingual braces work Just as well as traditional braces.

K – You will need to wear a retainer once your treatment is completed to Keep you straight teeth in their new position.

L – Lingual braces function the same way as traditional braces but are Lighter and discreet.  The brackets and arch-wires are fixed on the reverse side of your teeth. They are almost undetectable.  They feel Less awkward in your mouth, and they do not give you a  Lisp or speech impediment and you will receive a Lovely smile as your reward.

M – After your braces have been fitted, your teeth will begin to Move. You may have some Mild discomfort in the beginning but you will soon get used to having something alien in your Mouth.

N – It is the New year and Now is the time to think about the New you.

O – Oral hygiene is an important factor with Lingual braces.  Your dentist and hygienist will advise you.

P –  The Straight Teeth Suite have a Payment Plan to make Lingual braces affordable and ease the Pain.  If you think Lingual braces might be Painful, think again.  Whereas you might feel some discomfort in the beginning, the pressure of the wires gently moving your teeth is so slight it does not cause Pain.

Q- A well Qualified dentist is vital when considering all types of braces.  A new smile is for life and not a Quick fix.

R – Regular appointments to Review your progress are Required.

S – is for the Straight Teeth Suite.  We like to see Straight teeth, Smiles on faces, Socially confident patients who have bags of Self-esteem and Smile with their friends and colleagues.

T – Your dentist will give you a Treatment plan and you will be advised of the Time it will Take for your teeth to be straightened at your first consultation.

U- Lingual braces are Unseen.  Unless you tell your colleagues or friends you are wearing braces they will not know.  There are no Ugly brackets or wires on the front of your teeth.

V – With straight teeth and a beautiful smile you will View life differently.

W – We Welcome all our new patients to discuss any questions you may have.

X – X-ray’s may be taken to check the position and condition of your teeth.

Y – You and Your teeth are important to us.

Z – As your new smile spreads across your face, you will feel Zealous and full of Zing and Zest for life!

Contact The Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham to make an appointment for a Free consultation HERE

Reflections of Straight Teeth: Lingual Braces One Year On in Nottingham

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My name is Emma and I am past patient of Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham. A year on and it seems like a distant memory.  I look in the mirror, and I can’t remember not having straight teeth as my lovely new smile is reflected back at me. My straight teeth have changed my life in so many ways thanks to the team at Straight Teeth Suite.

For those of you wearing lingual braces you know already it is a journey and for those of you just about to have your lingual braces fitted let me tell you all about them and the different stages you will go through.  Love or hate your braces, you will not regret straightening your teeth for one minute. The future is great.

It has been a whole year since I had my lingual braces taken off and for one year I’ve been enjoying my new smile. I haven’t looked back since having my braces removed. I have to admit that I do feel quite surprised about the difference being able to smile freely has made to my self-confidence. Before my treatment, I was aware that I hid my smile, but I only now realise how much I really held myself back. It sounds like an overstatement, but it’s actually really liberating to go from introvert to extrovert and to smile and laugh in social situations without a second thought.

Of course, I smiled before I had braces but I would hide, putting my hand over my mouth, trying to disguise my embarrassment and my crooked teeth.  But once my lingual braces were fitted I didn’t mind so much as I knew I was well on the way to my beautiful new smile.  Lingual braces, for the readers who are new to braces, are attached to the inside surfaces of the teeth that face the tongue. On the reverse side of the teeth, they are practically invisible from the outside, even up-close and even if I laughed uncontrollably with my mouth wide open I didn’t feel the humiliation I felt before.  And now my braces have been removed I laugh, pull faces and wear lipstick; bright red lipstick to show off my new smile.  What fun; my worst feature has become my best friend and I feel liberated and carefree.

Although I knew in advance, once my braces treatment was completed I would be fitted with retainers, it seemed so far in the future I didn’t give it a second thought.  And now, a year on I hardly give my retainers a second thought.  When my braces were removed a very thin wire was temporarily fixed behind my front teeth, top and bottom, to keep them in their new position. They were almost completely covered with white dental cement so they were not sharp or uncomfortable and they were concealed. However, moulds were made of my new smile and a few weeks later I received new retainers that look like clear aligners.   Initially,  I wore the retainers every night for two months, and I now wear them for just two nights a week. It’s actually not too bad as the retainers fit well, and I know my teeth will stay where they should be. The idea is that the fixed retainers keep my front teeth permanently in place, and the removable one maintains the back teeth.

I always thought the saying “Smile and the world smiles with you,’ to be a bit of a cliché.  But it’s true.  My new smile is infectious, and everyone likes to see a happy face.  I never knew what it was like to feel so good about myself and confidence is bursting out of me.

Now my teeth are correctly aligned; I can chew properly.  Food tastes better, and I can eat everything I want to.  A whole year down the line, I tuck into crusty bread and crisp apples with abandon forgetting what the denial was like when I wore my lingual braces.  It was well worth the wait as food tastes so much better with straight teeth.

I don’t really remember the pain or discomfort.  It has faded into the recesses of my memory, and I actually don’t think it was ever too bad; it was certainly never unbearable. If I did have a few bad days, I certainly know now it was well worth it and wouldn’t want anyone embarking on lingual braces to be put off.  My smile is amazing, and I would do it again, only I won’t have to!

If like Emma’s story and  you think straighter teeth could change your life book a  free consultation at Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham for lingual braces HERE.