Among the many questions patients in Nottingham ask is whether they are suitable for 6 Months braces. Truth is this cosmetic braces solution is a perfect option for adults that want to enhance their smile and stop covering their mouths when they talk, smile or laugh, out of low self-confidence. If it is suitable for all? With the exception of a small minority of people, the 6 Months Braces is a treatment that most patients can use.

Who is NOT suitable for 6 Months Braces?

  • Those that are not suitable to undergo this treatment include:
  • Children that still have their baby teeth
  • Teenagers that have adult teeth, whose roots are not fully formed yet
  • Adults with untreated gum disease
  • Adults with untreated tooth problems
  • Adults with severe bone loss around their teeth

Straight Teeth Suite considers it unethical to treat patients with untreated teeth or gum problems, and we always make sure our patient’s mouths are healthy, before we proceed to any treatment whatsoever. For that reason, we carry out a full dental healthy check, complemented with X-rays, before each treatment, to determine is everything is as supposed.

Are there any restrictions?

Age Restrictions

Some patients worry that they are too old to wear braces. This is a big misconception among many people. Provided your teeth and gums are healthy, you can have braces, so, never pay any attention to those that insist you are too old to pursuit a beautiful smile.

Bite Issues

Other than that, you do need to NOT have any bite issues. If you are experiencing severe crossbites, overbites or underbites, the 6 Months braces is not recommended. We can treat patients that want to correct their front teeth, but have no bite issues. In any instance that your bite issues are complex or your teeth are crowded, we will provide you with another option and offer a conventional brace treatment, instead.

What makes 6 Months Braces a Perfect Option for Adults?

The 6 Months braces is an entirely discreet treatment that allows people to wear braces without feeling stuck. Unlike when wearing (non-aesthetically pleasing) adult metal braces for years, with 6 Months braces is short-termed and you can achieve a great result and straight teeth in just a few months’ time.

Other people are worried about other corrective teeth straightening procedures being overly invasive or costly, which is another reason they decide to have the 6 Months braces treatment.
However, in order to enjoy the benefits of this treatment, you need to find a trusted practice with professionals that can properly assess your teeth and determine whether the 6 Months braces is the best cosmetic braces solution for you.

Dr Raha Sepehrara, the principal dentist here at Straight Teeth Suite was the first to receive full training in the 6 Months braces in the UK a few years ago, and ever since, she has provided this treatment to hundreds of patients from all over the country.


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