FAQ - After Wearing Braces

Wearing retainers helps the teeth to remain straight. The fixed retainer is permanent while the removable one should be worn overnight. It will depend on your dentist’s instructions. Teeth will surely feel loose once Braces are removed so retainers can also help easing up the discomfort.

Call your dentist immediately as those needs to be replaced as soon as possible to make sure your teeth do not move.

Will my teeth stay straight after the treatment?

Not necessarily but remember that the reason why you opt for the treatment is because you wanted to be healthier orally. It is recommended to still see the dentist for checkups and the hygienist for regular cleans to maintain a healthy smile. It is also advisable to go for review appointments in the years following the treatment and have your retainers checked every year.

There’s a big chance for your teeth to move/relapse. This movement is likely to be minor but if you want your teeth to stay straight you should wear your retainer as instructed by your dentist.

Put it inside a clean case so it will not attract bacteria, dirt and germs. If the retainers break, call your dentist and schedule an appointment so it can be replaced as soon as possible.