Having problems with your teeth is why so many of you feel less confident. Not only that you are not comfortable smiling, but you become nervous and even scared to see a dentist. These small worries can then build up to bigger problems and your teeth may develop bad conditions.

If you are unhappy with your smile, seeing a dentist is mandatory. And, as most patients say, once they get to talk to the dentist, who explains the steps of the treatment, their fears disappear. Many of our patients walk in extremely nervous but our team of dentists are used to dealing with scared patients.

One particular nervous patient booked a FREE consultation with us. She was given all the information with the recommendations and advice upfront. Right away we helped her make the correct decision regarding the treatment for her teeth problems. This made the patient feel comfortable and happy, trust the team and want to continue with treatment.

After being consulted, this patient was given the 6 Month Smile brace treatment.

There are more straightening solutions available, but not all of them meet everybody’s needs and requirements. This is why all patients must be seen by dentists, and discuss all the issues their teeth condition involves.

How Does the 6 Month Smile Work?

This is quite a simple treatment, and, as it’s name says, it involves braces that are designed to straighten your teeth in 6 months.

They are quite different from the traditional braces, offering more comfort through their discreet appearance and the lack of metallic wires.

The 6 months braces can be used for both your top and bottom teeth, depending where your problems are. They were created to help people who have gaps between their teeth, or who want to have a straight healthy smile.

Once you have the Six Month Smile braces fixed, your teeth should begin moving very quickly. Most patients who are nervous of dentists are amazed of how fast their smile is improving and the results are obvious.

A Brand New Smile in Just 6 Months

The patient was really happy with the results, stating that after wearing 6 month braces, she became more confident, being able to smile without the fear people look at her teeth. The treatment wasn’t painful and the results were much better than she ever imagined.

Misaligned teeth can stop you from smiling, as well as they can affect your social and personal life. So, if you have problems, you want to get a gorgeous smile and see if you are a good candidate for the 6 month braces, make an appointment with one of our dentists HERE

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