Your Six Month Countdown to Straighter Teeth

Ask most people about their thoughts on fixed braces, and they’ll tell you they look unsightly and take ages to work. But Straight Teeth Suite’s Six Month Braces prove that’s no longer the case.

Six Month Smiles is an innovative update on traditional fixed brace systems, which is at the forefront of cost-effective teeth straightening. Clear, low-profile brackets connected by tooth-coloured wires make the treatment a fantastic option when discretion is a must. And Six Month Smiles get to work in a fraction of the time of traditional therapies, too.
Straighter Teeth in Six Months
You’ll start to notice straighter teeth in just a few weeks, with treatment complete in just six months.
Discrete Treatment
You won’t believe how discreet Six Month Smiles’ clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are.
Designed for Comfort
Six Month Smiles exerts gentle, low forces on the teeth, making them on of the most comfortable fixed braces available.
Predictable Results
Six Month Smiles are digitally placed onto the teeth, so you can be confident of getting the results you want.
At a fraction of the cost of other straightening procedures, Six Month Smiles is one of our most affordable treatments.

Will Six Month Smiles Work for Me?

From crooked or gapped teeth to crossbites, underbites and overbites, Six Month Smiles is suitable for treating around 95% of all dental alignment issues. So, if you’re concerned about the shape of your smile, this could be the solution.

Six-Month Vs Traditional Braces

Six month Smiles uses a tried and tested method for straightening teeth that is one of the oldest around.

Just like traditional braces, they use brackets and wires to apply gentle straightening pressure to the teeth. But there’s a crucial difference: Six Month Smiles uses barely-noticeable Lucid Lok clear brackets with tooth-coloured shape-memory wires capable of pulling, pushing and rotating teeth with ease.

And because the braces focus mainly on those teeth which are visible when we smile, there’s a dramatic reduction in treatment time compared to traditional options.

Finally, Six Month Smiles are digitally placed on the teeth, which means your dentist can make an accurate prediction of your treatment outcome before the process begins.

Ready for Your Six Month Smile?

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