Gappy teeth are thought of as lucky within some cultures, where such a smile can represent wealth and fortune, and even within our own westernised culture the most illustrious of catwalks feature at least one in-demand gap toothed model.

However not everyone embraces the gaps in their teeth.

For the majority of people gappy teeth can cause self-consciousness, awkwardly covered mouths, or even the avoidance of social events and situations all together.

However if this sounds like an all-too familiar a tale then you’ll be glad to hear that today overcoming gappy teeth is both more affordable and more quickly achievable than ever before, and in this article we take a look at why.

Braces for gappy teeth

The world of braces has changed. No longer does it mean that the majority must wear the traditional train tracks for as long as two years. So, what can you expect from the world of dentistry today? Well, results within as little as 3 to 9 months for a start! Adult cosmetic braces are are suitable for both previous brace wearers, as well as braces newbies.

6 month braces in Loughborough: A little bit about how they work

6 month braces are designed to be fitted for a period of six months in average, after which you would wear a removable retainer; they are discreet and are decidedly free from the coloured wires and metal that traditional braces came along with.

They may be fixed to both your top and bottom teeth, or to either, and are specifically designed to close the gaps between your teeth, as well as aligning them for a naturally full and straight smile. They can also help to improve the health of your gums.

Your beautiful, gap free smile: Does it sound too good to be true?

Gappy to straight teeth within 6 months may sound too good to be true, so take a look at our patient case studies below, and the impressive results that we have achieved.

Patient A: A previous brace wearer and now a perfect example of super straight, gap free teeth

A patient, who had worn both top and bottom train track braces as a teenager approached us about his teeth, which had moved over time, with a gap emerging within his top row of teeth.

This patient was unhappy with the gaps in his teeth.


The patient did not want to have to wear a traditional train track brace again and specifically wanted something that was both quick as well as discreet. With this in mind we discussed with the patient each and every option, with him ultimately opting for 6 month braces.

And the results? Well, see for yourself…


After just six appointments, and within six months, our patient had a brand new smile that he could be proud of.

Patient B: A story of self-consciousness

Our second story involves a patient who was very self-conscious about his smile as a result of his gappy teeth. He felt uncomfortable smiling and didn’t like the fact his teeth appeared to protrude.


For this particular patient the optimal solution would have been traditional train track braces (specifically to improve bite), however the patient was not comfortable with the two year time period and opted instead for the quicker and more reserved solution of six month braces.

And what did the patient think of his smile post braces?

The patient has said himself that our six month braces, and the results that they have achieved, have been nothing but life changing. You too can have these results.


Saying a final farewell to your gappy teeth

Correcting a gappy smile is no longer the slow process that it once was. If you have questions, concerns or are ready for a professional assessment, then you can book right now with our practice team.

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