Some people eagerly want their teeth straightened, yet, feel somewhat awkward and nervous to continue with the required process. Are they afraid that they will feel pain or discomfort to the extent they cannot tolerate? Do they believe it is a long and nasty road ahead? No matter what the reason, one thing is for sure: You don’t need to fear anything; teeth straightening is a gentle procedure and there is no pain involved!


Are you too scared to have any dental treatment done but want your teeth straightened?

Take this case, for example. It shows a lovely patient who was very nervous about dental treatment. She really didn’t like going to the dentist. On the other hand, she disliked her gappy teeth, so she plucked up the courage to come and see us.
At Straight Teeth Suite Nottingham, we have a fundamental principle and that is to inform our patients every step of the way; get them involved in the decision-making process. Therefore, we went through all the treatment options with this patient, just like we do with all our patients, about closing the gap between her teeth. We threw on the table every possible treatment, from conventional braces and clear aligners to Six-Month braces and Invisalign.
Of course, we did not only present the treatment options, but also the costs, while stressing the importance of regular dental and hygiene visits.

Fitting the Braces

The patient finally opted for Six Month braces, and although she was very apprehensive at the fit of braces appointment, we did our best to make her feel relaxed and calm. We have treated many patients with dental phobias, another sector in dentistry that we have mastered, so we knew how to make her loosen up.
Fitting braces is a procedure that we can stop at any given time, if the patient so asks for, and once this lovely patient felt we were talking nothing but the truths, she lied down, trusting us completely with the dental procedure. Throughout the 40 minutes that took us to complete the procedure, she was listening to her own music and feeling like at a welcoming and inviting place.

Everything went smoothly and after the fit of the braces, we talked about all the things she should know about, such as cleaning the braces, what foods to avoid, and so on. She was then seen every 4 weeks for about 6 months and once we were both happy with the position of her teeth we booked a brace removal appointment.

The Brace Removal Appointment

That appointment, usually, takes about 1 hour, and includes the following steps:

1. We remove the braces with a special tool,
2. Clear out all the glue,
3. Place the fixed retainers at the back of the teeth (they can’t be seen from the front), and,
4.Take new moulds for the night time retainers which are fitted one week later.

All in all, the treatment was pretty straightforward and the patient was made comfortable all throughout the series of appointments. She was very satisfied both with the results and about conquering her fear of dental treatment!

Are you too scared to have any dental treatment done but want your teeth straightened?

At Straight Teeth Suite, you will find friendly and knowledgeable professionals not only explaining all the steps about to be taken before a procedure starts, but also providing you with high-end technology and the necessary means to make you feel relaxed and calm, throughout the selected treatment! With guaranteed superb results, you can rest assured there is nothing to be afraid of or nervous about.

No need to rush things though, if you don’t feel ready yet. You can Contact us, get your FREE Straight Teeth Guide and book your first FREE consultation, meet with us and feel the truthfulness of our sayings by yourself!
We are sure we will pleasantly surprise you!

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