6 Month Braces is a treatment that is in huge demand, at all of our clinics. We are always happy to see our patients embrace this discreet and fast teeth-straightening treatment that has allowed thousands of people get their smiles back! However, when it comes to opting for this treatment, you need to know if you make a good candidate for it.

Although we have treated thousands of patients with the 6-month braces system, a lot of our patients are not a good fit for this type of treatment.

Why so?

You may not be able to have 6 month braces treatment if :

  • you have bite issues
  • your back teeth are very crowded
  • you have complex gaps and crowding

In these cases, you may require a more conventional approach to orthodontics which often takes longer but straightens all your teeth, corrects your bite and will be healthier for your teeth and gums in the long term.

What if I’m not a Good Candidate for 6 Month Braces?

We are here to help all of our patients achieve the desired results, one way or another; and we have plenty of options to offer!

You can have a free non-obligation straight teeth consultation, where we assess the position of your teeth and your bite so that we can inform you of all available options.

If you are not able to have 6 Month Braces, there are many alternatives that may suit your case. For instance, we can still help you by offering conventional types of treatments, such as Damon braces.

Patient’s Case

Let’s show you an example of a patient who was not eligible to have Six Month Braces because of the bite issues.

What if you are not eligible for 6 months braces in Loughborough? - imageWhat if you are not eligible for 6 months braces in Loughborough? - image

This patient had:

1- Severe spacing
2- Upper right canine completely blocked out and instancing
3- Deep bite (showing very little of her bottom teeth)
4- Large overjet (upper teeth were too far forward compared to lowers)

Therefore, the best option for her was a conventional brace to correct all those issues. For that reason, she had Damon clear braces and you can see that the current appearance of her teeth has nothing to remind her of that multi-problematic mouth.

The treatment took just over 18 months. The patient is now wearing top and bottom fixed retainers and top and bottom night time removable retainers. She is also a regular attendee and comes for regular retainer checks, dental health checks, and hygienist visits, to maintain the health of her teeth and gums.

The results are fantastic and the patient is so happy! It is so lovely to see her for her reviews, feeling so happy and confident with her truly contagious smile!