There are several reasons why people decide not to have their teeth straightened with braces. At the Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham we’ve seen most of them. Some people think they are just too old for braces. Others are worried about the cost. Many also think that having your teeth straightened is such a lengthy process that it is not worth the effort.

The good news is that the technology we use to fit braces has changed significantly over the last 10 to 15 years, which means a better smile can be achieved within 3 to 9 months. Obviously this is going to depend on the condition of your teeth, but if you visit the Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham we’ll give you a full, free consultation to make sure that you know what the future holds.

How Can Lingual Braces Help?

If you are between the ages of 20 and 50 you might have thought that braces were not an option for you. Do you really want to go to work with a mouthful of clunky metal, even if it is for the cause of a better smile? Do you want to suffer difficulty in eating and have to clean your braces whilst waiting for your teeth to move into place? And do you really want to spend money on something that might not work anyway?

Times have certainly changed. Lingual braces are designed to be unobtrusive, which means you can smile at work and no one will notice anything different. They’re also much easier to clean than old-fashioned braces, and you shouldn’t have much difficulty in eating either. Finally, the cost can be spread over a period of up to five years, so it won’t have such an immediate impact on your all-important bank balance.

Lingual braces will achieve results quickly, and can be fitted to both upper and lower teeth. They are ideal if you have a gap between teeth that you want to close, or teeth that you want to bring into alignment, and past patients have certainly been impressed with the results.

The use of these self-ligating braces means that we can achieve faster and more accurate results. So if you have a big event coming up in the future (perhaps a wedding or graduation) that you want to feel extra confident for, then we can work towards it and ensure your teeth have been corrected by that date. The braces stay in your mouth 24/7, which means they are always working on your teeth, achieving great results in a matter of months rather than years, as is the case for standard wire braces.

The way it works is that patients keep the braces in until they have done their job, and then put in a retainer at night to make sure their teeth don’t begin to move back to their original positions. Of course, how long a particular brace treatment takes will depend on the condition of the patient’s teeth, which is why we undertake a full assessment at the outset.

At the Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham we’ve seen countless smiles transformed in our time and we pride ourselves in bringing the right degree of patient care and orthodontic know-how to the table, all at an affordable price. If you would like a free consultation, during which you can ask all the questions you want, then contact us today to make an appointment.

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