Anna and I have discussed how we should proceed with the removal of braces. Every situation is different, and due to lack of appointment availability combined with my availability due to child care, we’ve decided to split this appointment into two stages. Stage 1 we’re going to do a brace removal of the lowers and then a few weeks later we’re going to review the uppers and continue with treatment as previously discussed.

I’m excited that my braces are finally coming off my lower teeth. What Anna does, is first prepares the back of the lower front teeth. She uses special materials to enhance the strength of the glue that holds the retainer onto the teeth. She likes to make sure that the teeth are all nice and clean before starting, if you need to see the hygienist before this appointment, you will be advised. Then she fits the wire retainer on the back of the bottom teeth with some white bonding material which is a tooth glue that holds it permanently in place.

Once the retainer is secured firmly in place, she removes the brackets. The brackets are removed with a unique tool which just breaks the glue so that the brackets can come off quickly. Once all the brackets have been removed the glue is cleaned away, and the teeth are polished. There’s no damage done to the teeth at this appointment and there is no discomfort or need for any local anaesthetic.

Once it’s done the feeling of the smooth teeth and no braces is amazing. This appointment takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Fit the fixed retainer
  2. Remove the brackets
  3. Clean off the glue

Anna will take a new mould of my bottom teeth so that a removable plastic retainer can be constructed for me. This plastic retainer needs to be worn at night time.

What we tend to recommend is every night to wear it for the first 12 months and then reduce it to every other night.

My bite blocks have also been removed at this appointment, which is great. Because finally now all my teeth meet together and my grinding has improved and reduced because all my teeth are meeting together correctly as they should.