Secret Straightening? Must be Lingual

When it comes to straightening teeth, the old-fashioned system of affixing wires and brackets to the teeth is still one of the most effective procedures there is.

But despite the leaps forward in inconspicuous treatments over recent years, so many patients are still put off by the idea of having appliances affixed to their teeth over a lengthy treatment period.

Lingual braces are an innovative update on traditional braces with a unique approach to treatment invisibility that’s so simple it’s ingenious.

Lingual braces are attached behind the teeth, where they remain practically invisible to others. In fact, you’ll be the only one who knows.

How they Work

Lingual braces work just like the traditional braces you’ve seen before – using a set of brackets and wires bonded to the teeth. By tightening the wires over time, dentists can bring the teeth into a more natural position – closing gaps, fixing crookedness, correcting the bite and solving a host of orthodontic issues. It usually takes around two years to complete treatment, but most patients notice results in just a few months.

Why Lingual Braces?

The Invisible Straightener
Lingual braces are fixed behind the teeth where no one will ever know they’re there.
Comfort Option
This lightweight, low-profile designed for a comfortable custom fit that is a joy to wear.
Added Strength
The rear is the strongest side of the teeth and not as prone to decay or accidental damage.

Your Lingual Consultation

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