The Difference is Clear

Orthodontics and teeth straightening treatments are more comfortable, discreet and practical than ever. Leading the field is the Invisalign Aligner – a series of clear, removable braces that are virtually invisible.

If you’re ready to experience teeth straightening without the hassle or striking looks of a fixed brace system, it could be time to consider Invisalign.

When it comes to options for straightening teeth, the options available are almost limitless. But few solutions are as elegant and practical as Invisalign. The aligner straightens faster than many traditional systems and is so discreet that no one will ever know.

Invisalign’s design is ingenious in function as well as form. Instead of a single aligner adjusted over time, Invisalign uses a series of custom appliances – each brings the teeth closer to the planned position than the last.

It’s no wonder Invisalign is among the world’s preferred options for smile design.

At Straight Teeth Suite, our team enjoys years of experience and advanced training in using Invisalign to straighten and correct a wide range of orthodontic issues.

Here’s why we love Invisalign – and we think you will too:

Discrete Straightening

Invisalign’s transparent design makes the straighteners practically invisible. Most people will never know you’re wearing them.

Practical Design

It’s easy to remove and put back in the Invisalign aligner – which makes eating your favourite foods during treatment a joy.

Superb Comfort

Forget about wires, brackets and bands. Invisalign’s super-comfortable aligner does away with the causes of irritation and discomfort.

No Surprises

Want to see how the results will look like before beginning treatment? Invisalign’s ClinCheck system gives an accurate digital impression of your completed treatment.

How Does it Work?

Where other straightening systems rely on a single appliance, Invisalign aligners use several custom-fitted appliances of varying shapes. These are replaced over time to straighten teeth quickly and predictably.

Each Invisalign aligner is precision-produced for comfort along with a unique treatment plan designed hand-in-hand with your Straight Teeth Suite dentist. Together, these combine to make you 100% confident of achieving the straighter smile you’ve always wanted.

Your Consultation

It all starts with a conversation. Arrange a consultation at Straight Teeth Suite and talk to a dentist to find out whether Invisalign’s fast, invisible straightening is right for you.

See Your Straighter Future 

Taking the first step to an improved smile can feel daunting. For your confidence, we use Invisalign’s ClinCheck to build an accurate picture of results before treatment even begins.

Your Treatment

If you love what you see, your Straight Teeth Suite dentist will go ahead and produce your Invisalign aligners. Pop back to the clinic in around six weeks, and we’ll make sure your treatment is going as planned. You’ll receive a replacement aligner to wear every 4-6 weeks from here.

Simple Straightening

That’s all there is to treatment with Invisalign. The process usually takes around 9-15 months using anything from 18-30 replacement aligners.

Book Your Consultation

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