With the plethora of orthodontic treatment options, wearing braces allows you to enjoy a wonderful smile and perfectly straight teeth in a relatively timely manner and within your budget, at all times. Many people are concerned though about whether they will be facing any issues with their dental braces, and, if yes, how they will be able to handle them.
Truth being told, after your braces or aligners have been fitted, you need to follow our advice, in order to significantly minimize (to even eliminate) the possibility to experience any problems whatsoever with your braces.

What are the Most Common Problems when Wearing Braces?

Among the most frequent problems you may experience are:

  • Pain
  • Unglued bracket
  • Unglued band
  • Broken wire
  • Broken or lost aligner

At this point, bear in mind that there will be some initial degree of discomfort, upon the initiation of your orthodontic treatment. It makes sense, as we are forcing the teeth to move to another position than what they used to. However, it is only a passing feeling that settles down after a couple of weeks. Of course, each case is different and people tolerate the discomfort differently than others, which means you may need to take painkillers.


  • Rubbing and Digging in Braces/Wires

You might feel that the wires or braces are digging in or rubbing. In this case, we will make sure you get some wax that you can use over the wire or bracket and cover the sharp edges. Please see the photo below.


The photo shows that you can put the wax on the last bracket at the back of the mouth, as a means to prevent the wire from poking into your cheek.

  • Unglue of brackets or bands

As soon as your appliances are fitted, you will receive advice in regards proper diet and hygiene, to prevent you from having problems. For example, eating hard foods like toffee can cause the brackets or bands to unglue. So it is strongly advised to avoid this.
If you do have a bracket or band unglued, there is no need to panic. Our front desk team will be happy to tell you what you can do temporarily until you are seen. We will make sure you have a repair appointment within a week if it is painful or uncomfortable.

  • Break of a Wire

A wire doesn’t break that easily, but in the rare instance that something like that happens, our front desk team will help you any way they can, so please do not feel withdrawn from giving them a call and have your issue sorted out temporarily, before we set a repair appointment.

  • Break/Loss of an Aligner

Please be careful with your aligners, as a remake would incur a charge, so always make sure you keep your aligners safe in their cases when not worn, to prevent losing them. Also, be aware that dogs love chewing the aligners! We have had some patients coming back with a chewed aligner that had to be remade.
Again, don’t panic if this occurs. You will need to go back to your previous aligner and then come back to the practice so that we can try and sort things out with you by liaising with the lab.

It is apparent that you may experience some issues while wearing your braces or aligners. However, you can as well minimize them (or even eliminate them entirely). Straight Teeth Suite has not become the East Midlands’ number 1 trusted practice by accident or for no good reason. Our powerful team, from our front desk help to our expert dentists are all there to help you tackle any problem.
So, if you have any worries in regards your orthodontic treatment, or if want to know your options, in order to acquire a beautiful smile, just contact us and get your FREE consultation and FREE Straight Teeth guide, and get started!

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