Crooked teeth can be caused by a variety of things, including basic genetics, early loss of adult or baby teeth, poorly fitted dental restorations or trauma following an accident. Even using a pacifier or prolonged thumb sucking as a child can cause problems in tooth alignment later in life.

Beyond the obvious effect on your self-esteem, crooked teeth can also cause oral health problems such as:

  • Making your face look abnormal.
  • Causing speech problems.
  • Adding discomfort when chewing and biting.
  • Developing spacing issues that lead to gum disease.
  • Causing wear and chipping on your teeth.
  • Preventing your front teeth from functioning normally, and promoting painful jaw and joint problems.

The solution if you have misaligned teeth is to visit a dentist. Your orthodontist at the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester can take x-rays of your teeth, photos of your face, even teeth impressions that can all be used to determine the problem and the type of treatment needed.

X-rays give an idea of how your teeth are placed, where the roots are and if any teeth have yet to come through the gums. We can use specialised cephalometric or panoramic x-rays to look at the relationship of your teeth to your jaw and head. Regular photographs also give an idea of the way your teeth, jaw and head align. An impression can made by biting down on a soft putty like material that is used to create an exact copy of your teeth and reveal further information on the problem.

Once this has all been done, your orthodontist can make a thorough diagnosis and determine the best treatment for your misaligned bite. For some, using a removable retainer that stabilises the new position of the teeth may be all that is needed to correct any problem. If overcrowding is the main problem then removing one or more teeth might be the initial solution.

For most people with crooked teeth, however, braces are used to correct any problem. There are many ways to do this and you can opt for more discreet methods like Damon Braces or mostly invisible ones such as Lingual Braces that fit behind the teeth.

It’s not just a cosmetic procedure that makes you look better; having straight teeth can produce great benefits for your oral health, reducing future problems such as discomfort and abnormal wear and tear. At the Straight Teeth Suite in Leicester you will have access to a wide range of orthodontic treatments delivered in a friendly and professional environment.

Your pathway to a new and straighter smile could begin right away when you contact us to arrange a free consultation today.


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