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Looking for the right dentist to attend your dental needs can be more arduous than imagined. There are definitely lots to consider before stepping into a dental practice to have your oral issues resolved.

How to choose a dental practice for orthodontic treatments?

Some of the things you need to check to decide whether your dentist is right for you is whether he or she takes a personal interest in your health and is prevention-oriented, without going overboard. Look at the dentist’s profile and cases on their website and check that they are continuously keeping up to date with new techniques and technology by going on courses.

Does your dentist proceed to a detailed dental examination, which includes inspection of the gums, teeth, tongue, and lips, as well as the inside of your palate and cheek?

A dentist that respects his or her patients will insist on maintenance care and will provide you with all the options available to treat your issue, before suggesting the right one for your dental needs. X-ray films may be required, (unless you already have recent ones to show us), to study the full mouth and get a clearer picture of the condition of your mouth. X-rays will allow us to check your teeth, gums, bone, fillings, and abnormalities and will allow us to give you an accurate treatment plan and costs.

Seems like you have too much to think about…

Why choose the Straight Teeth Suite at the Dental Suite

At Straight Teeth Suite, everything is crystal clear. Why? Because, we are a very experienced team that treats patients with extra care and with the help of the latest in dentistry.

Dr Anna Markomanolaki and Dr Raha Sepehrara have treated thousands of patients. In detail, Dr. Raha was the first in the area to provide Powerprox Six Month braces, Six Month Smiles, Inman Aligner, and Fastbraces, giving her a wealth of experience. Moreover, she was the first in Britain to gain a Master Level Certificate from Drs. Perera and Espejo in Spain.

Both Dr. Anna and Dr. Raha have been heavily involved in preparing dental courses and presenting them. Dr. Raha has also been the Scientific Director of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO) for over a year and was chosen to be in this role thanks to her experience and extensive training. She has a huge portfolio of cases of patients she treated, so all the photos that you see on our websites or blogs, or the Facebook posts, have been treated by her. They are not stock photos from orthodontic companies.

Due to our hard work and the excellence of services, we get hundreds of thank you cards from grateful patients and you can see some of the testimonials yourself. Their words just summarise the way patients feel about us. Indicatively, a patient Dr. Raha saw last week and just finished her Six Month smiles treatment said that we were “the best dental practice she had ever been to”.
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