Misaligned teeth can make you smile less and undermine your confidence, affecting your social and personal life. Fortunately, you now have more orthodontic teeth straightening options available than ever before to bring your smile back and perfectly align your teeth. If you are wondering about the overall duration of a given teeth straightening treatment, we must say that there is no straightforward answer. Each case is different and only when we have assessed and evaluated each case separately will we be able to set the desired time frame for the completion (and type) of the treatment a patient will have to undergo. To help you understand what can affect the duration of an orthodontic treatment, here is a small guide with some useful information.

What is Teeth Crowding and What Should I Know about it?

Teeth crowding or malocclusion is an irregularity of the jaws (upper or lower, or even both) or the teeth relationship. Teeth crowding is a complex and multifactorial subject, whose nature is classified under dental, skeletal, and soft tissue. All three of them interplay and result in a broad array of teeth crowding severity.

The dental causes include:

  • The Position of the Teeth
  • Extra/Missing Teeth
  • Incompatible Tooth Size
  • Permanent Teeth whose Eruption has been Disrupted.

The skeletal causes include a varied growth of the jaws (either one of them or both) while the soft tissue causes include lower lips, among others. Also, tooth crowding can be inherited, or it could be attributed to development disorders, such as hypothyroidism and Down’s Syndrome, to name a few.

As you can see, tooth crowding can occur due to numerous reasons that have to be carefully and thoroughly evaluated before recommending an orthodontic teeth straightening treatment. Of course, just the fact that someone has malocclusion does not necessarily mean they will benefit, either functionally or aesthetically, from undergoing treatment. Whether orthodontic intervention should be considered for an individual (that is if they make a suited candidate) is another issue that also has to be assessed.

Get Fully Informed

Just as we want to carry out a full assessment of a case, we want you to be as educated about the available options as possible. For that reason, we provide you with not only one but five different teeth straightening solutions to choose the one that best meets your needs and requirements. Making an informed choice regarding your orthodontic treatment is paramount to us, so don’t be surprised if we show you several before and after examples of our options and a 3D simulation that will allow you to visually see the final result before you even start a treatment! For your reference, you can have from invisible braces that go completely undetected and clear braces to braces with shorter treatment times and less discomfort.

Back to the initial question, a teeth-straightening treatment at Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough can take from 2 months and up to 2 years, always depending on the case. Needless to say, each treatment is strictly personalised and will not exceed the 2-year upper limit for any reason whatsoever.

To get a better idea of the teeth straightening options available, feel free to book your first straight Teeth consultation for FREE or download your FREE Straight Teeth Guide here and claim the smile of your dreams!

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