One of the main complaints we hear by patients who want teeth straightening is about overlapped front teeth. Considering that one of our dentist’s front teeth used to be overlapping, we totally understand those patients who come to us and complain about this issue.
We know the embarrassment you may be experiencing. Yes, we also know that many of you wish for perfectly straightened teeth for the most special moments of your life, such as your wedding day. Well, you know what’s been around for many years: It’s never too late! Thanks to the technological advancements in dentistry, dentists are now more knowledgeable than ever. All this profound knowledge allows us to provide the most advanced options that can treat and correct any issue our patients may have, regarding their oral health and the condition of their mouth.

We have helped many brides get the smile they have always wanted for their special day; but, some of you, did not have the chance to have braces on time, and now you are at a critical stage in life. A stage where you want to take some action, improve your smile, and feel awesome when you look at family photos. You just want to feel confident when you go to job interviews and more comfortable in social situations. Not to mention, start dating again…For all these, we can help. We have already helped thousands of patients. To speak with facts, let’s go through a case, so, with concrete evidence, you know what we can achieve for you.

Patient’s Case

How to correct Overlapping Front Teeth with dental braces in Nottingham - image

This patient presented to us complaining about the position and colour of her front teeth. At the consultation appointment, we discussed her ideal results and went through various treatment options before she decided to go for 6 Month Braces.

Six Month Braces is one of our most popular forms of treatment and is much preferred for its discretion and quick results. It consists of fixed clear tooth coloured braces and tooth coloured wires. The treatment aims at straightening the front teeth and takes an average of 6 months to accomplish that. The photos can’t lie. As you can see, the results are astonishing!

In this case, we treated top and bottom teeth, we saw the patient for adjustments every 4 weeks, and, within 6 months, the teeth were lovely and straight. On the day of brace removal, we fitted the retainers and took moulds so that the patient could start doing home whitening soon after. You can see the result for yourself: Wonderful straight white teeth in just 6 months!

Have any issues with overlapping teeth? The times when this would be an unsurpassed obstacle were long gone. Straight Teeth Suite has proven that overlapped front teeth CAN be treated quickly and in a discreet way. Still hesitant? Take one step at a time with this test. Dr Raha Sepehrara will be more than happy to help. Or, you could also
Contact us, or call us on 0115 824 3115. Let’s go through your alternatives together, for the heart-stopping smile you have always wanted!

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