The vast majority of adult patients ask a particular set of 3 questions in regards dental braces in Leicester, UK. Here, you can find all 3 answers to the 3 most asked questions!

1. How do different types of braces look?

To begin with, there are 4 categories of braces we use: (1) Invisible removable, (2) Accelerated removable, (3) Clear fixed, and (4) Braces behind teeth.
                            Invisalign braces are transparent, removable, braces that many adults prefer since they are extremely unnoticeable. Most people will not even realize you are on an orthodontic treatment before you tell them or notice your wonderful smile after your treatment! Also, they make your teeth look shiny, plus you often get cleaner and whiter teeth, since you do have to take them off when you eat and drink; hence you brush your teeth before you put them back!
                            Inmanaligner braces are quite discreet, too and the best thing about them is that they work very quickly and it won’t be long before you see amazing results. You only need to wear them about 16 hours a day on average, so most of the day you can just take them off!
                            6 Months Braces is an extremely popular choice, mainly among adults, because they allow you to acquire a splendid smile in just 6 months and although they are not completely invisible (yet, they are discreet), they are known for their efficiency. They consist of tooth coloured brackets and tooth coloured wire, so they are barely noticeable.
                           Lingual braces are fitted behind the teeth, so they are completely hidden from sight, and it is extremely unlikely anyone will ever notice you are wearing
them when you smile.

2. How long do they take?

It all depends on the following threefold: (1) the position of your teeth, (2) the result you want to achieve, and (3) the type of brace you choose to have.
Just to give you a general idea, adult braces (or Cosmetic braces) are significantly quicker compared to traditional braces, given they are correcting the front teeth and the treatment takes between 3 to 9 months on average, depending on the case.
However, the only one responsible for determining the overall time for treatment is our expert, here at Straight Teeth Suite, who will give you a better idea of time, right after your initial free assessment.


  3. How Much do they Cost?

First and foremost, it is important to stress the difficulty of applying a universal cost as each case varies. Note that the type of braces you will choose, the position of your teeth, and your teeth and gum overall health will determine the final cost of your orthodontic treatment.
For this reason, it is best to get a quote after seeing your dentist for a free consultation.
That being said; we include a table (as follows) with the fee-ranges, for each one of the aforementioned treatments, for your reference only.
*= Prices Start From


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