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One of the most commonly asked questions by patients that already have a crown is whether they can wear braces as well or if having a crown is restrictive to orthodontic treatments of any sort.

Truth is, nothing can stop you from acquiring that wonderful smile you have always been dreaming off, even if you have crowns! At Straight Teeth Suite, in Nottingham, we can make sure you get the best of both treatments.

How we do it?

We bond your bracket with a special bond enhancer and just carry out your routine treatment! No matter how simple it may sound, it takes skilled, trained, and experienced dentists to apply this treatment. You do need to have your brackets successfully bonded to your crown(s), which is a challenging task untrained professionals cannot deliver efficiently, if at all. You can’t imagine how easy it is for braces to come off, if not applied properly and bonded to your crown(s). The inconvenience caused though could be skipped if you knocked on the right door…

We, at Straight Teeth Suite, have managed to reduce the risks of debonds with the use of a special bond enhancer.

The following example is distinctive of the work done at Straight Teeth Suite, in Nottingham.

6 months braces

Here is a case of a male patient, who hated his front crown, but also wanted to straighten his teeth at the same time and was treated by Dr. Raha Sepehrara.

The treatment was divided into 3 carefully planned stages:

  1. We selected the 6 Month Smiles treatment as the most suitable to the patient’s needs.  It only took us 5 months to reach the desired results, though! After the patient had straight teeth, we proceeded to the next step.
  2. Whitening is a recommended treatment after teeth-straightening that gives a splendid final outcome and enhances a smile.
  3. We used superior quality porcelain (produced by a highly-skilled lab technician, of course), to have a new crown on the upper left lateral incisor. Dr. Kalpesh Bohara, our missing teeth experts carried out this procedure.

You can’t tell the new crown from the rest of the teeth, which means another of our treatments is…crowned by complete success! You can see the outstanding results by yourself. Utmost discretion and excellent work done at all times is absolutely guaranteed.

Two (2) Important Points to Note

  • We may have reduced the risk of debonding, but the risk does exist and your brackets may come off more easily if you have a crown. In order to avoid this unwanted situation as much as possible, it is important you are extra careful with what you eat. Also, habits that increase the risk of debonding should also be taken care of (see nail-biting).
  • There is always a chance your crown margin may become visible after teeth straightening. This means you may need a new crown after your orthodontic treatment is complete. Why does this happen (sometimes)? Because once the teeth have been removed, the end of the crown can become visible from the gum.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and inconvenience, you can ask for our expert’s opinion before starting your braces treatment. Dr. Raha Sepehrara is always available for a FREE consultation so you can have all your questions answered.

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