The day that your child’s braces are removed is always very exciting. Finally, they will be able to eat what they want! However that excitement can be offset somewhat with worries of appearance and questions about what happens next. Below we have compiled the answers to the most commonly asked questions in Nottingham relating to teens after brace care.

Will my child get white marks on their teeth from the braces?

It’s not braces that damage or mark the teeth; it’s not cleaning the teeth well enough, or eating the wrong things. Please make sure your child avoids fizzy drinks and sweet things. Ensure they brush their teeth, use the recommended mouthwash, and use a Tepe teeth cleaner to avoid white marks. Otherwise, they could end up with lovely straight teeth, but white marks everywhere.

Remember, you and your child are doing this for them. Their smile is for themselves. It’s about them gaining the confidence that comes with having a straight smile for the rest of their life.

Will my child need retainers at the end of the treatment?


Whether a child, teenager or an adult, and whatever type of brace, retainers must be worn at the end of the treatment. Without retainers, the teeth will move back to their original position.

Here at Straight Teeth Suite we like to provide the combination type retainer. This is a small, fixed retainer, consisting of a little bar that goes at the back of your child’s teeth, so it can’t be seen.

We also provide a night-time retainer, a plastic clear one, that goes on top of it, to be worn (as the name suggests!) at night.

This retainer combination is recommended to be worn probably for the rest of your child’s life. Retainers do have a lifespan, so every 5 to 10 years they will need replacing. Like anything, there will be wear and tear.

There are cases where your child may need a two-stage type treatment; initially having a removable brace, and then a fixed brace. If this is the case, please ensure that your child wears the removable brace as instructed. If it’s not worn, then the teeth will not move as desired, and things are not going to improve.

Will my child need headgear?

No, we don’t use it.

The way to prevent your child’s teeth from shifting again is by ensuring they wear the retainers at the end of their treatment.

Remember, retainers are for life. Even when your child is an adult they will need to have a retainer. Otherwise, their teeth will move back to their original position, and you’ve both gone through all of this treatment and expense for nothing.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions at all, you can contact us at our Leicester clinic to arrange a FREE consultation.

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