Straight teeth and a beautiful smile are no longer the domain of the rich and famous.  In the UK, a million people in all walks of life had their teeth straightened last year, not only to improve the function of their teeth and their appearance but to improve their confidence.  A beautiful smile will win friends and influence people, and that is important when trying to get ahead.  If you are confident in yourself, others will be confident in you.  The Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough will help you to make the best choice when considering Lingual braces.

Lingual braces are increasingly popular and becoming a favourite option for many patients when selecting what type of brace to have fitted.  The two principal reasons they are so popular, especially with patients who have jobs where their appearance is important, is because Lingual braces are almost invisible, and they work quickly.  They are so discreet nobody will know you are wearing braces as, unlike traditional braces, they are fitted to the reverse side of your teeth.  The clever technicians at the Lingual brace laboratory make the brackets and archwires to fit your teeth, and they make them light, comfortable and unobtrusive.  They are easy to keep clean and do not interfere with eating or with speaking.  There is no need to fear you will be drinking soup for months or lisping your way through a speech.

Lingual braces work fast.  From the first day they are fitted, they start moving your teeth into the desired, correct position by applying gentle pressure.  In just five weeks you will notice a difference and know you have made the best choice. We treat patients with all kinds of problems from misaligned and overcrowded teeth to poor bites and gaps.  Some cases take just three months to correct and more complex cases rather longer.  The dentist will be able to advise you of the time scale at your first consultation.

Few people understand how their health can be badly affected by a poor bite. How often have you experienced a headache, or shoulder ache or neck pains and have put it down to stress?  An unbalanced bite not only affects your ability to eat certain foods but puts the surrounding teeth under enormous pressure, which causes pain.  Lingual braces can correct this and allow the jaws to fit together properly. Therefore, the surrounding joints and muscles relax, causing significantly less damage to teeth.

If your teeth are overcrowded or crooked, you are more prone to cavities and gum disease as it is difficult to keep your teeth clean and plaque will develop in the hard-to-reach areas.  Left untreated, your gums will become inflamed, resulting in oral infection and potential tooth loss. In such cases, it is imperative to have your teeth straightened.  Lingual braces are a great choice in matters of health and not just aesthetics.

Not all dentists offer lingual braces because of the training and technical expertise that are required. Braces are definitely worth the investment, but Lingual braces have special requirements. Because they are personally made to fit each patient, they cost a bit more, and treatment tends to be more involved. Each tooth has its own separate parts  The Straight Teeth Suite have put together a financial plan to help you spread the cost over time as you choose premium braces; Lingual braces and a great smile.

If you are ready to make your choice and change your life, contact the Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough here.

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