best age to get braces in Loughborough

Some patients wonder if there is a best age to get braces. Are braces only suited for children, or adults can give it a shot, too? Questions like that have only one answer…

You should be showing your back to whoever tells you braces are only for children. Here, at Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough, we have treated patients of all ages because we strongly believe that it is NEVER too late to get a beautiful smile and straight teeth. In other words, age is never a contraindication, nor should it ever be.

In fact, the huge majority of our patients is adults, between their 30’s and mid-60’s. Some of these patients came to us after they had already completed their orthodontic treatment at a younger age, but have seen their teeth moving back to their original position and becoming crooked again, to their great disappointment.

This is common and happens when you don’t wear a retainer after the completion of your braces treatment. Someone must inform you that your braces treatment is not over with the removal or braces, which is what also distinguishes a true professional that respects his job and his patients from one that only sees you as a cash cow.

Don’t go far; the famous singer Faith Hill, who had braces on just recently, was asked about her orthodontic treatment. She said that she didn’t wear a retainer upon the completion of her braces treatment (during her childhood), and she had to go for a treatment again now. That is why she urged all her fans and listeners never to forget their retainers.

Why People Want To Wear Braces? Most Common Reasons

Apart from having to wear braces because they didn’t wear their retainer, as previously mentioned, people also decide to have braces for a number of reasons. For example:

  • They have reached a stage in their life when they feel it is time to focus more on themselves.
  • Keeping their teeth clean has become a struggle.
  • They have biting issues that prevent them from enjoying a fine meal and a happy everyday life, or doesn’t allow them to have a necessary implant.
  • Their teeth are crowded and want them straightened for aesthetic reasons, or any other.

An Indicative Case

braces in Loughborough


Here is a patient who had a tooth that could not be saved. Of course, removing it was the only option, so the patient wished for an implant. However, he had crowded teeth and an uneven bite, so our experts at Straight Teeth Suite proposed the option to straighten the teeth, in order to both ensure perfect alignment AND improve his bite, at the same time. With an aesthetically pleasing final outcome guaranteed, the patient decided to go for this option.

We went for upper and lower 6 Month Braces treatment and then had his teeth whitened. The bad tooth was removed, an implant was fitted to match the rest of the teeth, and you can now see the excellent results achieved!

Do You Have A Right To A Wide Smile? By All Means!

Happiness and being able to share smiles with the world is not a privilege only of the younger ages. Everybody should have a reason to smile for, and have beautifully aligned teeth that are a true sight for sore eyes!

So, if anyone tries to put you off having braces later in life, their voice should be ignored… Do you want to know why? Because Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough and Dr. Raha Sepehrara always have their doors open for you, to give you back what is rightfully yours!

Contact us Now and let’s welcome your new smile…!

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