When it comes to adult orthodontics, Dr. Sepehrara is a pioneer, as she has brought the 6 Months Braces treatment, also referred to as 6 Month Smiles, to the East Midlands and was one of the first dentists in the UK to offer the treatment. The founder and Clinical Director of Straight Teeth Suite has introduced a teeth straightening system in Loughborough that has become very popular overtime, due to the fantastic results achieved! No matter how simple or complex a case, we guarantee a beautiful smile as the end result. Why are we so confident? Because we have accumulated a wealth of experience and have successfully treated all sorts of cases, in the field of adult orthodontics.
What are the Benefits of the 6 Months Braces in Loughborough?

    • To begin with, the 6 Months Braces treatment is much faster than any traditional orthodontic treatment. It will take you as little as 4 months to achieve a great smile, while the treatment may also need up to 10 months tops, which is still very little, compared to the 2 full years you would need, when wearing traditional braces.
    • It is a very discreet treatment that allows you to wear colored braces that mimic the color of your teeth. We also use clear elastics, and colored wires to have an overall unnoticed result.
    • With 6 Months Braces, you will experience no speech problems, unlike other traditional treatments where you have to struggle to utter the words correctly.
    • You get a continuous non-end teeth straightening process, since you don’t have to take them out when eating. You can’t do that with other treatments!
    • You say goodbye to painful adjustment appointments. With 6 Months Braces, your visits to our practices are short and pain-free!
    • If you have gappy teeth, crowded teeth, sticky out teeth, or rotated teeth, we can still treat them and give you the beautiful smile you deserve.
    • Last, but not least, you have an expert team by your side all the way, looking after you. Since you are in good hands, you have nothing to worry about!

If you take a look into our huge portfolio of before and after cases, as well as our patients’ feedback, you will not only see the splendid results we have achieved with 6 Months Smiles, but also read how most of our adult patients, who have jobs dealing with the public, have commented on how no one notices they have braces on! Yes, 6 Months Braces are THAT discreet!
Why is this treatment faster than others?
This is a common question asked by the majority of our patients. The 6 Months Smiles treatment takes significantly less time than traditional braces, mainly due to the fact that we are only moving the front teeth with this treatment, while with traditional braces, we move all of your teeth including the back ones, which take longer to move.

Furthermore, we do not take out teeth with this treatment. Usually, when the extraction of 2-4 teeth is required, it takes at least 18 months to close those spaces. What we do is create space by using a procedure called Interproximal Reduction (IPR), which involves the shaving off of your enamel, by just a few micrometers, so enough space is created for the teeth to move. In some rare cases only (e.g. severe crowding of the bottom teeth), we may take a lower front tooth out. Don’t worry, though. The gap will close quickly, in about 2-3 appointments.

In this photograph, you can see a case treated by me where the patient wanted to straighten her really crooked and rotate her top front teeth. She didn’t want traditional braces and asked for something fast and discreet. With a combination of IPR, some expansion, and the discretion provided by the tooth colored wire used, we were able to achieve beautiful straight teeth within 6 months.

the benefits of 6 months braces in Loughborough

the benefits of 6 months braces in Loughborough

Facing life with a wide, lovely smile is the best way to deal with things, so allow us, at Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough, to give you back what is rightfully yours, within the next 6 months! Call us now to book your FREE consultation and let an exciting journey begin!

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