Deciding to wear braces is not easy, even if you are eager to have a beautiful smile. There are many adults who have postponed to see a dentist for many reasons including being embarrassed about wearing braces. But that fear should not stop you from getting the smile you always dreamed of, no matter how old you are. Advances in orthodontics have made braces less obvious and more and more adults are now willing to undergo treatment.

All Ages Can Get Lingual Braces

One patient came to fix her teeth because she was very unhappy with the way her smile looked. Her teeth were crowded and she felt uncomfortable and even embarrassed, whenever she smiled. What is important is that she thought her age was not appropriate for braces.

During the initial consultation, the patient found out that lingual braces are actually a great option for both young people and adults, no matter what their age is. The only condition is: the bones and gums must be healthy.

Please note: You are never too old for braces.

What Are Lingual Braces?

This is one of the options for adults when you decide to straighten your misaligned teeth. Lingual braces involve the use of fixed braces on the teeth’s inner surface. One of the advantages of this design is that they really are invisible – you can’t see them from the front, and they allow you to straighten your teeth in an extremely discreet manner. Many adults worry about how they will appear when they are out and about, but you needn’t worry about any severe changes occurring while the treatment is in place.

The lingual braces are permanent and that means they stay in your mouth 24/7.  Some people are initially put off by this, but lingual braces are actually the more practical option in the long run. The treatment time depends on the problems you have and the complexity of your teeth.

Some cases can take as little as three months, some cases can take twelve to eighteen months, but that would be indicated at your first appointment.

Lingual Braces Are Considered a Great Option for adults

The patient evaluated her experience with Lingual Braces as being a really positive one, not only thanks to the beautiful smile she has now but also thanks to the helpful staff she found at the Straight Teeth Suite. She was given all the information she needed and treated her case with enthusiasm.

Furthermore, the braces are not visible, they can’t actually be seen. This is a plus for adults who are scared of the idea of wearing braces. It can be your secret! The experience was a pleasing one and the result made the patient happy and confident. The fact that her new smile was obvious to people around her made her even more content.

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