You see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night, every time you check the mirror, so it’s no wonder that we all want healthy beaming smiles and getting dental braces during childhood or teenage years helps achieve exactly that. There are various reasons people choose braces during their younger years but making the right choice early on, for you or your child, can lead to many benefits including appearance, comfort, strength and health, and similarly there are numerous aspects to the process.

Orthodontists can seem scary places for children but the modern reality is the complete opposite. Whatever the age group dental braces, in essence, are designed to aid an orthodontist in their primary aim of correcting various abnormal bites, known as malocclusions. Nothing more and nothing less. The specific type of braces needed for each patient varies in relation to the type of malocclusion present, which can include overbites, crowded teeth and gapped teeth, and can also change with the severity of each condition. The variety of scenarios present can be confusing but choosing the best and most affordable dental option for your son or daughter is easily achievable.

The process involved is one of patience and pressure. The latter is a factor as dental braces gradually apply pressure to teeth moving them slowly into correct positions as the weeks and months go by. These successful results are achieved using archwire, ligature ties and tiny brackets which are glued onto the front of each separate tooth. Although each child is different these metal braces are a particularly popular choice. Gone are the days when teenagers had to be embarrassed by large metallic braces. The metal braces now on offer are considered reasonably priced, the most traditional type of braces on the market and the ligature ties, a form of rubber band, used in metal braces come in variety of colours providing kids with the fun option of choosing their favourite.

Patience is the other defining factor as, no matter what type of dental braces you choose, an orthodontic treatment plan will always consist of three distinct stages: pretreatment, active treatment and retention. Although the journey can be long and trying, for any child, the Straight Teeth Suite offers experience and excellence in all stages. Pretreatment involves a diagnosis of your situation and what is needed to correct the problem. Active treatment is simply the term used to define your time wearing the braces selected. In some cases this can last up to 24 months but the timeframe varies patient to patient and child may need less time than adults. Retention is the final stage, when your braces come off, to ensure your teeth not to move back and stay straight.

Despite the combination of pressure, patience and increasingly successful new technologies involved the process still hinges on the experience and technique of the orthodontist treating your child. The Straight Teeth Suite understands this fact and bases all its treatment around the expertise of its orthodontists. Smaller, less noticeable, brackets are of course advantageous for children and teenagers but the reality is that your orthodontist is still the most important variable as they control the entire procedure from start to finish. This comfortable, professional atmosphere means children get the best dental care at the various suites located in Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough.

There are many factors and variables for you and your children to consider when deciding on braces and orthodontic treatment but the one consistent is that the process will only be a success with the expertise and guidance of a fully qualified dentist or orthodontist. Initial fears will always subside and investing in straight teeth is something that continues to reward as the years go by. Wearing metal braces can be a challenge but it’s worth both the effort and patience. Before you know it you’ll see your child’s smile beaming even brighter than before!

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