Several adults feel they have lost their chance to get their teeth straightened and they think that braces are mostly suited for children. Others believe that celebrities request for exquisite oral treatments and braces that cannot compare to “conventional” braces.

However, you are about to find out that you can actually have a great smile and perfectly straight teeth, without anyone even noticing you have had braces all along! And, needless to say, by the end of going through this post, you will realise that celebrities get nothing more or more sophisticated than that our dental team, here at Straight Teeth Suite can offer you. For instance:

  • Mylene Klass had lingual braces,
  • Holly Willoughby had six-month braces,
  • Katherine Heigl had Invisalign,
  • Faith Hill had ceramic braces
  • Niall Horan from One Direction had ceramic braces

Recently, a patient with misaligned teeth came to our practice because she didn’t like her crooked teeth and she really wanted to get them straightened. She requested the same braces that Mylene Klass had as those were invisible. She was not the first patient we saw who asked us about teeth straightening after seeing a celebrity with braces. There is a variety of discreet options available to correct your teeth’s position and the treatment can take as little as 3 months to approximately 24 months.

This shows that there is a current trend to have braces as an adult and it is widely accepted and popular to have your teeth straightened at any age. That being said; as already mentioned, teeth straightening is not just for celebrities! You can have it too, it is easy and affordable and it can be very discreet too.



This case here shows an adult patient who hated his gappy teeth and he wanted something discreet and quick to close the gap. He came in for a free straight teeth consultation with Dr Raha and she assessed the position of his teeth, the amount of spacing, how the teeth met together. After that, she was able to go through the options and listed all the different systems suitable for him and the costs for each one. The patient decided to go for Six Month Braces and within 6 months the gap was closed. The results were great and his smile was greatly improved.

  • Are invisible braces for you?
  • Do you qualify for 6 Months braces, or should you go for an alternative?

If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for discreet invisible braces, do not hesitate to take book your free consultation.

Allow us to assess your case and get back to you the soonest possible, with the most suited option for your dental needs.

And, if you are really longing to get that celebrity-like gorgeous smile, book in with us for a straight consult and let our dentists go through all the options with you!

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