If you are confused by all the information available on lingual braces and straightening teeth you need to know what good advice and what should be dismissed. The Straight Teeth Suite in Nottingham have compiled an easy guide to help you understand the facts before you decide to straighten your teeth with Lingual braces and enjoy your new smile.

A –  If you are not happy with the idea of wearing braces Advanced technology has given Lingual braces to Adults who Aspire to straightening their teeth.

B  – Let’s start at the beginning. With Lingual Braces you can correct cross Bite, deep Bite, and under Bite. Your teeth will not only look Better but function Better too. The Brackets and wires are concealed Behind the teeth making sure you Braces are totally discreet.

C – Custom made Lingual braces are discreet and Comfortable.  They are Concealed behind your teeth so nobody knows you have braces unless you tell them.  By applying Continuous pressure they gently move your teeth to the Correct position. They are worn not just to correct Cosmetic issues but to correct problems such as Crowded teeth. You will need to Care for your braces and you will be shown what to do. The Cost of Lingual braces depends on the Complexity of your treatment. At your first Consultation your dentist will tell you what is involved and how much your treatment will cost.

D – If you meet with people on a Day-to-Day basis, or want a new Date, you will want to feel Daring and confident.  Straight teeth and a beautiful smile will give you that confidence. Your new smile is for life, so be sure the Dentist who fits your Lingual braces is  well qualified and experienced.

E – Lingual braces are a little more Expensive than traditional braces but are a great choice, Especially for adults.  Lingual Braces ensure you make an impression when it counts.  They are Effective and Encourage the teeth to grow straight.

F – Lingual braces Function in the same way traditional braces do but are cleverly concealed. Even your Friends and Family will not know you are wearing braces. Fulfil your dream and have you teeth straightened  without delay.

G – As with your teeth, Good oral hygiene is important when wearing Lingual braces. You will need to keep the brackets and wires clean, as well as your teeth, and keep your Gums healthy.

H –  Straight teeth will make you Happy.  Before beginning a treatment plan, the dentist will check your oral Health, as well as the condition of your teeth.  Regular visits to the Hygienist will help ensure your teeth are clean and your gums are Healthy.

I – Lingual braces are almost Invisible.  You won’t have a shiny metal smile. In fact, unless you open your mouth wide, you will not see the braces at all.  At your first treatment, your dentist will make an Impression of your teeth which is sent to the laboratory where your braces are custom made giving an accurate and personal fit.

J – Lingual braces work Just as well as traditional braces.

K – You will need to wear a retainer once your treatment is completed to Keep you straight teeth in their new position.

L – Lingual braces function the same way as traditional braces but are Lighter and discreet.  The brackets and arch-wires are fixed on the reverse side of your teeth. They are almost undetectable.  They feel Less awkward in your mouth, and they do not give you a  Lisp or speech impediment and you will receive a Lovely smile as your reward.

M – After your braces have been fitted, your teeth will begin to Move. You may have some Mild discomfort in the beginning but you will soon get used to having something alien in your Mouth.

N – It is the New year and Now is the time to think about the New you.

O – Oral hygiene is an important factor with Lingual braces.  Your dentist and hygienist will advise you.

P –  The Straight Teeth Suite have a Payment Plan to make Lingual braces affordable and ease the Pain.  If you think Lingual braces might be Painful, think again.  Whereas you might feel some discomfort in the beginning, the pressure of the wires gently moving your teeth is so slight it does not cause Pain.

Q- A well Qualified dentist is vital when considering all types of braces.  A new smile is for life and not a Quick fix.

R – Regular appointments to Review your progress are Required.

S – is for the Straight Teeth Suite.  We like to see Straight teeth, Smiles on faces, Socially confident patients who have bags of Self-esteem and Smile with their friends and colleagues.

T – Your dentist will give you a Treatment plan and you will be advised of the Time it will Take for your teeth to be straightened at your first consultation.

U- Lingual braces are Unseen.  Unless you tell your colleagues or friends you are wearing braces they will not know.  There are no Ugly brackets or wires on the front of your teeth.

V – With straight teeth and a beautiful smile you will View life differently.

W – We Welcome all our new patients to discuss any questions you may have.

X – X-ray’s may be taken to check the position and condition of your teeth.

Y – You and Your teeth are important to us.

Z – As your new smile spreads across your face, you will feel Zealous and full of Zing and Zest for life!

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