As you’ve seen in part 1 and part 2 to Your Guide To the Inman Aligner blog series, the Straight Teeth Suite are committed to working together with you to find the most suitable treatment for your dental issue and lifestyle. If you feel that there are still a few questions left unanswered before you arrange your initial consultation in Loughborough, read on for some more comprehensive answers from the team

If I have had braces in the past but my teeth have shifted again, am I still able to have an Inman Aligner?

In the few cases where previous braces have not worked, it’s only natural that you will want to rectify this issue once and for all. If it’s only the front four teeth that have moved, you would be a perfect candidate for an Inman Aligner – it doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful your past treatments may have been, if the team feel like they can treat you then you will have the same access as anyone to the procedure.

Will I need a retainer?

Regardless of the dental treatment you receive, you will still need to use retainers for the rest of your life in order to keep your teeth straight. People of all ages that have used any one type have brace at some stage in their life all find themselves in the same position, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Can I get Inman Aligners at the same time as an expander?

This will depend on the specifics of your case, but it’s more than likely that this will be perfectly fine. If the team feel that your teeth need to be expanded slightly in order bring them forward a bit, or just to make some more space within your mouth, then you would be perfectly able to have an expander included with your treatment.

Will my wisdom teeth affect Inman Aligner treatments?

It’s actually a common misconception that wisdom teeth are the root cause of crowding of the front teeth. A lot of research has been carried out to disprove this theory, which means that they would not affect your treatment. If you’re experiencing discomfort with your wisdom teeth, we advise that a separate treatment plan is taken.

Does an Inman Aligner require good molars?

In a nutshell, having good molars is not a prerequisite when it comes to being eligible for the Inman Aligner. There are ways around not having them – for example, the team may be able to attach the little hooks on the aligner onto your back teeth, meaning they would only need access to your premolars. This is something that would be assessed at your initial consultation.

Can it straighten my canines?

Unfortunately not, as it only works on the front four teeth – the team would instead offer you an alternative way to move forward once they had assessed the issue.

Can I use an Inman Aligner if I have a missing tooth?

Again, this is something that is case dependent – it really comes down to what tooth or teeth are missing before the team could provide relevant feedback.

Would it be able to close the gap from thumb sucking?

The severity of the damage would have to be assessed before the team would be able to recommend an aligner. If the top two teeth are pushed quite far forward and you want them to be pushed back, it’s a very distinct possibility. However, it has been the case a conventional brace is more appropriate due to the level of damage that has been done.

Can an Inman Aligner correct overlaps?

This particular treatment is actually extremely effective to treat overlaps. The team have treated a number of cases involving them, many of which you are able to see on the website. When the front teeth are crooked, or if the lower bite is crowded, this type of aligner would be one of the first treatments that the team would recommend.

Would the aligner be able to correct protruding teeth?

The Inman Aligner is fantastic at treating this kind of problem. The average case is around 12 to 16 weeks, but it’s hugely effective in tackling the issue – more than worth the slightly longer treatment programme.

What about front teeth with gaps?

It is possible for us to treat this kind of issue with an Inman Aligner, but it is very case specific. In some instances, the team may wish to implement clear aligners to finish off the treatment cycle following the use of the Inman. You would be keep informed with all developments, and be able to discuss with the team what ways of treating the issue you would be most comfortable with, making the whole process easier for all parties.

If the use of an Inman Aligner sounds like something that would help your smile reach its full potential, make sure you contact one of the Loughborough-based team at the Straight Teeth Suite. With professional help and guidance readily available before all treatments, it’s the easiest way to take that difficult first step towards a happier you. If there’s still questions you need answering, read Part 4 of this guide for further help with your queries.

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