If you are planning two major events in your life, getting straight teeth and having a baby, you may be able to achieve both at one and the same time.  However, to achieve this safely and successfully, you need to be prepared.  A new baby will give you lots to smile about, and straight teeth will make that smile so special.  The Straight Teeth Suite have compiled an essential list of the points to consider when contemplating braces while you are pregnant, so you know what to expect and can factor them into your plans. You and your baby can have a photo of your first new smiles together!

  1. Plan your braces with your dentist before you get pregnant so all X-rays can be taken before treatment begins.  Although the radiation dosage in dental X-rays is minimal, we do not risk taking X-rays in pregnant patients, especially in the first trimester.
  2. Provided your teeth and gums are healthy, there is no reason not to have braces during pregnancy.
  3. The hormones released during pregnancy fluctuate and can make you more sensitive to plaque build up.  Oral health is important at all times, but you need to be extra, extra, extra vigilant with brushing and flossing when you are pregnant.  Make regular visits to the hygienist for a professional clean and be sure to follow their advice.
  4. During the early days, following the fitting of your new braces, you may experience some discomfort when eating and not be able to chew.  It is essential to keep to a nutritious diet for the health of your unborn baby and your own well being.  Keep a good selection of healthy soups in stock to get you through these days without going hungry. Scrambled eggs, porridge, baked potatoes and other soft foods are healthy ways to avoid hunger when you can’t bite.
  5. Start your braces treatment early in your pregnancy as, towards the final months, your growing bump may make it awkward and uncomfortable to lie back in the dentist’s chair for extended periods of time.
  6. If you are planning on taking extended maternity leave, this may be a good time to have your braces fitted.  In the early weeks, following the birth of your baby, you may find you have little time for yourself to keep appointments but once you have settled into a routine, you will have a little more time for yourself.
  7. Some people develop a lisp in the initial weeks following the fitting of their braces. Singing to your baby will help to overcome any speech problems.

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