Are you among those adults that feel somewhat withdrawn from wearing braces to get straight teeth and a beautiful smile, because they think braces are for children, are not aesthetically pleasing, and takes forever to wear them? Forget all about it…

Good news is that Straight Teeth Suite has a fantastic straight teeth treatment that is not only discreet, but also fast. The 6 Month Braces is the most preferred teeth straightening option in Loughborough, and our dentist was one of the first in the COUNTRY to have received full training in this system. Ever since, she has completed hundreds of cases, all crowned with utmost success.

The 6 Months Braces treatment is particularly loved by brides, judged by the hundreds of future wives that have trusted us with their orthodontic treatment, just before they walk down the aisle! They have all ended up far more confident smiling for their special days, which makes us extremely proud and happy! What is more, with 6 Months Braces, it is like wearing braces without wearing them! Meaning, they are so discreet that it is hardly unlikely someone that doesn’t know you are on a straight teeth treatment will notice you are wearing braces! This is why plenty of adults choose to have this treatment done over any other. You can refer to our patients’ feedback and read amazing reviews about our adult patients going passed unnoticed while having braces, up to the very end of their treatment, when they showed off their new smiles!

What is 6 Months Braces Treatment?

It is a treatment that consists of fixed tooth coloured braces (almost transparent) attached to the front of the teeth. What is great about this treatment is that the wires used are also  tooth-coloured and allow the teeth to move. Unlike other orthodontic treatments, with 6 Months Braces you don’t have to take the braces out when you drink or eat; so, nothing stops you from enjoying such daily pleasures!

Who Does 6 Months Braces Appeal to?

People with healthy gums and teeth and patients that want to fix up to 8 front teeth (both jaws included). Furthermore, it is the ideal straight teeth option if you don’t face any serious bite issues (see overbites, crossbites, and underbites). Therefore, If you see a reflection of yourself somewhere in between these lines, you are a definitely an excellent candidate for the 6 Months Braces treatment!

What are my Options after the Completion of the Treatment?

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, you can opt for tooth whitening to achieve a beautiful straight white smile. Also, as a means to ensure your excellent result is maintained for long, you will need to have retainers at the end of the treatment, so we make sure your teeth don’t move back to their original position.

You are only a step away from getting your self-confidence back and starting spreading lovely, enchanting smiles to the world. Just allow us, at Straight Teeth Suite in Loughborough, to contribute the best we know we can, and you will soon see wonders happening all around you, deriving from your great, smiley attitude towards life!

To learn more and see some before after cases watch this video below

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