Many patients would like to straighten their teeth not only so they have an attractive, confident smile but so their teeth are healthy.  Only a deep-rooted fear of the dentists or the fear braces and straightening teeth is a painful process, is stopping them.  The Straight Teeth Suite can help you with your dental phobia and offer you a relaxing, pain-free treatment so you too can have a great new smile.

1# The first step

Is to diagnose the health of your teeth and with the help of x-rays, see what corrections need to be made. Some corrections are quite simple, and only a few gaps need to be closed, or only the front teeth need to be repositioned. Other cases with severe crowding are more complex and might require extraction of a few teeth or IPR where a little enamel is gently removed to make room for the teeth to move.

2# Don’t be alarmed

Our dentists are trained in sedation dentistry and will make sure you are happy to proceed with treatment with the help of sedation if needed, so you are deeply relaxed, or the Wand, a computerised, needle-free alternative delivering anaesthetic, so you don’t feel a thing.  

3# Pain Free

We have many methods to make your treatment both stress-free and pain-free. Our clinics are all designed to be peaceful, relaxing areas where you can listen to music or watch a movie, taking your mind away from anything clinical or distressing. Many patients say they would have treatment if only they could sleep through it but stay in control.  

4# There are many types of braces

Your choice will depend on your diagnosis.  If your teeth are only moderately crowded, you might be suitable for a removable aligner.  Custom made from impressions of your teeth, they consist of a series of clear plastic braces that are almost invisible and removable. You change your aligners every two to three weeks as your teeth move towards their new position. With gentle movements, the aligners gradually reposition your teeth without the need for wires and brackets.  This is a totally pain-free experience but if the idea of wearing something alien in your mouth for a time is a little scary, our dentists can help you relax and overcome your fear.

5# For more complex straightening cases

A fixed brace might be the best choice to ensure your teeth are correctly and safely repositioned.  A fixed brace consists of brackets bonded to your teeth and wires fixed to the brackets. Over time, the wires gently move the teeth very slowly, with the least amount of force, into the desired position.  Braces today are designed to be as discreet as possible, with tooth coloured brackets and clear wires.  Alternatively, lingual braces are bonded to the reverse side of the teeth where they can’t be seen and are almost invisible.  We won’t pretend this treatment is not without its discomforts and can take time to get used to, but our dentists can prepare you for this and help you overcome all your difficulties with your braces.

6# Modern dentists and dentistry

We have made so many new discoveries to help you to overcome your fears and stay in control; you can now say goodbye to your anxieties forever.  

Do you want to straighten your teeth and need braces but your too scared? Leave us a comment below and we answer any concerns you may have.

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